I have decided that it is time to share some dirty little secrets with you about education. I am going to share with you some of the cons the stupid upper class trash have used to convince other people that those stupid people are really smarter than they really are. Keep in mind, to keep this essay reasonably short, this has to be the nutshell version and there is much more to this story.

Formal education started thousands of years ago when man first learned enough he had to develop an educational system to teach that much information to the upper class trash children. They knew enough they could no longer depend on mommy and daddy to teach that much information to their children so they began organized education.

The upper class trash very quickly began using them having a "degree of education" to belittle and intimidate the slave populations by saying they, the upper class trash, were more intelligent than the lower classes because the upper class trash had a degree of education and, therefore, they should be the ones to manage the lives of the lower classes and rule. They were naturally superior or the natural elites.

At some point, they learned enough about science, engineering, and math (the three hard sciences) that increasing numbers of the upper class children couldn't pass those courses and the upper class trash couldn't have their children flunking out of school with no degree of education because that would prove to the slave population that the upper class were not intellectually superior and they feared the people would rise up and overthrow them so they developed what we today call the "soft sciences" so their spoiled little brats could still get a degree of education and continue the myth that the upper class trash were more intelligent than the slave population.

By the late 1700s and early 1800s the university intellectuals had started the con of saying they were of the mind and above anything physical, you know, like work, to prove they were intellectually superior to the common working people, who were, of course, beneath them. Why, they were so intellectually superior that doing anything physical was beneath them. (Lying lazy pompous arrogant turds.)

But then, some of the college students and graduates started participating in sports outside of college which these intellectuals considered a threat to their lie because, if people who were very good at doing anything physical could be intelligent enough to get college degrees, then they feared the working class would realize they too could get college degrees and the upper class trash, especially the college professors, were not more intelligent after all and could no longer use their educations to intimidate the slaves.

At this point, the Western intellectuals, especially in the US, began to wage war against organized sports but, after a few generations, the college graduates and upper class who had enjoyed those sports gained enough control over the Universities they forced sports into the universities but the upper class trash intellectuals just went underground and have been quietly waging war against sports since.

You have to understand that, before college sports, the most prestigious people in the universities were the intellectuals. With college sports, the most prestigious people are the coaches and athletes, which has generated a huge amount of jealousy over the last few hundred years.

These intellectuals are the evil people who dreamed up Title 9 because there were fewer women involved in college sports than men so they wrote it and got it passed to shut down men's college sports but it backfired on them because the university sports programs just used it as motivation to promote women's sports, increasing the number of women in college sports so they could keep men's college sports.

That is why these evil people are using the transgender thingy to drive women out of sports so they can use Title 9 to shut down men's college sports because Title 9 says there have to be as many WOMEN in college sports as men and not as many transgenders in college sports as men.

Get the picture?

You have to also understand that ALL of these evil people get part of their salaries and expenses paid for by those college sports, which just burns their butts, and, to replace that money so they don't have to depend on the filthy money college sports bring in, they teach socialism, you know, that the government should be paying them that money so they can keep their jobs, not lose on their salaries, and not have to depend on the lowly college sports for their income. Yes, that is one of the reasons why liberal college professors are socialists.

These liberal college professors started a lie several hundred years ago when sports were first accepted into the universities, which has created the single best kept secret in our universities to this day. They started the myth that the stupidest students on campus were the PE and coaching students, you know, because they are all about doing physical things and couldn't possibly be very intelligent, you know, like their inferior slavies.

By the grace of God, I got into a PE/coaching program at the University of New Mexico which was rated as one of the top 3 to 5 coaching and PE programs in the nation and easily one of the best in the world largely because of all of the science we had to study but also because it had some of the best professors in the various fields for PE and coaching.

It was a really fantastic program in which we had to study up to pre-med biology, chemistry, meteorology, geology, and math along with all of the sports sciences and sports medicine. I am trained to participate in, coach, officiate, promote, organized, and manage almost 20 different sports and I studied athletic administration under the late Heck Kenney, Ph.D., when he was ranked as one of the two best athletic administrative specialist in the US so that I am trained to design, build, and manage college, professional, and governing body sports programs from the ground up, including the buildings required for those programs. I literally had to sit in the same senior level biology courses, listen to the same lectures, read the same books, and pass the same tests as today's MDs have to pass before going to medical school. I reached the point to where I could have applied to medical school.

There is a known fact on the universities that better than 90% of college graduates, you know, the ones who get degrees in the soft sciences, can't pass freshmen level hard science courses like biology because they are not intelligent enough. That is a well known fact on campuses and it is not unusual for students to flunk out of the hard sciences, go across campus to the soft sciences, and get Ph.D.s.

We had a problem in PE and coaching because school councilors don't know that we have to study up to at least junior and, in some cases, senior level biology to get a degree in PE and coaching, they believed the lie that PE and coaching students were the stupidest students on campus, so, whenever they got a really stupid student who wanted to go to college, they would send them to get a degree in PE and coaching.

