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I try not to beat it to death but have pretty much covered the terrible economy we have and try to regularly remind people to look through the smoke and mirrors of the government and the liberal media to see that our economy is NOT recovering but is and has been for years, in a super depression. I just came across some comments at by economist Peter Schiff which need to be addressed because things have just gotten much, much worse at a time when the government is making it look like things just got much, much better because the fake unemployment number just magically went down.....again.

Peter stated that almost one million Americans left the labor force in just one month (800,000 people) and that he thinks that is the largest "exodus" from the labor force since they began keeping statistics. It is definitely the largest number of people to leave the labor force since this mess began and we are in a recovery?

Since this mess began more than six years ago, the number of people leaving the labor force each month has usually been in the range of 200,000 to 400,000 people per month. A few years ago, they had over 600,000 people leave the labor force in just one month and it was horrendous, everyone was shocked. 800,000 people leaving the labor force in just one month is beyond horrendous and mind boggling. That alone is one of the biggest red flags you could possibly raise concerning how bad our economy is today. But it gets better.

Remember that I have been telling you that the "official government unemployment number" is a fake unemployment number because it is so terribly manipulated to make the president look good when he is really doing terrible?

Our lying government claimed that 280,000 people found jobs last month and Peter said that he doesn't believe that 280,000 jobs were created. Peter further stated that, "Better than 80 percent of them potentially were just made up by the government because over 240,000 of the jobs were the result of the birth-death assumptions where the government simply assumes that new businesses were created in April and that they hired people. But they don't have any actual proof that any of this happened and it's the statisticians at the Bureau of Labor Department — everybody assumed that people hired more people in April because the weather got better,"

In other words, the government ASSUMED that 240,000 people were hired last month because it is spring time with absolutely no numbers to back it? That really makes sense to me...NOT!!!

It is true that hiring tends to increase during the spring because the weather gets better, especially for construction jobs, which tend to slow down during the winter weather. But that is not always true and a huge proof of that is the 800,000 people who couldn't find jobs, gave looking, and left the labor force last month. It is only common sense that, if hiring had increased significantly during April, most of those people would not have given up looking for work and left the labor force, especially not 800,000 people. That is a no-brainer but it gets better.

Peter stated that part of the problem with the jobs report is the quality of the jobs that were created. "They're most in low-paying, service sector type jobs, part-time jobs, temporary jobs," he explains. "They're not legitimate jobs where you can support a family, pay a mortgage, they're not indicative of a growing economy but of a weakening economy."

Not indicative of a growing economy but of a weakening economy, oh, you mean like I have been telling you for years?

Basically, one thing Peter is pointing out is that we no longer have just a FAKE unemployment number but also have a FAKE new jobs number to go along with the fake unemployment number, you know, like I have been telling you. I told you years ago that they had started manipulating that number by transferring people who used to be counted as unemployed because they wanted a full time job but only had a part time, temporary, or lower paying job over to counting those people as being employed. Now they are just throwing numbers out there because the weather is nice. Fake numbers? No, their jobs reports have become fairy tales with absolutely no logic at all except to cover a really bad president's butt.

BTW, I hate to be the one to point this out to you but, even with their pretty heavily faked new jobs numbers, the number of people losing their jobs last month (over 300,000) was still higher than the number of people finding jobs or some semblance there of, meaning the economy is still getting worse because more people lost jobs than found jobs. What, couldn't those government liars fake the new jobs number high enough to at least make it look like more people found jobs than lost jobs? I mean, if you are going to lie, lie big. Just how stupid are these people? Or how bad is the economy really?

When you add all of these dots together, you know, do the math, this is really crushing information. During the spring, when hiring normally increases, the government had to super fake the new jobs number on top of their normally faked numbers to keep people from realizing the hiring was really disastrous so the people wouldn't realize the economy just died! This is a super major cover up of an extremely terrible economy. ADD TO THAT the 800,000 people giving up looking for work and leaving the work force at the beginning of spring and you have a black hole economy, you know, that nasty little thing I have been warning you about for years. IT'S HERE!!!

