Dying Solar System

Dying Solar System

If you read my essay on the Tribulation, you should remember me telling you that the last seven judgments in the book of Revelation tell me that the planet and sun will be dying and that, if Jesus doesn't return to heal this planet and the sun, they will both die with the sun going super nova so that there will be no life left on earth. The Bible says there will be no "flesh left", none, zero, nada life.

This is something which won't just suddenly happen and has been gradually increasing since Noah's Flood but our glorious evolutionary scientists couldn't possibly know because they have been believing and making analyses based on billions of years for their pagan fairy tale, evolution, because they hate God, instead of 6,000 years based on the Bible. Wrong information causes even good scientists to make huge mistakes.

We are currently seeing a very rapid acceleration of these two processes now. They don't just talk about earthquakes any more, they talk about "swarms" of earthquakes and increasingly larger and larger earthquakes with thousands of people dying.

That is what God told me will happen to Los Angeles in the dream God gave me about the Los Angeles earthquake. There are from 100 to more than 200 faults in the greater LA area God showed me in the dream. God will cause a super swarm of earthquakes by causing all of those faults to shift at the same time with a massive domino effect almost completely destroying the area. God has been showing me recently that the LA super swarm will cause quakes throughout the Pacific Coast and Rocky Mountain areas and maybe further away. That quake will be so bad that it may be felt around the planet.

Also, notice that they are constantly finding new sink holes and huge cracks forming on the surface of the crust because the planet is dying. You can bet that what you are seeing is only what is happen on the surface and much more is going on beneath the surface. God told me we have only about 17 years before this planet destroys itself so Jesus must return to save us before that happens, before 2033.

Then they keep telling us about strange things happening on the surface of the sun with things like huge holes forming on the surface and you can bet that much, much more is happening below the surface of the sun. This is all because the sun is also dying and is about to go super nova. It has the same time left as earth and will almost certainly go at the same time requiring the return of Jesus in 2032 to heal the sun too. If you have learned anything about God, you know He will arrive at the very last second possible to save everything.

It is just like the Bible tells us, God told me, and I told you. We don't have long left before Jesus must return to save us. He has to get here before 2033 or our collective geese are cooked and we will go out with an incredible double bang that will take out this entire solar system. The greatest hydrogen bomb in our solar system, the sun, is about to detonate and nothing will survive. The timer on that clock was set by God 4,400 years ago and is about to run out. We don't know the day or the hour, just like Jesus said, but He has let us know the years when this will all happen.

The LA earthquakes or super swarm will be a warning from God that our planet and sun are dying so keep an eye on LA. It will soon die and our idiot lying liberal pagans, who call themselves scientists, will all be surprised, amazed, stunned, and shocked because they believe the evolutionary fairy tale but you won't. They think the sun will last "another billlllllllllllion years" when the Bible told us 2,000 years ago that the sun will die much, much sooner.

Gee, maybe they should have listened to the Bible instead of their own empty heads rattling?

Keep an eye on LA. It won't be long and the lying liberals will be forced to admit that God is real, He lives, He exists, AND He rules. They won't like it but they will have to admit it and many will just dream up new fairy tales to believe.

God's Line

Remember that I have been telling you that God has drawn a line and is making everyone choose between God and Satan?

Increasing numbers of Christian churches are tearing out crosses and converting to Muslim mosques just like I told you they would. They are converting to Islam and Sharia Law has not even been imposed yet. Many more will convert when it is.

God is RIGHT NOW cleaning the poser Christians out of His church. Let's hope God gets this done quickly.

Get a clue, God is not tolerant of sin, the Bible is not tolerant of sin, Jesus is not tolerant of sin, tolerance of sin is a sin and the Bible says that a number of times. Our tolerance of sin has caused this mess because the sinners we tolerated and have not tolerated us have taken over, have destroyed our nation, and are impoverishing, oppressing, and enslaving us.

Ready for a Christian theocracy to protect you yet?


In both Germany and Sweden, the citizens are fighting back and burning immigration centers and housing. The people don't have guns but are fighting back with what they have, in this case, fire. Don't be surprised to see make shift weapons and explosives popping up.

Some of the people are definitely fighting back. The protests in the streets are also increasing.

One thing I am waiting for is to see whether the law enforcement and/or military will come to the aid of the people by staging a coup, killing off the traitors who have caused this, and running the Muslims out of our countries.

Some x-spurts are now warning that Europe is facing a future of war, revolution or surrender to Islamic rule, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Isn't it nice when the x-spurts finally figure this stuff out?

BTW, don't forget that this was all brought to you by your liberal upper class trash geniuses and their brilliant ideas dreamed up by the liberal academe and intellectuals.


You think I am wrong about the Muslim plans to destroy Western education and all liberal teachers being dead people walking?

Boko Haram, the name of the African Muslim terrorist group, means "Western Education Forbidden." It is like I have told you, all of these liberal teachers and college professors are committing suicide by working to help the Muslims take over.


The liberal commies have been pushing to legalize drugs and now businesses are saying that we need immigrants because too many US citizens are on drugs and can't work. Guess what, they can't fight either, which is what the upper class trash want.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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