Dream Update 3

I went back and reviewed all of the dreams I posted and found some I had forgotten about. In November 2010 I posted the following item titled "Dream 5" in which I said, "Yesterday, November 27, 2010, I woke from a nap time dream in which, at the end of another dream, a white field or light suddenly appeared with a tiny, indiscernible image in the center. A voice came from that image saying, 'After Iran gives Syria the next shipment of missiles, watch for the fighting to begin'. I knew the fighting that will soon start has to do with Israel."

As I read through the essay about this dream, I realized that this dream has been fulfilled. I had the dream in November 2010, Iran sent Syria a shipment of missiles within a month of two and the current fighting in Syria broke out in the early spring of 2011. Israel has been both directly and indirectly involved in this war by bombing select targets in Syria and providing assistance to the Sunni Muslim terrorist...uh...rebel groups fighting Assad.

That prophesy has come true in its entirety four years ago and I realized that there were other dreams or prophesies which were in the process of coming true with some almost completed.

For example, in "Dream 6" I said, "This morning I was awakened from a dream about warring and fighting in our future in which information concerning those future wars came back to us from the future in the form of a list of past events. As I read down the list, God read those achievements aloud to me. Just before I woke He said, 'The war of the West won by subversion, conversion, and sabotage' (I also realized included infiltration) and then He said, 'The first war of the world (Ezekiel 38 & 39 - first war of the world still to come) in 2012.' He was telling me that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be in 2012 but was also telling me that the War of the West (Islam gaining control of the West) was won via subversion (lies and propaganda), conversion (our liberal leaders converting to Islam), and sabotage so that when necessary, they would destroy whatever they needed to strike fear in us so we would submit to their rule. We sure don't have long to wait and find out, do we?"

The War of the West is the Muslims taking over Europe, the US, and the rest of the western culture. The Muslims are currently very clearly winning this war with subversion (lies and deception), conversion, and sabotage in the form of destroying our governments, economies, sabotaging our military, and staging attacks against our people, especially with the current warning by the US military about the ISIS infiltrators preparing to stage terrorist sabotage attacks against us. Obama and his Muslim pals are very close to winning this war, especially with him infiltrating so many Muslims into the top key positions of our government. Also, since Obama was re-elected in 2012, he has accelerated his efforts towards bringing up the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with such things as helping Muslim terrorist...uh...rebel organizations and working on the current deal with Iran.

It is obvious that this prophesy or dream is in the process of being completed and the War of the West has almost been won.

In November 2013 I posted Dream 11 and said, "A few nights ago I had a very good and reassuring dream from God. It started with an unknown FEMA agent posting on the Internet that he and a small group of FEMA agents would lay down their weapons and not turn them on the US people. This agent posted the same message several times and then, suddenly, the message changed significantly and for the better.

The new message which was posted from this point on, was, 'We good agents will turn our weapons on the bad agents who will turn their weapons on the good people and we will protect the people, we know who we all are, we know who the bad agents all are, we are organized and structured', the number 80% was always made known to me showing that 80% of the government agents are good people who will fight against the 20% of the agents who will turn their weapons on the good people (the bad guys are out numbered four to one), and, from this point on, every time there was a posting there was a voice from an angel which said, 'God will take care of it', meaning that God is in control and He is moving in these agents' hearts and minds to organize and protect the good people. The voice from the angel was not part of the postings but accompanied those postings.

The same FEMA agent posted this message as I stated accompanied by the voice stating God will take care of it several times and then other FEMA agents began posting the same message accompanied by the same voice telling me God will take care of it. Then an FBI agent posted the same message accompanied by the voice telling me God will take care of it. That same FBI agent posted the same message a few times and then other FBI agents posted the same message and then other agents from other government agencies began posting the same message all accompanied by the voice from the angel.

This was God reassuring me that, no matter how bad things get or look, God is in control, He is moving in the hearts and minds of the good people within our government to protect the good people of this nation from the bad people of this nation, and He will take care of it so we don't need to worry. We do need to be aware, prepare and be ready to do whatever God has for each of us to do during this coming war but leave the worrying to God, He will take care of it."

We now see this prophesy coming true with increasing numbers of law enforcement and military taking a stand against Obama, the liberals, and the Muslims. God is taking care of it but keep praying.

