I Told You So 53

I have been telling you that history tells us that there will soon be a civil war or revolution in this country.

I have been reading that, on the liberal commie sites, they are riling up the left commie's to fight this civil war and challenging the right to bring the fight on. It seems that, just like I told you, the commie's know they are going to start a civil war with their mischief, when they set up their commie dictatorship. They have been trying to take away your weapons to keep you from fighting, have taken control of your ammunition, and plan on using their Citizen Security Force (CSF - I call it their Commie Strike Force) to fight this war from their side AFTER they replace the US military and law enforcement agencies with their CSF so you won't have that protection and they won't have to fight a properly trained, organized, and equipped army. Brave, aren't they? They will only fight if you don't have any weapons and they have military weapons.

It seems the bragging and incitement includes talking about how Obama, their commie god, has armed them, organized them, and has prepared them to fight against you.

I told you before that Obama and the Commiecrats were going to use their CSF to fight against, oppress, round you up, and imprison you in their concentration camps built by Billy Boy Clinton. Oh, I'm sorry, they call those camps relocation camps the way their other god, Adolph, called his concentration camps work camps to make them not sound so bad. Don't you just love the way the commie's use great sounding names to cover up their mischief? You know, just like Hitler did.

So what does history teach you that you should do in this case? First, organize and arm yourselves so you can defend yourselves. Jesus said to buy a sword, even if you have to sell your clothes because it is better to be butt naked than not have a weapon with which to defend yourselves and protect your families. It will be much harder for them to take your weapons, round you up, and kill you as an organized and armed group than as individuals, which is why they have been trying to disarm you.

Second, realizing that the commie's have infiltrated the top of all our government agencies, work with law enforcement as closely as you can. Most of the people in those agencies are good people on your side and so are most of their middle to upper level leaders. It is mostly the ones at the very top with some at the lower levels who are the commie infiltrators. The good law enforcement will be glad to work with you because you can bet they see the writing on the wall even better than you do. They know the fecal matter is about to hit the fan and they are about to be replaced by the CSF. You can bet they are also afraid because they know they will be the first to get rounded up and sent off to the concentration camps to get them out of the way.

You have to understand that this incitement and few, small attacks are baiting you to come out and fight so they can have an excuse to send in the law to round you up, disarm you, and truck you off to their concentration camps before the real fighting starts. Don't fall for the sucker punch. It'll nail your butt every time.

What history teaches is that, when the CSF starts its major move, they will quickly overwhelm the law and military with their city guerilla warfare. This will get even more ugly than Viet Nam and it will be your cities the commie's will be destroying this time instead of foreign cities. Remember that this will be happening in our cities because we didn't stop them in other countries and now it is our turn to fight on our streets for our country. When this happens, those law enforcement and military, which are the good guys (better than 80%), will turn to you for help.

Be ready for it. If the commie's are inciting to riot and war or challenging you (when I was a kid, we called it choosing you off), then they are ready to start fighting. They just want to sucker punch as many of you as they can to start fighting now so they can round you up before the real fighting gets started. They at least feel they are more ready than you and may well be, so you need to get ready now.

Remember that I told you almost two years ago that, when Obama got into office, he already had 250,000+ recruited, trained and armed CSF soldiers and he has been recruiting, training, and arming commie activists and Muslims since then. Then I have also told you that, just before the fighting, he intends to empty the prisons of all those Muslim gang members and recruit all the Muslim criminals from the street gangs into his CSF. This could easily bring the total number of combatants for the CSF to more than 20 or 30 million. There is really no telling how many commie killer commandos they have waiting for the opportunity to show how brave they are by attacking unarmed, unorganized, and untrained US citizens, killing them, and sending them off to commie death camps. These are real monsters in dove feathers and they are very evil. Be ready for them.

Organize within your community a citizen group (neighborhood, church, etc.) and then contact the local police, military, and FBI to get information from them about how to organize and prepare for such things in order to protect yourselves and families. They will be glad to work with you unless they are the problem. Most will quietly and happily work with you as long as you remain within the law.

Remember that the US Constitution gives you a right to protect and defend yourselves and it also gives you the responsibility to overthrow a bad, oppressive government. The Constitution does not require you to just sit scared on your butts and become someone else's oppressed slaves. You both have a right to defend and protect yourselves and a good government and to overthrow a bad government. Don't believe me? Read the Constitution.

Know that each community actually has a right and responsibility to form an organized, armed, and trained militia to protect your community and you don't have to depend on the government to create and manage this defense force.

The best thing you can do right now is to not fall for their sucker punch, work with the law and military, and be ready. If you remain in denial, you will soon get a very bad surprise and it will be too late to protect yourself from these commie monsters. If nothing else, at least look around at what is going on and pay attention to the evil actions and intent of these commie monsters who just can't wait to start shooting and bullying you.

The most important thing to do right now is to call for revival, turn from your crimes against God's Laws, accept the mercy God has provided through our Lord, Jesus the Christ, and pray your butts off for God to protect you from these evil monsters who have been calling themselves doves when they are really hate filled warmongers planning and waiting to wage war against you to steal your country, your freedoms, and your lives.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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