This is one of my famous 4 am essays because I woke up realizing something and you really need to know this because it explains a lot, you know, like the actions of the upper class trash and Muslims.

I have told you before that our cosmos, our sun, and our planet are dying and, over the last decade, those symptoms have been rapidly increasing. Our universe is right now in its death throes but the pagans only see the death throes of our planet and not the death throes of our sun and cosmos.

When I took a course in geology in the early 1970s, earthquakes were pretty rare and not nearly as violent compared to what I see today. At that time 5.0 to 6.0 earthquakes happened about once or twice a year globally and were really big news, with 6.0+ earthquakes almost never heard of and I have been watching this increase since. Today, 5.0 to more than 6.0 earthquakes happen on a weekly basis and sometimes two or more times within the same week and with regular quakes of 7.0+ happening several times per year or even in a month.

This change in seismic activity is so obvious I can't believe the scientists have not noticed and I must believe they are covering it up to keep society from flying apart in panic and quickly degenerating into pure barbaric chaos with absolutely no civil order.

As I watch this, it is blatantly obvious the planet is dying, which explains a number of things I am seeing but first, let's talk about our sun.

Also, I have been watching our solar activity change radically because the sun is also clearly dying. A few years ago, it suddenly got very quiet, which they believe is normal for a sun to do just before it goes supernova. Recently, it has been increasing in violence and intensity following the period of quiet, just like before a sun goes supernova.

We just had a solar flare that was so powerful it briefly "cracked" our magnetic field, which is what protects us from solar radiation. If our magnetic field is destroyed by solar activity, we will all get big sores all over our bodies caused by the solar radiation, you know, just like the Bible says will happen at the end of the Tribulation. Gee, what a coincidence.

Part of the problem is that, our scientists believing in evolution and the required billions of years, has caused them to falsely believe our planet, the sun, and our cosmos will die in billions of years. If they had used the truth that creation is true and everything is only 6,000 years old in their calculations, it would have told them everything is degenerating much, much faster and we only have, at most, a few decades left before total destruction takes place at the planetary, solar, and universal level instead of in billions of years, you know, just like I have been telling you.

In other words, their lies to disprove creation and the Bible caused them to miss out on the opportunity to have much more time to plan towards saving their evil butts. Now we are down to a little over one decade of time left and they find themselves in a mad rush to save their own butts because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

But, hey, they were just little lies, what could that hurt?

What I woke up realizing this morning is that the upper class trash and Muslims knowing the planet is going to go kaboom much sooner explains their current actions and persistence.

You see, the liberal pagan leaders know our planet is going to die but they believe that, if they can set up a one world government and murder almost everyone else off, that their god, Lucifer/Satan/Baphomet/Kununo/the Devil/etc will return, heal everything, make them immortal, and save the day. Tada!

Therefore, they are increasingly determined to get their one world government and murder everyone else off before planet earth goes kaboom. That is why they are in such a big hurry and going violent to get their one world government thingy set up right now.

Buuuuuut, their one world government thingy is taking too long and now falling apart, which also explains the sudden and irrational interest in the pagans colonizing Mars or plan B, when it is a really stupid and suicidal idea because the planet just isn't habitable but, hey, they have been watching too many of their own movies and believe it is habitable.

Gee, do you think those little white lies matter? Have you noticed the liberal pagan upper class trash are kind of running out of options and are grabbing at straws?

Notice that they are only talking about taking the very wealthy who can pay really big bucks to get there. You middle class and poor people get to stay on a dying planet.

Nice of them, huh?

Obviously, they know earth is about to go kaboom and are wanting to escape to another planet to save themselves and the only planet they can reach with our current technology is uninhabitable Mars. Therefore, there is a mad and irrational rush by the pagans to colonize Mars without telling you the truth about it because, in their minds, Mars is a life boat and they know it can't even support one billion people but they falsely believe Mars can support a few hundred million people.

In other words, the Titanic is sinking with only enough life boats for them and they don't want you to panic, stage a revolution, and fight for the few spots on their "life boat", which really isn't a life boat but a Satanic illusion.

The Muslims believe that, if they set up their global Caliphate and murder everyone else off, their god, Allah, will come, heal everything, and set up paradise for eternity. Therefore, they are also increasingly determined to conquer the world before the planet goes kaboom.

One thing these stupid pagans are ignoring is that our sun is also about to go supernova and it won't matter which planet or space station you are on in this solar system, it will take you out when it does.

Oops! So much for pagan plan B.

They are also ignoring that, in 1998, it was finally proven that the cosmos will continue to expand until the gravitational density will decrease to the point it won't be able to hold anything together, you know, like atoms, and everything will suddenly fly apart with a "mighty roar".

Now, because they have been pushing and believing in evolution and billions of years, they didn't stop to figure out when this will happen and just ASSUMED it will happen in billions of years instead of in decades.

Have you noticed that, when you use the wrong numbers, your math is always wrong?

It really does pay to not use false numbers for your math. Darn, those little white lies just keep screwing everything up.

What they should have done is estimate the approximate size and gravitational density of our cosmos in relation to its rate of expansion to figure out when it will fly apart buuuut that would have scared the living crap out of them.

There is a pagan plan which tells me that at least some of the pagan leaders know that our sun and cosmos are also about to go kaboom. There are pagans who believe that the hexagon shape at the north pole of Saturn is a "gateway into another dimension" where they are hoping that cosmos won't also be about to go kaboom. Those people are trying to get to Saturn and are in for a really bad surprise.

Yeah, that is what all of this new multidimensional thingy is about. It is called wishful thinking without any scientific evidence.

What is really funny is that the Bible, you know, that book they hate and keep trying to disprove, tells us when this will all happen and, if they had been reading and believing it, they would know the answer to their problems. They definitely wouldn't be going to uninhabitable Mars or some mystical gateway on Saturn, you know, pagans charging across rainbows on their unicorns.

You see, God showed me a long time ago that the prophesy about the stars being rolled up like a scroll with a mighty roar is the cosmos flying apart and that happens in the first half of the Tribulation with life continuing on earth and the Bible later talking about stars, which should tell you what?

God will miraculously save some of the galaxies and keep earth alive for the rest of the Tribulation.

How many galaxies will God save?

God showed me in some dreams He will save our galaxy and the next nearest large spiral galaxy we call M31 or Andromeda. Therefore, we don't have to worry about the cosmos flying apart until the end of the Tribulation, that is, if you believe in the right God, you know, the God of the Bible, Christians, Jews, and all creation, Yahweh/Jesus. Problem solved for God's people but not for the pagans and Muslims because their false gods can't save their butts from that. As a matter of fact, their false gods didn't even tell us that will happen and our God did. Gee, go figure.

Also, if you study the last seven judgments of the Tribulation from a scientific perspective, you will clearly see that the planet and our sun will both be about to go kaboom at the end of the seven years of the Tribulation, you know, when the Bible says that "if Jesus were to delay His coming, there would be no flesh (life) left."

Basically, the ONLY thing that can save our butts from destruction is Jesus and the pagans putting their hope in false gods is really stupid because their gods can't save themselves, much less you.

It just might be a really good idea to turn from your sins or crimes against God's Law, accept the amnesty or salvation paid for by Jesus on the cross, and not have to worry about it because God will take care of it. Just saying, you know.

It should be obvious that the pagan and Muslim leaders know we don't have that much longer so you better pick a side soon before it is too late and they are going to get even more frantic as their plans fail and they have less time so their actions will become even more hostile towards us.

You just might want to get ready for a really nasty fight or two because they are increasingly desperate people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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