Because of this, we had a washout rate of better than 50% in just the first year of our program because the students would flunk the biology courses we had to take washing them out of the PE and coaching program. The best kept secret on every college campus is that PE and coaching has been the fourth hard science for more than 100 years because of all of the science we have to study and the students, therefore, are some of the smartest kids on campus and definitely not the stupidest kids on campus.

Our freshman classes quickly dwindled from 60 students per class to 30 students or less per class in just the first year and were down to 20 to 30 students per class by the junior and senior years. Most of the students who flunked out of the PE and coaching program went across campus and got bachelors, masters, and even Ph.D.s in the soft sciences and some of them became soft science college professors. You only have to have an average intelligence to get a Ph.D. in the soft sciences, which is another dirty little secret in education.

Another dirty little secret has to do with psychiatry. I know about this dirty little secret largely because my second wife had a masters degree in psychiatry, therefore, exposing me to their dirty little secrets. In Los Angeles, my wife's boss would regularly get her invited to the top parties for psychiatrists which hosted many of the best psychiatrists from around the US and even other nations so I got to stand and listen to them shoot off their mouths about what they knew and believed for more than five years.

Did you know that you do not have to study one class in biology to get a Ph.D. in psychiatry?

It is only psychologists who must study biology and not psychiatrists. If students flunk out of the biology classes required for psychology, they can get a Ph.D. in psychiatry.

That is right, almost NONE of them know anything about the molecular function of nerve and brain cells but they are considered to be experts on the function of the human brain. I know much more about the molecular function of the human brain that almost any psychiatrist because I had to study psychology and neurology in college and they don't. If that doesn't cause your brain to hurt enough, know that, without any knowledge about the molecular functions of brain cells, they get to prescribe drugs for medical treatment of those brain cells.

That hurt your head, didn't it? It is also very scary, isn't it?

After we first got married and she would start talking about an accepted theory concerning the brain in psychiatry that was clearly wrong, I would use molecular neurology to try to explain to her why it was wrong and she would immediately say, "Molecular biology and chemistry have nothing to do with the function of the human mind", which was a standard response by psychiatrists when someone would argue with them using biology. It only took me about two or three times to quit trying to teach her any biology because she wasn't intelligent enough to understand any of it. She only had at best an average intelligence and she had a master's degree in psychiatry.

In all of those years of listening to some of their best psychiatrists at those parties, I never heard one psychiatrist say one thing which was scientifically sound. Even the way in which they study human behavior is in complete violation of the basic biology principles for studying animal behavior and they use lame excuses for continuing their terrible practices.

I am a scientist, trained to do both laboratory and field research, I was asked by Heming Atterbaum, Ph.D., of Sweden, whose exercise physiology book was used in the best universities in the US and Europe for more than a decade, to assist him in a lab research project but I already had too many other commitments, and I would NEVER even think of doing animal behavior research the way psychiatrists do animal or human behavior research because it is scientifically invalid. I would be laughed out of biology if I did animal behavior research that way but psychiatrists get away with it because everyone just kinda looks the other way, well, except for me.

Another dirty little secret in education is that almost all college graduates who can get a good paying job with their degree, don't teach, they work in research or other fields. It is known that almost all college professors and public school teachers are the stupid ones who couldn't get a job in the real world with their degrees.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

When I got sick with the virus and my health was failing so I had to get a job as a high school teacher, we had to pass the NEA test to become a certified teacher. The NEA test was broken down into three parts and, if you failed one or two of the parts, you didn't have to retake the parts you passed, just the parts you failed. They did this because many teachers are so stupid they can't pass the same parts of the test twice and would otherwise have to keep taking the test forever, even if they study for the test.

Therefore, to help more teachers pass the test, they passed the rule that the teachers didn't have to take the parts they passed, just the parts they failed.

The first year in teaching is the hardest because you have to write all of your lesson plans, lecture notes, exams and such. As long as you teach the same classes, you only have to make a few changes every few years to any of those teaching materials.

That is another dirty little secret in education. They always talk about how hard teachers work and are over worked but the first year teaching a class, if done right, is the hardest. But, hey, really stupid teachers probably have to work harder.

So, in my first year of teaching and trying to start up an extracurricular sports program for bicycle racing with my health failing and me still trying to find out what was wrong with me, I had to take the NEA. I got a 400 page book to study for the test but was so busy I had very little time to read that much material.

I talked to the three teachers whose classes were nearest my class about the NEA test and learned some interesting things. One of them had taken the class three times to pass all three parts, a second one had taken it two or three times to pass all three parts, and the third one had studied everything she could get to study for the test, taken the test 6 times, and failed all three parts all 6 times over a period of years, if I remember right, it was about 5 to 10 years.

They all told me that, because there was such a shortage on teachers, the administrators really didn't care whether we passed as long as we kept taking it every year or two. I had only read the first four pages in the book I bought and decided that, if they really don't care about whether you pass the test, why kill myself studying for it when I can take the test, if I fail any part of it, I will know what to study to pass that part, and I will easily pass that part the next time.

