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I know that some of you still think I am over reacting and over stating the severity of our currently worsening economic crisis. I have shown you again and again that my estimates are very conservative and yet I am not the one who has been consistently surprised the way the experts are consistently surprised. Today, I am going to show you just how incredibly terrible our economic situation is and just how bad it is going to get in the near future.You all know that Obama and his pals are bragging they are going to do everything FDR did which caused a depression to become the Great Depression by making things much worse than they should have been. But there are some interesting differences between our current situation and what FDR had to deal with which will cause our depression to be much, much worse than the Great Depression. I just got the following information over at in an article by Wayne Allyn Root and added some of my own information to it.

In 1929 the US Government was not $100 trillion dollars in debt and unfunded liabilities. $100 trillion dollars is now the figure that more and more economists are readily accepting as the US minimum debt and we will use that instead of the $200 trillion dollars of debt which includes increasing amounts of hidden debt economists are finding so $100 trillion will be the amount we will use for this essay. This is particularly bad when you realize that just this US debt is almost twice the global GDP and about 2 1/2 times the global privately held wealth. Just like I told you, they have spent more money than there is on the planet and that is just the US, forget about the debt owed by the rest of the countries.

In 1929 none of our states were bankrupt, insolvent, or in debt to our federal government.

In 1929 there were far fewer people working for the government and living off of tax payer dollars. Today, better than half the currently employed people are now government employees which, in of itself, is a disaster waiting to happen, especially when you realize that the average income for government employees is higher than the average income for people working in the private sector. That is two strikes against our economy and not just one strike.

In 1929 Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare didn't even exist but today, they constitute more than half of our national budget with tens of millions of people living off of tax dollars and doing nothing. There weren't any of the current socialist programs which are costing our government tens to hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

In 1929 there were not millions of illegal aliens living off of our "entitlement" programs while paying no taxes. Everyone was working for a living. You either worked or starved so everyone tried to work to keep from starving.

In 1929 we had the best educational system in the world and today, our kids are not being trained to work but to sit on their butts and let the government support them. We now have one of the worst educational systems in the world. Our children are poorly prepared for the disaster which is developing around them now and many will not survive this great disaster.

Now add to all of this that our housing industry is imploding at light speed, our unemployment has gotten worse every month for more than 3 years and, in spite of all the liberal smoke and mirrors, the fake unemployment rate just went back up...again, the price of gas is going through the roof, the price of food is going through the roof, the idiot liberals are promoting the use of electric cars when our government is shutting down most of our power plants with no plans to replace most of them, meaning that the price of electricity is about to go through the roof, the government refuses to start using our natural resources to help us, the individuals and businesses are being taxed at unheard of rates with the commie's talking about new ideas for increasing taxes on everyone, and absolutely everything the commie's have done has failed and they are still doing those same things foolishly believing that, if they can just give enough of the poison that made the dog sick to the dog, the dog will magically get well with no reasoning or logic as to why the increased poison will cause the dog to get well. Yet, these fools insist on doing even more of what is causing this crisis and are only making it increasingly worse.

Remember that being stupid is like being drunk; they don't know they are stupid because they are too stupid to understand that they are stupid and can't tell how stupid they are because they are too stupid to understand they are even stupid. Because of this, they really do believe they are much smarter than they are, that they are the smartest people on the planet and should be running the planet their way. They are irrational, out of touch with reality, and it is an obsessive, compulsive form of terminal insanity.

There has never been an economy worse than the economy we are now plunging into. Our current economic situation is many times worse than it was at the start of the Great Depression and getting worse by the day. Words just cannot describe how bad this is going to get before we hit bottom and there isn't a person in a position of power who has enough brains to even begin to solve our current problems. The fools have kicked the can as far down the road as they can and the can has turned into a huge barrel full of crap which is about to hit the proverbial fan full force. We are all going to get our share of this splatter. This really is going to be a super great depression far worse than any depression in known history.

In the history of this planet no country has ever survived an economic crisis that was even half as bad as our current economic crisis which is why I keep telling you that our country is already dead and it has just not finished kicking yet.

Oh yes, remember that I told you that the EU loaning Greece all that money would only make things worse once Greece had spent all of that money because it would just cause them to be even further in debt with larger payments than they were before the loan was given to them? Well, they just finished spending all of that money and guess what? They are now in even worse shape than they were before the loan because they owe more money than they owed and couldn't pay off before they got the loan. Gee, who would have figured that? Did it surprise you? It didn't surprise me because it is only common sense that all they were doing was delaying the inevitable and making it even worse. It sure surprised our world leaders which should tell you what? Our world leaders don't have any common sense.

The same thing will happen to all of the rest of the countries which are broke and, especially the ones they have loaned money to as soon as that money is gone. The global economy is also dead because almost all of our leaders are idiots. It just hasn't finished kicking yet, either.

A really big lesson here that the natural elite upper class trash are missing is that you can't solve the problem by doing more of what caused the problem.

Oh yeah, and don't forget our stupid libertarian buddies who are standing in the offing wringing their hands knowing that they are about to get a chance to make things even worse with their idiot Libertarianism. It won't solve a thing and will only increase the fecal matter splatter we are going to eat. None of these great sounding systems will work because they are all idiot ideas dreamed up by the foolish upper class natural elite trash academe of Europe. You just have to study the history of Europe to realize that we don't want to do anything they do because they have an absolutely 100% perfect record of screwing things up for more than 1,000 years. Why would any sane, rational person want to do anything those nuts dreamed up, no matter how great they make it sound. Just remember that cream isn't the only thing that floats.

The only being in existence who is intelligent enough to save our butts from ourselves is the being, Yahweh, God, which is why I keep telling you to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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