Beating Ebola

I have been thinking about this Ebola epidemic quickly spreading around the world and God just showed me how to beat Ebola, today, October 11, 2014. This is something so simple and basic (Biology 101) you can do it yourself and once I show you the bio-math behind it, you will realize how stupid we humans are in that our brightest had not already thought of this. The reason is because our "brightest" have been listening to their own noisy heads instead of listening to God.

Think about this, this should earn me a Nobel Prize in Medicine and, if the geniuses had listened to God, they would be getting that Nobel Prize and not me, along with the loot that goes with it.

Understanding Ebola

The reason why Ebola is so very deadly is because the virus replicates much faster than your body can ramp up and produce antibodies to kill the virus. Your body does produce antibodies but, initially, much slower than the virus reproduces. Therefore the virus "out runs" your body's immune system and gets to a high enough level in your body to kill you before your immune system can stop the virus.

Now, what are our brilliant medical geniuses doing about this?

They are doing the absolute worst thing they could do. They are waiting 21 to 23 days after you have been exposed to see if you show symptoms before they quarantine you and begin treatment. That means they are 1) waiting until after you become contagious and begin infecting other people to quarantine you to keep you from spreading the virus (A.K.A. closing the barn door after the horses got out) and 2) they are giving the virus a 21 to 23 day head start in building up virus level in your body before they start any treatment, giving the virus a serious advantage over your body, which, with today's technology, is insane and is why we currently have Ebola quickly spreading around the world. This is being reactive to a very aggressive virus, which is wrong and why, even with treatment, the mortality rate for Ebola is still more than 50%. With today's technology, this is either criminally negligent or a crime against humanity pending whether it is intentional.

Beating Ebola

In order to beat Ebola, you have to be pro-active and not reactive because the virus is so aggressive. You have to go on the offensive and attack the virus very aggressively.

You have to understand that, as soon as a virus gets into your system, the body quickly detects, analyses and starts producing antibodies to kill the virus within hours. As I said before, the problem with Ebola is that it so aggressively reproduces that it will quickly out run your body's immune system that, without treatment, better than 90% of the time, the virus will win that race by reaching the level to where it can kill you before your immune system catches up to the virus.

So how do you help your body win this race and save your life?

First, you don't do like our genius doctors and give the virus a 21 to 23 day head start in building up the virus count. You wait just long enough after exposure for there to be sufficient viruses and antibodies in your system for a blood test to be able to easily tell whether you have been infected. Three to five days should be adequate.

This does two things. First, it makes it possible to identify and quarantine people who have been infected long before they become contagious stopping the spread of the disease dead in its tracks. The epidemic is stopped before it can get started and you save millions of lives. That alone should earn me the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Second, it permits you to identify the people who are infected and begin treatment while the virus count in their bodies is still low increasing the chance of your antibodies quickly catching up to the virus count and your chances of survival, saving millions more lives. It is only common sense biology that it will be much easier for your immune system to catch up to the count of the virus when the virus count is still low. That should get me the Nobel Prize for Biology.

How do you treat the Ebola patients?

Simple, you boost their immune systems so their bodies can pump out antibodies faster and catch up to the virus count more quickly, especially if you start when the virus has just begun reproducing in their bodies and the virus count is still relatively low. You are helping the body win the race for your life before the race can gain much momentum. That should get me the Nobel Prize in something, I know, nuclear physics. Hey, I will probably save the life of at least one physicist.

By doing this, it is very likely the people won't ever reach the virus level in their bodies to where they become contagious and begin to show symptoms. It is possible you can reduce the mortality rate for even Ebola to one or two percent giving people a better than 95% chance of survival. I like that bio-math, even though I know I will probably never see the Nobel Prizes because some hack will probably steal my ideas, OK, that I got from God.

Self Treatment

How do you help save your own butt?

You don't sit on your butt waiting for our incompetent government to save your butt. You get pro-active (A.K.A. take care of yourself) and go after the disease as soon as you are reasonably sure you have been exposed to the disease. About three to five days after you know you have been exposed, you go to your doctor, tell them you have been exposed to Ebola, and tell them you want a blood test to see whether you have been infected by Ebola. The blood test WILL tell very early in the game whether or not you have been infected or just exposed and not infected. If the blood test shows you are positive for Ebola, you have your doctor quarantine you in the hospital and boost your immune system to give your body the advantage against the Ebola virus. If you do this, you will probably survive. That should get me the Nobel Prize in Conservative Thought. Hey, maybe even art, I might save an artist's life.

One thing this will do is develop more efficient resource management. Instead of using resources to monitor people who have not been infected for prolonged periods of time, you will be able to more quickly determine who has not been infected and move those resources on to deal with people who have been infected. This means you will be able to provide care for more people in the same amount of time with the same resources, saving more lives.

I believe that the soldiers sent to Ebola Land should be checked every five days for infection to help prevent loss of life. We need to pray for these soldiers, they are in great peril.

So that is how God showed me to beat Ebola. Use it to keep yourself alive to the chagrin of the upper class trash who are trying to murder you and that will cost me all of my Nobel Prizes, but your lives are worth more to me than any prize, though I could use the loot that comes with those prizes.

BTW, Friday, October 10 was the first day anyone infected by Duncan during his travels could have begun showing symptoms, so keep an eye out for people he infected being hospitalized. That will tell us when he became contagious and whether Ebola is being transmitted pneumonically. Anyone infected without being very close to Duncan, was infected pneumonically.

BTW, this EV D-68 is taking a heavy toll on our children. Obama should be forced to tell which schools the illegal alien kids were sent to. They need to start investigating him and his accomplices for crimes against humanity. What they are doing to our children is criminal and sick beyond description.

BTW, have you noticed that Obama's job approval keeps plunging to 39%? It has plunged to 39% almost a dozen times this year. Just how many times can his job approval rating plunge to 39% without going up? Do you get the feeling they are hiding something from you?

BTW, Bumbling Joe Biden said we need another high profile gun victim to replace Jim Brady. Does that mean Biden is planning to shoot himself? We can only hope but he would probably miss.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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