I want to be very cautious in writing essays, especially about such things as Ebola. Therefore, I have been dragging my feet and digging deep to get the information I need to have the greatest potential for being right. I don't want to misinform my readers. My job isn't to scare you but to inform you about the truth. Scaring you is what the media do to increase their profits.

First, let's review the basic information on Ebola I have already provided you with. The disease is normally transmitted via body fluids but it CAN be transmitted pneumonically or by air. The incubation period for the disease is 21 to 23 days, during the last days of which, the person becomes contagious, meaning the person is contagious days before they begin to show symptoms. They don't tell us how many days prior to showing symptoms a person becomes contagious but it should be safe and prudent to assume the last 3 to 5 days prior to showing symptoms. When a person begins showing symptoms, they have from 8 to 10 days until they die or get well. From 60% to 90% die, even with treatment. Without treatment or if you don't get treatment in time, the mortality rate is better than 90%.

Second, let's look at the facts of this current outbreak. It has been spreading so fast in Africa that it has gotten completely out of control. That would not be possible if the disease were not spreading pneumonically, therefore, it is almost certain this outbreak is spreading pneumonically or by air.

Knowing this, we have to look at the facts surrounding the case of Thomas Duncan of Dallas, Texas. He is reported to have left Monrovia, Liberia on September 19, the entire trip through Brussels, Belgium and Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia to Dallas took 28 hours or one day and four hours, and he first reported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 25 because he was showing symptoms. This means that Duncan probably didn't arrive in Dallas until early September 21, only five days before he reported to the hospital showing symptoms.

The big question here is, did Duncan show up to the hospital immediately upon showing symptoms or did he wait a day or two like most people would?

Even if Duncan showed up at the hospital upon showing symptoms, it is possible he was contagious for at least a little while at the Dulles Airport and he was there for three hours. If this strain of Ebola is spreading pneumonically, there is no telling how many people he may have infected at Dulles, on the flight from Dulles to Dallas, and in the Dallas Airport.

What the CDC is doing is at least foolish and, potentially, criminally negligent. With this pandemic spreading so rapidly and out of control, they are ASSUMING it is not spreading pneumonically, when it looks like it is. In dealing with such potential crisis, it is always best and prudent to assume the worst and not the best and to hope for the best. By assuming the best, they could be causing and spreading an Ebola pandemic in the US. This is completely irresponsible and criminal.

But, hey, don't listen to me. If I am right and this disease is spreading pneumonically, they won't be able to cover it up much longer, especially after the Duncan trip. Because, if this disease is spreading pneumonically, it is going to rage across the US because the CDC didn't take the precautions for the disease spreading pneumonically, they are only taking the precautions for the disease spreading by contact with body fluids. If this strain of Ebola is spreading pneumonically, then the disease has just gotten away from them and is heading towards you.

They have an opportunity to nip this thing in the bud by reacting as if this disease were spreading pneumonically and may be blowing it big time. Don't be surprised to see this get out of control, see the CDC geniuses have to publically admit they underestimated the situation, while rendering their resignations, and facing possible criminal actions while thousands of you pay with your lives.

With Ebola and all of the other diseases the upper class trash are forcing on us with infected illegal aliens, would I pull my kids out of school?

Let me put it this way, if I could in any way, I would put my kids into home schooling immediately. Remember that, what the kids get in school, they bring home to you.

Remember that I told you that the liberals are going to cause the collapse of this nation and blame the black man, A.K.A. Obama, for everything they have done?

Well, OK, Obama is complicit in everything and should bare part of the blame but not all of it. The stupid little punk has had a lot of help.

Obama is taking it on the chin with Ebola because he said Ebola would never make it into the US and it is here. Add to this that Obama is still not taking any steps to prevent Ebola from getting into the US from Africa. Criminal negligence, anyone? Is Obama intentionally causing these pandemics, or what? That would be treason. This is just another piece of the sky which is currently falling on Obama and, if this breaks out into a US Ebola pandemic, almost everyone in the US will want to crucify him, after providing him with a little designer tar and feathers, of course.

Another thing is that, if this is spreading pneumonically and Duncan became contagious in Belgium, this disease just spread all over Europe and has had at least five days head start on the European health authorities. We will have to wait to see just how bad this is going to be. Time will tell.

Have you noticed that everything is going to hell really fast? Oh yeah, and right in the middle of our lunar quadrad, you know, with the four blood moons. Maybe God is trying to tell us something? Definitely keep an eye on this because it is going to get increasingly worse very quickly from now until the dust starts to settle in a few years. How is Your Apocalypse going? Suddenly realizing you don't really want to be the main actor in your own scary movie? Ready for revival yet?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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