Terror War?

I have been quietly watching these mass murders for years taking my time to quietly figure out that is going on. I wanted to be sure of what I was seeing before I said anything about them.

There are some frightening "coincidences" which you need to keep an eye on because they could be part of a terrorist war against us. Remember that the liberals are the people who got UN Agenda 21 passed under Billy Boy Clinton to seize control of the planet and murder off more than seven billion people globally. No evil act is beyond them and, when considered in relation to the planned slaughter of UN Agenda 21, what I am about to write about is nothing, mere child's play. The planned human slaughter of UN Agenda 21 is the greatest, most inhumane, and most cruel crime against man kind in history. The insanity and evil of the UN Agenda 21 plan is mind boggling and nothing else could compare to its wickedness. UN Agenda 21 is the ultimate crime against man kind.

I have noticed some very disturbing "coincidences" in these murders which include that 1) all of the murders were liberal Democrats, 2) (except for the gang killings) they were all classified as various forms of "crazy" or deranged people, 3) they were all under going mental treatment, 4) the killers were all on medication for their mental problems and at least some of those medications actually made their mental problems worse, 5) their killing sprees were all planned out in advance, some much better than the killers could possibly have planned them, 6) for the last few years these mass murders have been increasing in frequency and are now almost common place, and 7) the liberals always use all of these mass murders to try to get rid of guns and disarm the general public.

I am sorry, but that is just too many coincidences for all of these killings to be a coincidence or even copy cat crimes. There is definitely a pattern to all of these killings and they have to be one of two things. The first possibility is that today's shrinks are using very bad treatment techniques and drugs which are causing deranged people to want to commit mass murder. At the very least, this should be investigated.

But I think there are far too many coincidences for even that, especially with the murders almost suddenly starting and then quickly and constantly accelerating to where the mass murders are happening on a weekly basis or even more frequently. The patterns are almost identical and complex enough to show that there is something even more devious taking place. I believe that the patterns for all of the crimes and the pattern of the crimes prove that there is an organized war being waged against the general public trying to terrorize the people into wanting to give up their guns so the people will not be able to stop the corrupt members of the upper class from staging a political coup of the government to set up their dictatorship.

Remember that such a conspiracy would be nothing when compared to the blatant and publically admitted plan of UN Agenda 21 to set up a global dictatorship and slaughter all but a maximum of 500 million people globally. If anything, such a conspiracy or plan should be expected to disarm the general public in order to make UN Agenda 21 successful. Any good military leader or planner would use such a plan as a part of psychological warfare to disarm the public as a part of making UN Agenda 21 succeed. Therefore, when you consider such a conspiracy in relation to and as part of the publically admitted UN Agenda 21, the conspiracy or plan is a required part of the bigger plan.

This means that there are a large number of liberal shrinks who are using psychology and drugs to program already deranged people to wage a war of terror against the US citizens in order to scare those citizens into giving up their weapons without a fight. This war of terror by the liberals didn't work in the short term so it is being waged in a more long term effort to wear down the US people into giving up their guns so the people cannot stop the currently developing political coup by our evil upper class trash.

Think about it, all of these murderers have been under going mental treatment using drugs for years and they are all suddenly going on killing sprees at the same time and it is a coincidence? Yeah, right.

When you also consider that these same liberals are helping Muslim terrorists commit their acts of terror to help destroy Western Civilization, this terrorist war is actually only a small part of a larger terrorist war against us. It becomes blatantly obvious that these monsters are inhumane and cruel enough to wage such a terrorist war against us by even murdering children. They are the worst, most inhumane, most cruel, and most brutal monsters in the history of the US and they must be stopped. It isn't that we should take guns away from law biding citizens, it is that we should start executing everyone involved in these mass murders including the shrinks and their bosses who planned this terrorist war.

It is just too obvious that all of these mass killings are a terrorist war against the good people of this country with the inhumane and cruel liberals using programmed and drugged deranged people as their weapons of mass destruction. It really shows just how deranged the liberals really are. They are not only as evil as Hitler and his bunch but even more evil. These liberal Luciferians have to be the most evil people on the planet.

Keep in mind their hypocrisy. They keep passing very restrictive laws for "our good", to "protect children", and other do-good excuses while aiding, funding, and arming Muslim terrorists in murdering hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children, while supporting abortion murdering tens of millions of babies, while openly supporting UN Agenda 21 with plans to butcher more than seven billion people globally, including all of those children they "care about" and "are protecting", and while providing automatic military weapons to drug cartels. You know, like they care about anyone other than themselves. Their acting like they care about anyone is the greatest con job in history.

After considering all of the evidence, I am absolutely convinced that these mass murders are nothing more than the sick lefties waging a well planned terrorist war against the rest of us. There is just no other possibility.

With such inhumane meanness, cruelty, and murder being waged against us by the insane liberal traitors, it is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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