Economy 8

This is another 2:30 am essay.

I have already explained the economy and what is going on quite well and little has changed except our economy is even more dead than since the last time I wrote about it in detail. I hate to keep beating the same drum and repeating myself but I woke this morning to the concern that no one, not even the conservatives, is telling you the truth. This is an election year and the GOP should be beating the Democrats to death with this horrible economy and they are not even telling the truth, telling me that they also don't want you to know how bad it is. They are probably thinking about not wanting to be wearing new designer Christmas suits made out of tar and feathers courtesy of the people. God told me to give you a refresher and tell you the rotten truth about our dead economy which just has not finished kicking yet.

I kept reading the crap about how 248K people found jobs last month, up from 180K the month before, and all of the trumpet flares resounding across the Internet about our great recovering economy, especially from O'Liar in Chief. Oh, it is such a great economy!!! Ta da!!!

BULL CRAP!!! Our economy is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet!!

They briefly admit that the only reason the fake unemployment number went down to 5.7% was because of the 316K who gave up looking for work out of frustration in not being able to find work and left the job market but ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is telling you about the 306K who lost their jobs and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is telling you the reason the number of people finding new jobs went from 180K to 248K is because this is just before the midterm elections and just before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those extra 60K jobs people found are ALL TEMPORARY election and holiday seasonal jobs which will go away between the election and New Years. In November, the even their fake unemployment rate will go back up because of the people who were hired to work this election getting laid off and the rest will lose their jobs before New Years.

Even with the seasonal and election hiring, more people lost jobs (316K) than found jobs (248K), which is never a good thing but especially not right now, before an election AND the holiday season. There has not been one month in the last seven years in which the number of people finding jobs have equaled, much less surpassed, the number of people losing jobs. THAT IS A SEVERE DEPRESSION!!!

All of the lying experts are telling you the economy is recovering while providing you with plenty of smoke and mirrors to "prove it" and the Liar in Chief is telling you his economy is great and it is booming but he isn't telling you that boom you are hearing is his lousy economy blowing up and imploding into a giant economic black hole!!

What economy? Didn't we stop having one of those when the Commie in Chief got his hands on our economy?

It is like I told you before, the only reason there were not more people losing jobs is because so many people have lost their jobs that there just aren't that many people who have jobs left to lose. We have at least NINE MILLION people out of work and looking, almost 50 MILLION on Welfare because they can't find work and are just trying to survive, who knows how many millions on disability because they can't find work and are trying to survive, who knows how many millions more have a part time job but want a full time job, who knows how many millions more have jobs in unskilled labor making very little money but should have jobs in skilled or college labor making much more money, and who knows how many millions more took early retirement because they can't find work and are trying to survive and the economy is booming?

The last time I looked, we had the smallest workforce since before the Great Depression in the 1930s when the population was less than half of what is it now because of people not being able to find work and giving up looking!

The fake unemployment rate is 5.7%?

Anyone who wants a full time job making fair market income but can't find one is unemployed so the real unemployment rate is definitely more than 40%. I hate to be the one to tell you this but that is a super depression or black hole economy.

Get it straight, our black hole economy is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet! EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST SMOKE AND MIRRORS TO KEEP YOU FROM STORMING THE PALACE!!!

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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