So I took the test cold turkey without studying for it. Two weeks after taking the test, the principle sent a message down to my class for me to see him during my off hour, which was set aside to give me time to prepare for the next day's classes. I went into the principal's office wondering how well I had done on the test but thinking it had been pretty easy. He told me to sit down and then told me I had passed all three parts with flying colors.

I knew the test had not been that hard and all I could think, as I returned to my class to prepare for the next day, was, "Just how stupid are the teachers who study for that test and flunk it?"

To be fair, I have to admit I am a little smarter than most. At that time I took a course in Endocrinology, which is one of the top five to ten toughest courses on any college campus. I had not studied molecular biology in more than 30 years so I had to get a waiver signed by the professor teaching it and she said, "I will sign that but you will flunk out because NO ONE can pass that course who has not studied molecular biology in more than 30 years. This is easily one of the five toughest courses on campus." She signed my waiver and I took the course.

She tested us at the end of every week so we could see how well we were doing and withdraw if we were not doing well. All of the other students in the class were current biology majors. She was right, it was pretty tough, I started out making Bs and, after the first two weeks was making straight As. Every time we made eye contact, she gave me a stare that asked, "Why are you still in my class and why are you one of my best students?"

I thought the class was pretty easy so I guess I shouldn't be too tough on the other teachers but, come on, not passing the NEA test after studying for it?

Hey, maybe those kids who teased me in grade school were right, maybe I really am a smarty pants but don't blame me. That was something determined at conception and I had nothing to do with it, it is God's fault, because your maximum potential intelligence is determined at conception by your parents and God and, contrary to the lies they teach in college, has nothing to do with education. Your intelligence comes from your parents and you only get knowledge from school and not intelligence. Going to school only gives you knowledge and DOES NOT increase your intelligence, so you see, it is God's fault I am a smarty pants and not mine. That is another dirty little secret about education, being more educated doesn't make you more intelligent, it just makes you more knowledgeable. You can still be stupid and be more knowledgeable.

Don't believe me?

Just listen to a liberal with a college degree. There are lots of really stupid but very knowledgeable liberal college professors.

Then there is another dirty little secret which fools a surprising number of college students. They are always impressed by the intelligence of a college professor who teaches his entire class without using lecture notes.

Listen, if you spent four years in college to get a bachelor's degree, you spent another two years to get a master's degree, you spent two more years studying to get a Ph.D., and you have been teaching the same class for two or more years and you can't teach it without notes, you are in idiot.

Just how many years should a person have to study and teach a subject before they should actually know the subject?

The only reason I use notes when teaching is to 1) make sure I teach everything in an order which will make it most easily understood by others and 2) make sure I don't forget to teach something. Other than that, I can teach things I have not studied in decades without notes and I am sick.

A college professor who can teach without notes, doesn't impress me. The ones who can't teach without notes scare me.

Come on, you study something for 8 years and you can't teach it without notes? Just how stupid are these people?

Oh yeah, they couldn't get a job in the real world so they became teachers.

A really big dirty secret about education is that today's teachers are not trained to teach but to entertain the children. This is because so many slimy attorneys have made tens of billions of dollars suing schools for often really stupid reasons and winning. Today's teachers are afraid to teach the children because the child actually having to do some work and learn something might offend the child or their parents and cause the teachers to get sued so they just entertain and pass the children.

Because of this, many students have learned that they can run the schools instead of the administration and teachers and they do a really bad of it, decreasing the education for them and everyone else. They know how to work the system to get out of working. The biggest reason why kids are coming out of school so poorly educated is because about 10% to 20% of the students work the system so they don't have to learn and so your kids don't get to learn.

If you want to fix the educational system, the first thing you have to do is get the slimy attorneys and stupid judges out of the system and turn control back over to the administration and teachers. The second thing you have to do is find intelligent teachers but even intelligent teachers can't teach right in a system that is crippled by slimy attorneys and stupid judges. The third thing you have to do is get rid of the NEA and get the stupid government out of education.

Get it straight; the only thing the attorneys care about is how much tax payer money they can steal with flaky law suits. They don't care about the children and their education or they wouldn't abuse and cripple the educational system to get rich.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Now do you understand why I really believe in and support home schooling?

Our educational system is completely corrupted and broken by the really stupid corrupt people who have taken it over and the thing is that this is just the nutshell look at how bad the educational system is. It is even worse than what I have shown you.

Also go back and read my 5 essays on "Education Scam" beginning in March 2000 (the first item in this section) through April 2004. My predictions in those essays are even more true today than they were then. You will be surprised at how accurate those predictions were and should be able to see the different problems that scam has caused and is still causing. It should be obvious that I could easily write another "I Told You So" essay about those essays.

When I look back over my earlier essays, I am really amazed at how many of my predictions have come true. But that isn't my fault, it is God's fault for making me a smarty pants...Mr. Smarty Pants to you punk kids.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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