Ukraine 7

The shooting has started in Ukraine with Ukraine trying to take back turf before the May 11 referendum to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. Obviously, Ukraine is trying to prevent that referendum and the fighting will only escalate between now and May 11. It is being reported that the fighting is quite violent and still going on with two Ukraine choppers being shot down using missiles. People are dying.

It is also being reported that fighting is going on in Odessa, you know, Ukraine's third largest city and largest remaining port, which I told you Putin would take along with Transnitria, which declared independence in 1990. If the "pro-Russian" forces seize Odessa, the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be able to quietly move into Odessa unopposed to reinforce and supply Russian troops in Ukraine and Transnitria and Ukraine will be cut off from the Black Sea and landlocked. It is being reported that Thursday's fighting in Odessa left at least 42 dead and the pro-Russian forces took a beating. It looks like Ukraine is taking a page or two from the Russian book by having its military pose as civilian rioters with both sides using military weapons. It was reported that the Ukraine police didn't even try to stop the fighting between the two factions, the police waited until the fighting was over and moved in to clean up the mess.

Ukraine is now a full blown civil war, or is it? The pro-Russian crowd reported that some of the pro-Ukraine crowd were speaking English. Was this fight US agents against Russian agents? Remember that it was recently made known by the US government that the US used the same tactics to start this mess by overthrowing the Ukraine government. Is the US now unofficially at war with Russia because of Obama and the upper class trash? Will this fighting spread to Russia? Will it spread to the US? Like I said, this is just one more escalation of this war, more will come. If the Russians start losing this fight, don't be surprised to wake up one morning with the Russian Black Sea Fleet parked in the Odessa harbor and Odessa under the direct control of Russian marines and Spetznaz.

It is being reported that Putin is beefing up troops in Transnitria and may now have as many as 2,500 troops there with the people increasing the calls for Putin to "save them" and Transnitria having voted in a referendum this last February to leave Moldova and join Russia. Keep an eye on increasing violence in Transnitria in the coming days.

It isn't if Putin will go in but when and I think the key to when Putin will go in is whether Ukraine forces pose a threat to the May 11 referendum. If Ukraine forces don't pose a threat to the success of that referendum, Putin will stay out until after the referendum. But, if Ukraine poses a threat to the success of the referendum, Putin will go in sooner. Basically, Ukraine is screwed and can thank the US upper class trash for starting this mess.

Mean while, US intelligence is saying that the NATO nations have fallen short on their military spending. Of course they have, they and the US have been bankrupted by our socialism while tearing down our militaries to where they are only paper tigers and all the bad guys in the world know it. With our debt and bad economies, there is no way we can rebuild our militaries to save our butts and we owe that to our corrupt upper class trash. Right now, NATO is a one fanged tiger composed almost entirely of US troops with a few small units from Britain and Australia and that fang is abscessed pretty badly. We are going to be forced to sit ranting and raving like angry two year olds while we watch our world being taken over by every bad guy on the planet with a slingshot because the inbred upper class trash didn't learn a thing from history.

I keep waiting for China to make its next move, which I think will follow Putin's success in Ukraine and Transnitria. I also believe that, if we get militarily involved with Russia, China will act then knowing we can't fight two wars at one time. Will the new military alliance between the US and the Philippines permitting the US to set up military bases in the Philippines have an effect on China's aggression? Not if China sees it as a bluff and decides to call the bluff. The US having military bases in the Philippines and other Pacific areas didn't stop Japan.

BTW, remember that I told you the Ruskies would use things like the US using the Ruskies as a taxi service for getting to and from the space station against the US? How about that recent comment by the Ruskies that the US should consider using a trampoline to get its astronauts to the space station? Oops! So much for the brilliance of the one world government thing.

Hang on, this ride is going to get a little rough thanks to our corrupt upper class trash.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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