UN Agenda 21

You remember me telling you about the liberal plan to seize control of the planet and murder off all of the people but a maximum of 500,000,000 (500 million) people so the upper class natural elite liberal trash don't have to share "their" planet with the rest of us. It has a name, UN Agenda 21, and you can find out more about it on the Internet by doing a search for Agenda 21. But I am going to reveal some things to you which you won't find on the Internet.

First, remember that I told you that 500,000,000 is what they call the "maximum number" of people they want to share the planet with but it is not the true target number? Well Ted Turner, one of the top whackos in this plan, has started to openly brandish around numbers as low as 250,000,000, proving what I told you that their true target number is lower than the 500 million they are telling all of their little simple minded commie activist puppets.

500 million is large enough of a number that the simple minded commie activists will think it includes them but the 250 million is low enough that at least the smartest of the commie activists will eventually begin to realize it doesn't include them because most of the people have to be producers for the rest of the people and very few of the commie puppets are producers of anything but treason and trouble. The upper class trash are not going to want treason and trouble, after they have established their global dictatorship. Think about it.

Also, you can bet the 250 million isn't their true target number but is significantly closer. You can bet that the final group left alive will not include any of the activist commie traitor puppets because they are all traitors who are betraying their own families, friends, and neighbors and, if your own family, friends, and neighbors can't trust you, then no one can. The upper class trash know this and know they MUST get rid of all the commie activist traitors as soon as the dictatorship is set up, besides, the upper class trash don't want to share "their" planet with any more people than they have to share it with and, after the upper class trash have established their global dictatorship, who will need the commie traitor puppets? Just think about it, after almost all the rest of the people have been murdered off, who will need all those liberal teachers, college professors, journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, and other liberals presently being use to brainwash and control those soon to be murdered off people? The commie traitor puppets are nothing but fools and tools, of the disposable variety.

Now for a little history behind Agenda 21. Basically, this agenda was designed and is being pushed by hold over NAZIs from Adolph Hitler's NAZI Germany. They are all a good old white boy NAZI club which includes the likes of the 300 mega rich Euro-American upper class trash natural elite families such as Ted Turner, Prince Philip, and the Rockefeller family. They are increasingly open white supremacists who believe that only the middle and upper class whites should be allowed to live on their planet. It is obvious that their true hidden agenda is to depopulate the planet of all races except the "superior" Euro-American white race. Their first target is all blacks, then the Latinos from North, Central, and South America, and, finally all the rest of the "inferior races", meaning non Euro-American whites.

You can find all of this information on the Internet. They won't tell you in the same language I will tell it to you but the information is there, all you have to do is the math.

"Then", you ask, "why are the rest of the races in the UN supporting Agenda 21? Don't they know about this evil white supremacist plan?" Then I say, "Yes, they do know, but there is more than one Agenda 21." The "inferior races" are not as stupid as the white boy club likes to think they are. What I am now going to tell you isn't yet on the Internet, as far as I know.

You see, the conservatives have found out about Agenda 21 and have become so fixated on the White Supremacists who call themselves socialists, progressives, commies, Marxists, and other things to confuse everyone that the conservatives are missing the bigger picture. There are also the Muslim version of Agenda 21 I call Agenda 21M, which also has three major sub plans, the Russian version I call Agenda 21R, and the Chinese version I call Agenda 21C along with the White Boy Club Agenda 21WBC.

You see this NAZI White Boy Club is so arrogant and focused on destroying the West to set up their little fascist commie dictatorship that they are not noticing that they have not completely fooled everyone else into going along with their devious little White Supremacist plan. They believe they have everyone unconditionally agreeing to end up sitting around in a circle, holding hands, smoking dope, singing Cumbyeyah while the White Boy Club systematically slaughters everyone else off. It isn't going to happen. Their parade is already being rained on, a virtual down poor.

The Muslim Agenda 21M is that the Muslims will set up the Muslim Caliphate as the global dictatorship, kill off all non Muslim males including the White Boy Club, and enslave the surviving women and children along with castrating all the male children. I was told by black Muslims that the first thing they will do after the stupid "White Crackers" (liberal commie traitors) help the Muslims take over the US, will be to kill off all of the white crackers, then they will enslave the rest of the non Muslims. The Muslims know they have to kill off all of the white crackers first and very quickly because the white crackers are traitors and traitors can't be trusted by anyone, especially the "inferior races".

The 3 sub plans to Agenda 21M are the Black Muslim, Arab Muslim (Sunni), and Persian Muslim (Shiite). Of course, each of these are planning for their group to end up on top when the dust settles. The US Black Muslims think the Arabs will share power with them but are clueless with obvious evidence to the contrary with Arab Muslims currently killing off Black Muslims in the Sudan. The Arab and Persian Muslims both intend to kill off all the other Muslim groups, including each other, leaving only them and their slaves. This is what all this fighting between the different Muslims groups in North Africa and the Middle East is really all about. Remember that I told you that, for decades, better than 90% of all Muslims who have been killed in hostile action were killed by other Muslims. These groups are already waging war against each other for dominance. Most of this fighting has been between the Arabs and the Persians (Iran).

