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In the last essay I forgot something I wanted to write about. I was wondering whether I should add it to that essay in spite of the fact that I had already published that essay. I don't like to make changes to essays after they are published, even if I make a mistake (it shows my humanity and that I am not perfect), because I feel it reflects badly on credibility. The only changes I like to make are for things in which it is very important for you to have the correct information, usually some added information.

As I thought about it, I realized that the information I had left out should probably be a separate essay anyway. Therefore, I am writing this essay.

What I forgot to mention is that, because of Obamacare, increasingly, the new jobs being found are mostly part time jobs with increasing numbers of existing jobs also being turned into part time jobs. This is very critical and will get worse as we get closer to and into Obamacare taking effect. They recently reported that as many as 75% of the new jobs being found are part time jobs with tens of thousands of formerly full time jobs being converted into part time jobs.

One thing you have to realize is that, during the Great Depression, they counted part time workers who wanted full time jobs as unemployed but, today, they count these people as under employed so they don't have to include these people in the unemployment rating causing the fake unemployment number to drop quite a bit. I find it interesting that the government will quietly count part time jobs as new jobs found but not include the part time workers who want a full time job as unemployed in order to artificially deflate the fake unemployment numbers.

These part time jobs are cutting back on hours and, therefore, income by from 20% to 50% which means those people will have much less disposable income to spend. This will adversely effect the economy even worse because there will be less cash flow generated by those people on part time work than with full time work. If these jobs only average a decrease in earnings of 20%, those people will cut back on their spending by 15% to 20% (some will start depleting their savings to keep paying bills, which must stop at some point) which will cause the economy to decline by at least 20%.

Many workers will find they can make more money living on Welfare than working part time (pending their wages and Welfare rates in their states.) For survival, many of these people will stop working and go on Welfare, which will deplete the economy and stress the government spending even more causing things to get worse more quickly.

We are already seeing the effects of this on the economy. I just read that it has just been stated that the economy has "stopped recovering". As I showed in the last essay, the economy could not possibly have been recovering and had to be in a severe depression, therefore, if the economy has declined enough that it is now being stated that the economy has stopped recovering, then the economy is really plunging even faster than it was before.

Let's think through this. If we have an economy which was plunging fast enough that it had become the smallest economy with the smallest work force in 30 to 75 years and the economy gets even worse because of full time jobs being converted to part time jobs because of Obamacare, we are screwed. We may very well be in the early stages of the worst economy since the Dark Ages or even earlier.

I recently read an article which stated that a British economist said that Britain is "slipping back into the Dark Ages" because of its socialism. The US, the rest of Europe, and other countries are also heading that way, some faster than others. With the US economy now declining faster than before, it is only a matter of time until our economic problems reach critical mass resulting in complete economic implosion (we may already be in the early stages of this). When the US implodes into economic chaos, so will the rest of the Marxist world, especially Europe, China, and Russia. I do not expect the EU to survive this crisis and think Germany will bail out as soon as they clearly see the EU economic tsunami heading their way, which could be by next year when Germany will have to "loan" (think give) Greece billions more dollars just to delay Greece's eventually economic implosion.

I do not think it is humanly possible to imagine, much less describe, the economic crisis heading our way because of all this socialist pillaging of our nations and economies. Life as we currently know it will simply cease to exist within our socialist pillaged nations. Many millions will literally die from starvation and exposure because of this calamity being forced on us by the liberals. Don't be surprised to see the act of promoting any liberal Marxist ideas as being a capital crime punishable by death. This coming economic crisis will be so severe that there will be a huge global back lash against all forms of liberalism with at least some people hunting and killing liberals, especially leaders (which is why they are taking guns away from people), because of the tens of millions who will be brutally murdered by liberalism.

Now let's look at another reason why liberal pagans hate Biblical Law and the idea of a Christian theocracy. In the Bible it states that, if a man steals a sheep, he is to pay back three sheep to the person he stole the one sheep from. It also states that, if a man steals an ox, he is to pay back five oxen for the one ox he stole.

The idea here is to not only hold a person accountable for their actions or crimes (which liberals really hate) but to also provide a deterrent to crime by making crime cost instead of letting crime pay. If a person has to pay back three to five times what they steal, then crime will cost them and not pay them. Basically, the criminals stand to lose more than they can gain.

Under a Christian theocracy, these liberals, especially the leaders, who have stolen so many trillions of dollars from the rest of us, would have to pay back all the money they stole from us plus at least two to four times as much in penalties. This means, to pay our bills, we would simply take everything they have and throw the criminals in prison on hard labor to spend the rest of their lives working to pay back the rest of the three to five times what they stole from us. With a substantially diminished and more efficient government, you probably wouldn't have to pay taxes again for the rest of your life.

Now do you better understand why the liberal criminals, especially the upper class trash, hate God, God's Law, the Bible, and God's people so much? And I am willing to bet that more of you are beginning to think, "Wow, a Christian theocracy wouldn't be so bad after all." Just imagine getting tens to hundreds of trillions of dollars back from these thieves...and them having to work at hard labor (something new for them) for the rest of their lives to pay back the rest of what they have stolen. :-)

With this economic chaos rapidly approaching, it is a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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