Economic Disaster?

I was thinking about the economy, found myself calling this a depression, and thought, "Hold it, isn't the economic definition of a depression when unemployment hits at least 15%?" How could this be considered a depression when unemployment is only 6%?

Don't you find it interesting that, when Bush's economy goes from 4% unemployment (lower than Clinton ever had it) to 6% unemployment (the best Clinton had it), the lying liberal media call it a depression and great economic disaster? Shouldn't that mean that Clinton's economy was nothing but a disaster?

I have noticed that even the conservative journalists have been calling this a depression when, by definition, it really isn't even a good recession. Don't you think the commie stream media should quit lying and the conservatives should pull their heads out of their butts to figure out that this economy is still in pretty good shape?

If this is true, then why all the crap about bail out money? It looks to me like the bail out money is just going straight into all those upper class pockets (you know, the natural elites) and is really nothing more than using the bank failures caused by liberal socialist laws as an excuse to funnel hundreds of billions of your tax dollars into their pockets. And hey, that worked so well at 700 billion dollars, let's take it to one trillion dollars and increase our profits by another 50% at the tax payer's expense without having to make or sell anything other than a lie. In other words, they are just selling lies to the tax payers for over one trillion dollars.

Want to bet that, if they get away with the trillion dollars, they don't go for two trillion? Why stop selling lies to the tax payers for super mega bucks as long as you can get away with it?

Have you also noticed that, with the natural elites in this country getting away with the bail out fraud and con, that the natural elites in other countries are now declaring their economies a disaster and demanding their governments bail their businesses out? Hey, if it is working so well in America with the natural elites stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from the tax payers, it should work just as well in their countries.

Yep, it really sounds like those natural elites are running this planet for our sake. These have to be the most expensive lies in the history of the planet and show the true color of the natural elites to be lying criminals and nothing else.

Can anyone guess why God doesn't want to spend eternity with these lying jerks? If any of them do make it to paradise, you can bet they will spend eternity sweeping floors, taking out the garbage, and cleaning toilets. Do they deserve any better than Hell?

Can you believe anything the commie media are telling you? Especially since they are owned and run by the same natural elites who are stealing from you.

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