We can now safely say that our economy just imploded and we have the absolute worst economy a country could have, a black hole economy in which everything is rapidly imploding, they know about it, and are trying to cover it up but that is like trying to cover up the sun with a hanky. Soon, everyone will be asking, "What economy?"

Remember that I told you the upper class trash was working to destroy the economy and put Comrade Pharaoh Obama (you know, our first black president) in office so the white supremacist upper class trash natural elites could use this implosion of the economy to make ALL blacks look stupid or bad?

It is only going to be a matter of time and this black hole economy will become obvious enough to everyone that no one can miss it and the upper class trash will begin blaming the black man president, who is only partly and willingly responsible, for the economic collapse.

Get it straight that Pharaoh Obama did set out to destroy the US economy so he could use our devastated economy to set up his US Muslim dictatorship but he isn't the only criminal involved in the destruction of the US economy, government, and nation and the destruction of the US has been going on for more than half a century. Arrogant little Pharaoh Obama was only brought into the criminal act of helping to destroy the US late in the game to be the fall guy so the racists liberals could use him as a proof that all blacks are stupid and irresponsible so the racist liberals could use this as a justification to "clean the gene pool of inferior genes" by killing all blacks.

Why do you think the liberal Democrats suddenly went from oppressing blacks to being their saviors in the 1960s? They simply changed from violent oppression to keep blacks down to covert subversion and sabotage to get rid of blacks.

This is also set up as a distraction so you will go after the blacks instead of going after the real culprits who have been planning and working to achieve this destruction of the US for more than a century, the upper class trash liberal white crackers, especially the intellectuals. Obama and the blacks take the fall and the upper class trash liberal white crackers take the country. Get the picture yet?

What I expect to happen soon, but not necessarily in this order, is something like this: People wake up to the fact that we no longer have an economy (probably with a little help from the liberal media) making everyone furious, the lying liberal media will put all of the blame on Obama and the discussion will evolve into the liberal media using the high black poverty level, the high number of blacks on Welfare and unemployment, violent black gangs, black on white attacks, high level of blacks on drugs, and other unfavorable statistics about blacks (which the liberals helped cause with their liberal socialist programs) to cause people to see ALL blacks as being inferior and polluting the human gene pool to turn people against blacks in general and cause all non blacks to want to impeach Pharaoh Obama, Rahm Emanuel announces his bid for president to fix the mess caused by Pharaoh Obama, Hillary formally withdraws from running for president because Rahm knows the truth about Benghazi (gee, I wonder why the left has been covering up Benghazi), Princess Chelsea announces her bid for president and all the liberals and two thirds of the women in the nation go gaga over mother Chelsea, and Obama stages his false flag event, declares martial law, and purges all the liberal upper class trash to keep from being impeached and being executed for treason.

Gee, could it be the media have been covering up all of Obama's incompetence and crimes to "expose" the truth about ALL of these horrible things at one time and just the right time to really infuriate everyone into turning against, wanting to impeach, prosecute, and execute Obama for treason as the upper class trash's sacrificial lamb so the people won't storm the upper class trash palace? Get it straight that Obama will deserve it but don't forget the rest of the bad guys.

BTW, the reason Hillary is campaigning is to raise a goal of $250 million for the Clinton Foundation, which has been used to raise campaign money for Bill's and Hillary's political campaigns. Did you know that the name of the Clinton Foundation was recently changed to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation? Hillary won't run because too many people have the goods on her for such things as Benghazi. If Hillary runs, she goes to prison. Get the picture yet?

BTW, did you notice that Boehner has been refusing to set up a special committee to investigate Benghazi....until now? This committee could have its findings ready before the coming elections. If the committee had been selected earlier, it would be old news by the elections and many people would have forgotten about it. Timing?

It is clearly time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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