Economy 5

The "experts" (read professional liars with the right degrees from the right universities) keep telling you the "recovering economy" is getting slower.

My first question is, "Just how much slower can an economy get before it stops being a recovering economy?

Answer: When the recovering economy is all smoke and mirrors, NEVER!!!

Second, have you noticed that the "experts" are still being surprised when things are worse than they "expected", which is always?

My second question is, "Who made these people, who are wrong almost 100% of the time, experts?"

Answer: Oh yeah, they got the right degrees from the right elite universities and that made them experts. Their "superior education" didn't teach them anything worth using but it made them experts.

These lame brain, upper class trash experts keep telling us the economy is recovering when things have been getting worse since this mess started.

Since when do things keep getting worse during a recovering economy?

Things don't keep getting worse during a recovering economy, they start getting better. Things only keep getting worse during a declining economy.

Since this mess started almost six years ago, there still has not been one month within which the number of people finding jobs has equaled or surpassed the number of people losing jobs. That is a really big clue this has never been a recovering economy.

The number of people working full time jobs in the US has decreased every month so that we now have fewer people working in this country, including part time jobs, than living on Welfare. Speaking of Welfare, the number of people living on Welfare is at an all time high of more than 47 million families living on Welfare. The number of people living on Welfare has almost quadrupled since this economic mess started and is still increasing every month during our "recovering economy"? I recently read that our "recovering economy" has plunged almost half of the US into poverty and the rest of the middle class is quickly following. 17% of the people in our nation are now homeless with increasing numbers of families with children living in homeless shelters, on the streets, in tents, and out of cars with no place to call home. We have not had that level of poverty in the US since WWI, almost a century ago, and the economy is recovering? The economy has gotten so bad that even the government fake unemployment number increased during the current holiday hiring season, which has to be a first time since at least the Great Depression.

Can you see past the smoke and mirrors yet? Do you now believe me when I say we are in a super depression which is in a complete nose dive? Do you believe me now when I tell you that we are right now in the worst economy in modern history which is about to destroy the global economy? Do you believe me now when I tell you that our economy is dead and it just has not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me now when I tell you that we are in a black hole economy which is quickly imploding into a very tiny economic singularity? Or do you still believe the smoke and mirror lies?

And, if you think the economy is bad now, just wait until this coming Spring of 2014 when Obamacare grabs hold of this dead economy by the throat and shakes the crap out of it. If that doesn't finish our economy off, turning it into an economic corpse, then legalizing illegal aliens will do the job very nicely. Get the picture yet?

The conspiracy theorists keep talking about "when" the upper class trash will destroy the economy but the economy has already been destroyed while the conspiracy theorists and the rest of us were sleeping and expecting something more obviously violent. IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW and very few people have even begun to figure it out. The conspiracy theorists were right but late to the show. All we have left right now is the credits at the end of the show.

My question is, "What economy?"

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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