What the lying liberal commie traitors don't want you to know and most don't even want to admit to themselves is that it isn't just Obama who is failing, it is their beloved liberal Marxism which is failing and causing all of his mess. Obama has not written ONE liberal Marxist law he has signed into law or illegally and unconstitutionally forced on us with his mighty pen and executive orders. Get it straight, Obama is too stupid to write even a simple law. All he does is sign the laws he is handed by the legal masters working for the upper class trash. Obama's only other jobs have been to look pretty, be charismatic, and lie like hell.

Obama has done all of his jobs very well. He signed what he was told to sign, he is a good looking man, he is very charismatic, and he has lied like hell but he is also complicit because he is stupid enough to believe the Marxist crap he was brainwashed to believe and is a radical Islamist traitor. Because of his stupid beliefs, Obama is obviously working to destroy the US from within but it is because of all of his Marxist and Muslim brainwashing and he is too stupid to realize he is being stupid enough to believe that crap.

The real failure here is Marxism. Marxism has failed everywhere it has been tried and is failing horribly in the US right now. But, since the liberal commie traitors can't and don't want to admit their beloved liberal Marxism has failed, they are blaming the genetically inferior black man. I keep seeing that lame excuse more and more on the Internet. Hey, if your stupid ideas don't work, blame some one other than your stupid ideas because blaming your stupid ideas means you have to admit you are stupid and few people are mature enough to admit that, especially stupid people.

You have to realize that there are two basic liberal traitor Marxist camps. There is the upper class trash who saw the devastation Marxism did to the Soviet Union and are working to force that devastation on the US in order to destroy our economy and republic so they can impoverish and enslave us. They KNOW Marxism doesn't work and will destroy the US, which is why they are forcing it on us and don't want to admit Marxism is a failed system because, then we won't permit them to force it on us to impoverish and enslave us. They are just plain evil butt holes.

The second liberal Marxist camp is composed of those who don't care about the destruction Marxism causes and have sold their soles to the devil because they get really great paying, easy jobs with great perks and benefits or free stuff and the dumbed down, brainwashed stupid people who actually believe in Marxism. These people don't want to admit Marxism is causing this mess because 1) Marxism will go away and they will lose their easy jobs or free stuff and/or 2) they can't accept that their fantasy is a failed idea so they keep beating their dead horse vainly hoping it will get up and win the race.

It is definitely Marxism which is failing right now and not just Obama.

What is Putin doing?

Putin was in the KGB and saw the evidence first hand that Marxism is a failed system and capitalism is very strong so he is going with capitalism but a very corrupt crony capitalism so he can stay in power as long as possible. Putin knows that his country will be stronger and he will have more power with capitalism than with Marxism and Putin wants maximum power.

Putin also saw the terrible fruits and weaknesses of the Soviets Union's atheistic theocracy (every government is based on some kind of theocracy for morals, values, and ethics) verses the incredible strength of a US Christian theocracy which is still barely hanging on in the US in spite of Marxism, hate crimes against Christianity, all of the pagan brainwashing, and corruption and Putin has brought back a Christian theocracy for its incredible strength.

Right now God is showing us the same things about Marxism Putin learned and more and is going to use it and us to build a new Christian theocracy just as soon as he finishes destroying the pagan mess we let the upper class trash force on us.

It is always important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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