Obama 4

Have you noticed increasing numbers of pictures of Obama and Michelle pouting and sulking like the spoiled rotten two year old brat I told you Obama is? Obama isn't getting his way and he is throwing a public tantrum. Man plans, God laughs.

Obama had the upper hand against the rich upper class Euro-American trash until King Abdullah's plans started failing and Obama stiffed kingy boy to make nice with Iran. Now Obama doesn't have any powerful allies he can depend on. So the upper class trash has regained the upper hand against Obama and are quickly pushing Obama into a corner. The upper class trash has painted obama so far into the corner that they will have to duck tape Obama's butt to the wall to be able to put more paint on the floor.

The upper class trash just forced Obama to sign up for Obamacare to appease the angered masses and you know that hurt Obama to the bone. Imagine the Pharaoh of the world, the living god of our planet, our holy messiah having to live by his own laws just like the rest of us lowly humans. You KNOW that was very humiliating for the Great Obama, especially after Obama arrogantly bragging that he didn't have to sign up for Obamacare because he gets presidential medical care. Why, Obama had to lower himself from the lofty heavens to our lowly little planet and live by our laws just like us?

Nah, not really because he still gets presidential medical care and it was all show to appease the angered masses but it was publically humiliating for a god like him, the holy messiah, to have to submit to signing up for Obamacare. Please note that Obama's arrogant grin has been replaced with a pouting childish face.

Increasing numbers of liberals are turning against Obama with fewer and fewer worshiping Obama as their messiah. Even that liberal twit, Barbara Walters, stated on TV that it took her FIVE YEARS to figure out that Obama is not the messiah. It took her five years to figure out that Obama isn't god? Is that slow or what?

Another of Obama's brain dead fanatical religious worshipers, Chris Mathews, stated recently that his god, Obama, had a terrible political year. Listen, when you think you are the messiah and even your most fanatical worshipers turn against you, you are screwed.

Don't be surprised to see even the Commiecrats working to impeach Obama this coming Spring in order to get their butts reelected. Obama has become disposable. It will take time because every windbag running for reelection in Congress will have to have their say to appease their voters into voting for them numerous times each. In just the House alone that will be more than 400 professional windbags blowing smoke up our butts to get reelected. Then you add in 1/3 of the Senate and that these professional criminals called politicians will have to do other "work" passing such laws as legalizing illegal immigrants to finish off our economy and turn us all into economic slaves and it will turn into a very slow and boring circus with nothing but very lousy political clowns performing. Maybe we will be fortunate enough to get a grin or two out of the bunch.

Obama is going to have to make some deals with other criminals very soon or his goose is cooked. Obama is extremely desperate when he, the Pharaoh of the world, has to lower himself to our level and sign up for Obamacare. You know Obama will do any desperate action to save his holy spoiled brat butt. Keep an eye on this soap opera, "As Obama Squirms".

BTW, I have noticed lefty activists using a diversionary stunt on FB to turn the people's attention from the Christian persecution of the Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson by telling people they shouldn't be worrying about the lefties persecuting Phil Robertson because of Phil's Christian beliefs and that we should be focusing on Congress having cut our soldiers' retirement pay. "Nothing to see here folks, keep moving and, oh, look what we lefties are doing to screw our soldiers...again!"

The lefties don't want most people to figure out that the lefties are openly persecuting Christians in every way possible. One problem with that little stunt of theirs, I can think about and remember more than one thing at a time so I can be concerned about both the persecution of Christians and the persecution of our soldiers at the same time. I am also still waiting for the results for things like Benghazi. I have not forgotten about those crimes and am keeping an eye on them, as you should.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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