Dream Update

The Bible tells us that, in the last days or end times, God will be communicating information to a lot of people via dreams, especially Christians. I recently had some discussions with a few Christian people I know who have been having some interesting dreams which have answered some of the questions I had concerning my dreams. This is very interesting, informative, and scary.

First, I had not told anyone that, in my first dream about Obama nuking Chicago, it was made known to me that Chicago would be nuked on a Monday between 8 am and 5 pm when everyone will be working. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why it would be acceptable for Obama to have a formal ball in downtown Chicago when he should be working. I knew it would cause a lot of resentment by the people. But, after this last election and Obama attending a ton of expensive parties all over the US during work hours on work days, I realized that he doesn't care what people think or say about him, he just does whatever he wants. That is typical of a tyrant dictator.

One of the people I talked to had a dream where he was driving across the US and nukes were going off in cities everywhere he went. The other person said she dreamed that both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico would be nuked. My first thought about these dreams was that Obama wouldn't want to nuke many cities across the US because most liberals and Obama's secret activist commie army live mostly in the cities and Obama wouldn't want to kill off most of his army when setting up a dictatorship. Then I remembered that, about 8 to 10 years ago, they were reporting that Al Quaeda (Saudi Arabia's proxy army to wage war against the West) had smuggled at least ten 10k nukes into the US and have probably smuggled in even more since then.

I have told you before that, contrary to the way the media portray it, nukes don't just come in one size. A 10k nuke is classified as a low yield tactical nuke which does enough damage for tactical surgical strikes to remove key targets without doing the excessive amounts of damage of the higher yield tactical and strategic nukes. A 10k nuke will do severe damage up to one mile from ground zero (gz) or the point of detonation but won't do any damage two miles from gz. Therefore, by setting off a 10k nuke in a large city, the traitors can take out key targets and our economy without killing more than a few of their liberal soldiers and they will gladly sacrifice a few of their soldiers to set up their dictatorship.

I had first thought Al Quaeda was using 10k nukes because they would be small enough to be able to smuggle them into the US but it turns out there is a more devious and strategic reason for using 10k nukes. They can destroy what they want without killing off their army of traitors.

As I continued to think about these matters, I realized some other things. The US Constitution gives our states enough autonomy that, if Obama and his commie traitors and Muslim pals set up a federally based dictatorship, the individual states can provide enough resistance via state militias to stop that dictatorship. Therefore, Obama needs to eliminate those state governments. To do this, all Obama would have to do is nuke each state capitol building on Monday between 8 am and 5 pm when those state politicians are all at work.

"But," you say, "that would require them to smuggle in from 50 to 100 10k nukes to hit all of our state capitols plus other key targets."

With the Saudi Army and Al Quaeda helping and our commie traitors helping from within, no problem. For example, it would be very easy for Saudi Arabia to smuggle 100 10k nukes into the US using their diplomatic immunity. All they would have to do is create "ancient" gold objects large enough to conceal 10k nukes which couldn't be opened without drilling into or cutting those objects open and use their diplomatic immunity to get those extremely valuable objects to strategically based museums across the US and into the hands of liberal commie traitors.

Why gold? Because gold is heavier and denser than lead and will leak less radiation from the nukes and can't be X-rayed through to see what is inside. Plus it is valuable enough that the US Customs wouldn't dare violate Saudi diplomatic immunity and destroy the value of these rare, "ancient" artifacts by drilling into or cutting them open. Saudi Arabia and the commie traitors could easily get 100 or more 10k nukes into the US this way, especially over a period of more than a decade. That would be less than 10 nukes per year.

"But," you say, "that would be millions of dollars in gold." "But," I say, "the Saudis are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and would easily pay hundreds of millions of dollars in gold to set up a US dictatorship and gain complete control of all the US resources which are worth hundreds of trillions of dollars." A few hundred million dollars in gold would be a small investment for such a huge return.

Then I was thinking about how they would deliver these nukes to target, at which time, I remembered the twin engine, 8 passenger, private aircraft used in my dream to deliver the nuke to some point east of the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and realized that they successfully used aircraft to attack the US from within before and will use private aircraft to get all their nukes to target at the same time across the US.

All they will have to do is quietly move those concealed nukes out of the museums in inconspicuous wooden crates early some morning, deliver those nukes to a team of commie traitors who would be working with Saudi soldiers and engineers, quietly steal and conceal 50 to 100 private aircraft out of hundreds of thousands standing unprotected and barely used at who knows how many private airports across the US, remove the nukes from their gold containers to decrease the weight of the plane (which means the gold won't be destroyed anyway), place those nukes on the planes with detonation buttons on the steering wheels and trained Muslim pilots, and time their take offs so that they will all arrive at target all over the US within about 30 minutes of each other. The Saudi Army, Al Quaeda, the liberal traitors, and other Muslims could easily plan this and carry it out over a period of one or more decades.

This is when everything came together and all of the holes filled in. They will use a nuclear attack against the US from within to create the crisis event required for Obama to declare martial law, eliminate all the state governments to take away the use of state militia to oppose the dictatorship, blame the conservatives and Israel so they can justify rounding up conservatives and taking them to the liberal relocation camps (aka death camps), and using a UN force to invade Israel as predicted in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

That will only leave the US military and armed citizens to oppose Obama's dictatorship which is being taken care of by 1) Obama is currently culling out all top military officers who will not give the order for the US troops to turn their weapons on the US citizens and 2) Obama and the liberals are working extremely hard to take the weapons away from US citizens. If they can achieve all of these things well enough, not perfectly, but well enough, then end game for the US and its citizens.

Unfortunately, it works and makes sense.

By now you should have realized that you should all....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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