There are few people out there who would love to see the economy turn around more than me. This terrible commie economy is kicking my butt. I am hurting really bad but God won't let me lie to you to start putting out propaganda to try and help revive the economy because I know it won't help and it will just make me be like all of the experts who have been consistently wrong for the last few years. All I can do is ask my readers for a little help. Buy a copy of my e-book, "Yahweh", to help the old man out. It only costs $10, is a fun read, and you will learn something. You can even buy a copy for a friend and send it to them on a CD, you know, like for Christmas. I won't stop you. Right now, in this continuing depression, every $10 helps. :-) Thanks.

The big thing is that I must continue to tell the truth and I have recently been reading more crap about the economy turning around. In September the unemployment actually fell a little and now every commie propagandist and even the conservative propagandists are yelling as loud as they can that the economy is turning around, still. Same song, different story, same reason, and I am really getting tired of the media and politicians spreading false hope.

I wish someone who knew what they were doing would just do something about the economy and quit lying about it. Did you notice that the lies have not done a bit of good even once? You can call a pig a horse and it still won't run any faster.

By now I have taught you enough that most of you should be able to figure out what caused this decline in the unemployment for September. As a matter of fact the only reason the media didn't get it is because 1) they are complete idiots, or 2) they are complete liars, or 3) they are completely both. I choose option 3.

OK, what happened?

Well, there has been more than 400,000 people per month who have been quitting looking for work, dropping out of the job market, and stop being counted which keeps making a significant dent in the unemployment count because our commie's won't count those "insignificant" people and then all of the political parties started hiring temporary employees for the run up to the election on November 2. Guess what is going to happen on November 3. Yeah, the smart ones got that picture. There is going to be a huge firing of temporary workers.

The thing you have to know in advance is that we are back to the seasonal holiday hiring for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of those temp workers will be able to jump from one temp job to another so the unemployment figures won't go quite so high when they start firing again. If anything, you might expect the unemployment to decrease even more because of the seasonal hiring.

When either of those two things happen, you can bet you will be lied to some more about how well the economy is recovering without anyone telling you about the temp worker effect. I hope you have learned not to believe the lies any more and try to think through all the confusion and propaganda yourself. They are just trying to get their pig to run faster by calling it a horse when what they need to do is swap the pig for a horse. Common sense, right?

Then there will be the same dropout worker effect I warned you about last spring and hit during the summer with a sudden increase of unemployment of over 600,000 in just one month. This increase in available temp jobs will draw quite a few of those dropouts back to the job market looking for the few temp jobs that will be available. You know, those people the commie's keep preaching we shouldn't count because they don't count.

So what is going to happen next year when they start laying off all those seasonal workers with all the returned dropout workers also now being counted again? If you have been reading this site very long, you have seen this before and should know. There is going to be another huge increase in unemployment, probably the largest increase in at least 2 to 3 years. It could easily exceed 600,000 people in one month. Oops!

But you have to remember that the economy is much worse than it was a year ago when this same thing happened with the seasonal hiring and the idiots screaming recovery. There are now 6 million more people who are unemployed and have quit looking for work who are going to have an effect on the economy. I guess those people really do count and should be counted. The intellectually superior idiots got it wrong again.

This could easily be the straw that breaks the camel's back and sends the economy plunging to where even the fake unemployment figures will put us into the status of being a depression. But don't worry, the commie's will lie to you and say it is not a depression, it is just a super duper phenomenal fantastic spectacularly huge recession. But, even if they hit 90% unemployment, they won't admit it is a depression.

Oh yeah, remember that tax thing I have teaching you about? You know, next year the rich guys are going to have to start firing you in mass to have the money to pay those increased taxes the commie's need to pay for all their stimulus spending. Boy, is that going to stimulate the economy or what? That is going to hit at the same time the rest of this mess hits the fan.

So, how is that recovery thing going? Mean while, please buy a book to help the old man survive this commie economy which is killing us all. Thanks and God bless. Sorry about all the bad news but until we get rid of the bad guys, we are not going to get any good news and God isn't going to let me lie to you. I pray for all of you. May God keep you and bless you that you will live long and prosper.

BTW, did you know that is an old Jewish rabbi and prophet's blessing? For thousands of years, the rabbi's and prophets would hold out both hands towards people the way Leonard Nemoy (Spok) does with one hand on Star Trek and say, "May Yahweh keep you and bless you that you will live long and prosper". Did you know that Leonard Nemoy is Jewish and that Vulcan greeting was actually supposed to be a very complex hand shake Leonard couldn't get right? When the filming for the first meeting between James Kirk and Spok was supposed to happen and they were supposed to shake hands, Leonard froze because he couldn't get the hand shake right and, without thinking, just held up one hand with the old Jewish greeting and said the last half of the greeting, "May you live long and prosper". Everyone liked it so much they kept the Jewish greeting and dropped the hand shake Leonard couldn't do anyway.

People don't realize that what that greeting is actually saying with a combination of the sign and saying is "May Yahweh keep you and bless you that you will live long and prosper." Isn't it funny how God manages to get His name into such things without the pagans even realizing it? :-) Just a little fun tidbit to help you through these hard times and the Christmas season.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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