In Dream 14, posted on July 2014, I wrote, "I have been wondering about when Obama will stage his false flag event, declare martial law, and set up his Muslim dictatorship imposing Shiria Law on us. God just gave me a dream telling me a number of things. First, it is like I have been telling you, God is doing quite a few things at one time such as causing people to see the ugly truth about Islam. Second, God told me to put that and everything else on one burner to keep an eye on those events and keep the other eye on God's current primary task of turning everyone against liberal pagan Marxism."

We see this dream coming true with increasing numbers of people awakening to the evil of liberalism with incredible amounts of increasing anger. Increasing numbers of people are right now ready to physically fight the liberals in a war. At the same time, I see God turning more and more people against Islam and ready to wage war against it. It shouldn't be much longer for this prophesy to be fulfilled.

Keep an eye on Chicago and Los Angeles.

BTW, I had forgotten that God showed me in one of those dreams that the government for our new nation will start out as a military dictatorship run by good military leaders.

Other News

Rush Limbaugh stated that the liberal commie traitors are bringing back bogus science "proving" that poor people's DNA is inferior to rich people's DNA. Rush said the liberals are going to use this to justify aborting babies for poor blacks.

The Marxists have been racist since day one believing that the whites are superior to all other races and we should depopulate the planet of all other races to protect their superior white DNA from being contaminated by whites breeding with the inferior races. Planned Parenthood was designed and started to wipe out non whites in the US and Europe via abortion and euthanasia and they have been doing a good job of it. What the commies are actually planning as their next step and is the reason why they are bringing back and "reproving" this bogus science with more current bogus science is to justify their "eugenics", which is just a nice liberal upper class commie traitor way of saying genocide of all non white races, you know, just like I told you they would.

It really has nothing to do with poverty. It is just a great sounding excuse for murdering off all non white or about 8 billion people globally. All of this "depopulation of the planet", "Eugenics", and other great sounding liberal programs to "save the planet" is just intellectual excuses to murder most of the people on the planet because the upper class trash don't want to share their planet with the rest of us.

Remember that I told you that it will only be a matter of time until the liberal pagans legalize and begin open and even public human sacrifices?

A branch of the Satanic Temple is using the Religious Exemption concept to sue Missouri to get an exemption to the State's mandatory 72 hour law for abortions.

The liberal pagans are not even using their non profit front groups to deceptively get what they want and are coming completely out of the closet showing their true colors. Yep, abortion and all of that other liberal crap is about their paganism and hatred for God, the Bible, Jews, and Christians. It won't be long and they will be using such concepts to try to get public human sacrifices legalized. Keep an eye on this.

Jeb Bush says that we need to show illegal immigrants respect. The illegal aliens are here illegally, which makes them criminals and that ultra liberal moron thinks we need to show them respect in spite of the fact they are openly disrespecting our laws? Gee, he wouldn't be a liberal commie traitor, would he?

It seems that "Christian" Huckabee supports Common Core, you know, liberal brainwashing for your kids. The more I find out about him, the less I believe he is a true Christian and is definitely a liberal.

Gee, could he be using the title "Christian" for smoke and mirrors?

When the illegal immigrants vote in the next election, just ask yourself, "How is that pagan democracy thingy working out?"

I keep watching the homosexuals being openly killed by Muslims with the liberals staying in bed with the Muslims and am wondering about something.

Is Obama's support of homosexuals, him getting the homosexuals to come out of the closet so that Obama's Muslim pals will be more easily able to find and kill the homosexuals after Obama seizes control of the US and establishes Shiria Law?

The liberals are whining and crying about the drought in California in spite of the fact that it is obvious it is their liberalism which caused that drought but you can bet they will deny it, it is the conservatives' fault. It is like the old saying, "What goes around, comes around." Ah yes, the bitter taste of the fruits of liberalism being enjoyed by the liberals themselves. You wanted it, you got it, so be careful what you wish for.

BTW, while the rest of California suffers from the drought, their beloved Hollyweirdos (A.K.A. rich fat cats) are using tons of water on their beautiful lawns and gardens AND it is being made known publically, they are being outed over the Internet.

Gee, I wonder how long the rich fat car liberals will remain popular with those who do without so the rich and famous can have huge lavish lawns? Are the liberal Hollyweirdos being thrown under the bus and no longer above the law? Does this mean that, when the rich liberals suddenly find themselves having to abide by the liberal laws they helped get passed, they are going to want their bribes...uh...campaign donations back? Have you noticed the liberals are starting to paint their dead lawns green?

BTW, I just saw that swimming pool construction is "soaring" in California.

Did that hurt your brain as much as it hurt mine?