The Russian Agenda 21R is to conquer the world, enslave everyone except for the Russian upper class trash natural elites, and kill off all the Western White Crackers because the white crackers are traitors and can't be trusted by anyone. As far as I know, the Russians don't have plans (yet) for depopulating the planet. They just want to have their global commie dictatorship and be the only rulers with lots of slaves.

The Chinese Agenda 21C is to conquer all of the world, wipe out all but a predetermined number of worker slaves, and repopulate the planet with Chinese. Of course they also know they must kill off all the white crackers because no one can trust traitors.

Now, you have to understand something. In order to control such a huge number (tens of millions) of US commie traitors at the national level and coordinate their actions, the white cracker upper class trash must have and regularly use, a data base on all of their members. This means that they know who all their little traitor puppets are, where they live, where they work, the entire white cracker underground, and everything else require to quickly find and exterminate these little rats when the upper class trash feels they no longer need the traitor twits.

Guess what, in order for the Muslims, Russians, and Chinese to have been working so closely with these little commie traitors since well before the 1960s to help our traitors over throw the US from within, they also had to have access to this commie traitor data base and also know who the little commie traitors are, where they live, where they work, and everything else required for the Muslims, Russians, and Chinese to be able to quickly eradicate the little commie traitor rats when the time is ripe.

Have you noticed that, no matter which group wins this, the white cracker traitor puppets are going to get whacked? The fools have put themselves in a lose-lose situation. When the dictatorship is firmly established and the commie traitor puppets are no longer needed, they will be the next or first to be marched off to their own FEMA (relocation) death camps for a quick shower. I will have no sympathy for the little rats, they have earned it. I have found out that some have finally begun to realize it but most are way too stupid. The vast majority of the liberal commie traitor puppets are too dummed down, brainwashed, and doped up to be able to figure out what is going on. They are happily charging towards the edge of the cliff like the doped up little commie lemming traitors they are.

"Now", you ask, "who has the strategic advantage or upper hand at this time?" Then I say, "My money is on the Muslims because..."

Remember that I have been telling you that Obama is a devout Muslim and poser Christian? Remember that, until just before last year, the election year, the white crackers were calling Obama incompetent? Why? Because everything Obama did worked against the Agenda 21WBC or white cracker plans. But, if you watched closely, everything Obama did worked for the Muslims, Obama stated in one of his books that, if he had to choose between communism or Islam, he would choose Islam, Obama made it very clear he is a servant of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by bowing to King Abdullah, and Obama recently said on Middle Eastern TV, in Arabic, "I am one of you." It is amazing how many people just don't listen to the man. He has been telling you everything for years. His message couldn't get much more obvious.

Based on my observations and research, I believe that it is very likely the Arab Muslims have secretly reestablished the Caliphate or Muslim Kingdom with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia being the Caliph or king and all of those countries are working to set up their global Caliphate or Muslim kingdom and they have chosen Obama to be the Muslim Messiah or Mahdi. Remember that Obama is NOT an African-American. He is 50% white, better than 45% Arab, and less than 5% Black. His black appearance is what biologists call "throw back genetics" which is when a person has the physical traits of a distant ancestor. Therefore, he is an Arab Muslim and not a Black Muslim and the Arabs know it but most Americans are clueless because they are not paying attention. Wake up, America! Are you getting the picture yet?

Remember that I told you the terrorists, funded by the Arab Muslims, have been smuggling nukes into the US. Note that it has only been with the help of the white crackers that the nukes are being smuggled into the US and the Muslims are the ones in charge of the nukes. This is critical because the one who has the gun will ultimately get to decide where the gun is pointed when they pull the trigger.

The conservatives who have been paying attention and know about the nukes are wrongly thinking the white crackers are in control of those nukes and intend to use those nukes to destroy the US infrastructure such as the power grid, commercial ports, and other things to destroy our economy and mobility, which is the plan of the white crackers to bring down the US so they can set up their global commie dictatorship. But the conservatives are missing the bigger picture in that ONLY the white crackers want to destroy the US resources with those nukes. The Muslims, Russians, and Chinese want to keep at least most of the US resources in tact so they can use those resources to finish conquering the world, meaning everyone else involved in this insane soap opera. What the Muslims, Russians, and Chinese want to use those smuggled in nukes for is to get rid of the white cracker leadership by nuking the most important groups of white crackers while leaving most of the US resources intact.

The group which has itself positioned to best do this, is the Arab Muslims. All they have to do is set up a series of crisis events Obama can use to seize control of the US by declaring martial law while, at the same time, killing off the white cracker political leaders and white cracker puppet masters, and doing so in a manner so they can blame the conservatives and Israel. The Russians and Chinese are behind the curve on this which is why they signed a mutual military defense agreement last year so that, when the Muslims seize control of the US resources and attack one of them, the other will join the fight because the Russians and Chinese know they can't beat the Muslim Caliphate using the US resources alone.

Yep, my money is on the Muslims in spite of the fact that I am a conservative, white, born again Judea-Christian. But....then again, there is Agenda 21G. Remember that man plans, God laughs. :-)

Have you noticed that everyone seems to know what is going on except the Americans? Well, most Americans.

Boy, are those commie traitors going to get whacked or what?

Right about now, you are realizing that it just might be a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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