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The ignorant left keeping talking about the Christian Crusades having been the evil Christians starting the conflict between Muslims and Christians by invading the Middle East, conquering, and slaughtering Muslims. These people are showing their ignorance and brainwashing by the left.

Muhammad was run out of Mecca by the Sabians (Arabs) right after he started his cult of Islam, from whom he took the Sabian war god, Allah, one of more than 360 gods of Sabianism, and made that war god his only god. Muhammad fled to Medina, which was primarily Jewish and the Jews took him in, TOLERATED his new cult, and COEXISTED with Muhammad and his new cult even after Muhammad began raiding caravans, taking slaves, robbing people, and murdering people. So that the Jews tolerated even Muhammad's crimes against others.

When Muhammad's religion/army grew strong enough, he traveled back to Mecca, conquered Mecca, slaughtered all Meccans (Arabs) who would not convert to Islam, and then returned to Median where he thanked those hundreds of tolerant Jews by slaughtering all the men and enslaving all of the women and children. This is one reason why God repeatedly told us to not tolerate paganism and it's crimes, when the pagans gain the majority, they will turn on you, you know, just like they are doing right now in the US.

Just remember that today's Muslims believe in living by Muhammad's examples and clearly plan to murder all of you tolerant liberals who have coexisted with the Muslims and helped them conquer the US.

Within less than a year of slaughtering the Jews at Medina, Muhammad caused his first slaughter of Christians (many were Arabs) who had been tolerating and coexisting with all other religions in the Arabian Peninsula and had caused no harm to any Muslims. Very clearly first blood was shed by Muhammad and Islam and not by Christians.

During and following his reign, Muhammad and his successors continued to conquer and slaughter Jews, Christians, and others throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Muhammad's successors conquered Israel, Syria, Turkey, all of North Africa, Spain, Southern Italy, Eastern Europe, and other areas that were Christian until the early 20th Century when they butchered more than one million Armenian Christians. From the time of Muhammad in the late 600s until the end of the Muslim Turkish empire, the Ottoman Empire, in the early 1900s, the Muslims slaughtered more than 120 million Christians and an estimated 100+ million pagans and Jews. The conservative estimate is a total of at least 250 million people were slaughtered by the Muslims in 1,400 years.

It was the greatest slaughter of humans in history, with only the atheistic communists of the 20th Century surpassing the Muslim slaughter, only on a per century basis, when the atheists slaughtered an estimated 150+ million people in less than 100 years. But fear not because the Muslims have now surpassed even that slaughter by slaughtering more than 500 million Muslims plus only God knows how many non Muslims since the year 2000 while planning on slaughtering more than 6 billion people in conquering the world. But the atheistic communists are trying to surpass that by working to set up their one world government and slaughtering more than 7 billion people globally, you know, all of the inferior non white races. The Muslims and atheists are clearly having a global contest to prove whose religion can be more barbaric, brutal, and cruel and, right now, the Muslims are leading.

The Christian Crusades were the Christians trying to free themselves from the Muslim rule and oppression by taking back Christian lands from the Muslims. That is all they were doing.


The people of Norway have gotten tired of the destruction caused by the liberals and Muslims and have elected a much more conservative, anti-immigration government lead by Erna Solberg, nick named Iron Erna. They are kicking out all foreign criminals, mostly Muslims. The Norwegians are deporting Muslim criminals while the British liberal traitors are chastising the Norwegians.

I expect something like the following to happen. Norway will remain Christian longer, continue to get more conservative, and probably increase the deportation of Muslims. Their neighbors to the east, Sweden, will be taken over by the Muslims, the Muslims will round up and execute the liberal traitors in Sweden while enslaving the rest of the Swedes, and then use their now Muslim army to invade Norway while the Muslims still living in Norway will try to destroy Norway from within.

If the Norwegians survive and win the war with Sweden, in accordance with international law, the Norwegians will annex Sweden and run all of the Muslims out of both nations making their now larger Norway even more conservative and powerful.

Mean while, the Muslims will take over Britain, round up and kill all of the liberal traitors to prevent a counter coup, and enslave the rest of the British.

As I told you before, increasing numbers of European countries are becoming more conservative and anti-immigration. This will result in the destruction of the EU and return of the European feudal system followed by a constant state of war between Christians and Muslims with the liberals being slaughtered by both sides.

For example, the ultra liberal Dutch are now talking about closing all mosques and banning Islam.


At, I got this: By Theodore Shoebat

"A German official named Hansjoerg Mueller, of the Alternative for Germany party, said that because of Merkel's open door policy allowing the floods of Muslim immigrants the country is 'sliding towards anarchy' and risks becoming a 'banana republic without any government'. He also said that it will push the nation to civil war. The official said: 'Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government.'"

I warned you this would happen and it is happening right now. 8,0000 Germans flooded the streets with flags and Christian crosses. They are saying the problem isn't Islam but that we Christians became tolerant of evil and they are working to revive the old Christianity which stood up to evil instead of being tolerant.


Remember that I have been telling you that I have been seeing increasing numbers of conservatives standing up and fighting back in the US?

Recently, from coast to coast, conservatives won big in elections and voting on issues, even in ultra liberal San Francisco. Ohio even refused to legalize pot. Eyes are opening, people are choosing, and the good people are fighting back.

Keep an eye on this.


Do you realize why the left is working to scare you into turning against the FBI and NSA "spying on US citizens"?

It is so the feds won't be able to watch liberals and Muslims in the US. The vast majority of US citizens won't do anything in their entire life times worth the feds talking about, much less spying on you. The liberals are trying to tie the fed hands so they can't watch the liberals and Muslims commit their crimes against you, you know, like treason.


China has been investing heavily in US homes keeping the prices from dropping more. She is doing this, in part, because her economy is dying. When her economy goes south, she will not be able to continue to buy homes, which will cause the demand for homes to decrease, which will cause home prices to drop and the Chinese investors will lose most to all of their equity and investment. Keep an eye on this.

South Carolina

We now know that South Carolina must be the stupidest state in the nation. According to a recent poll, 71% of registered voters are for Hilarious Clintstone in spite of the fact she is an obvious criminal and traitor. They must barely have an average IQ.


Hilarious says that gender is a social construct.

Did she flunk biology? Was Billy Boy not very well endowed? Is Billy Boy a transy and really Billie Girl? Or is Hilarious just really stupid?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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