Yep, those big city people sure are smart. No water to drink but plenty to fill swimming pools.

I just saw a posting on FB by a British liberal that liberals are turning to street protests because the conservatives won the election and the liberals stand to lose their free commie stuff. Forget the fact that the majority of the people voted that they are tired of providing the free commie stuff. "You give us liberals what we want or we riot and destroy what you have", you know, the liberal extortion thingy, just like what is going on in Greece. Sounds like spoiled children, you know, our liberals.

Here is food for thought. ISIS is land locked so that it has no ports and must receive all of its war supplies by land or air. ISIS is surrounded by Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. All ground transportation must travel through one of those nations and all air transportation must fly through the air space of one of those nations. Therefore, if all of those nations really wanted to stop ISIS, all they would have to do is stop all supplies going into the ISIS area and ISIS would run out of weapons and supplies. We know that a lot of their supplies are coming in through Turkey, some are being supplied by Saudi Arabia, and most of the rest are being supplied by the US and US allies through Jordan.

As a matter of fact, Turkey just reported that ISIS recruits from 90 different countries have crossed Turkey's borders.

Why didn't Turkey stop them?

Gee, I guess no one really wants to stop ISIS, do they? Now, what do you think is going on? It sure isn't what you are being told is going on, is it?

It has gotten to where the left will say absolutely anything, no matter how blatant the lie. What is even worse is the number of people stupid and/or people willing enough to believe any lie who believe those lies. It is sickening.

Remember that I told you that, when the persecution of Christians starts, the poser Christians will leave the church?

As a matter of fact, that was in one of my dream essays. I just read that, with this increasing persecution of Christians, increasing numbers of people in the US are ditching Christianity so that Christianity is rapidly declining in the US. This is good because it means the posers are leaving the church and we are getting there. God is purging the church just like I told you He would. We disobeyed God and were tolerant of homosexuality and God is using homosexuals to wage war against Christians, driving the posers out of the church.

Gee, that tolerance thingy sure is working out well, isn't it?

Also, the research stated that the number of people leaving churches and remaining Christians is increasing.

Government healthcare plan for everyone?

Hold it, that is socialism and all of the top GOP presidential candidates are supporting some kind of government healthcare plan for everyone and not just the poor, so they are all socialists. Get the picture?

When people talk about being "spiritual" instead of religious, they are talking about being superstitious pagans.

Here is something to keep an eye on, is Obama in part making nice with Castro so he can justify returning Cuban refugees back to Cuba against their will?

After all, if we are on good terms with Cuba, then we can't justify giving Cuban refugees asylum.

Have you noticed that the experts are having trouble trying to figure out what caused that train, which was traveling at twice the legal speed for that stretch of track, to crash?

Yep, that has to be a tough one, especially if you got the right degree from the right university and are inbred.

Have you noticed that our government bureaucrats do as they please and ignore your elected representatives in Congress? How is that democracy thingy working out? What democracy, you say?

I have been wondering how much of North, Central, and South America the US military will take to bring peace to our new nation while watching the violence spread in almost every country, especially in Mexico and the US because of Mexican drug cartels. I think we can safely say that Mexico will probably become a state in our new nation.

One of London's leading economists, Roger Bootle, has said that the eurozone is a "complete disaster" and that "Britain needs to leave the EU". He also said, "I think the eurozone is a complete disaster and I'm not a Johnny-come-lately on this subject I was saying it right from the beginning."

Now that Netanyahu has been re-elected in Israel, Obama is again ramping up his anti-Israel rhetoric.

According to the GOP funded Vox Populi poll, Hilarious Clintstone is double digits behind a generic GOP candidate in six important battleground states, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia, 41% to 51%. It also said that her favorability rating is 40% (yes, there really are that many stupid people in the US) with 53% thinking she is unfavorable and 52% thinking she can't be trusted and they don't share her values. If even just 40% do share her values, then you should know why our nation is being punished and destroyed.

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thingy working out?

I looked at a map for the Jade Helm military exercises and my first thought was, "Is it possible this is in part also meant as a deterrent for Mexico or anyone else, such as China or Russia, from trying to invade the US via the Southwest?"

The best place for a land based attack into the US is through the Southwest, most likely through Texas and California, you know, where most of the Jade Helm exercise is taking place. It may also be a deterrent to the Mexican cartels just across the border.

Don't stand too near these liberal traitors on Judgment Day unless you like getting hit by lots of splatter.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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