Rest in peace the Republic of the United States of America. On November 6, 2012 the Republic of the United States of America finally stopped kicking and is now officially dead. Welcome to the United Soviet States of America!

Think not? Think again because it is so blatantly obvious.

For more than the last week of the US 2012 campaign Obama couldn't get any more than from about 200 to a little over 3,000 people to show up at any of his rallies and Romney was getting from tens of thousands to over 100 thousand people showing up at his rallies and Obama won the election? Really?

Give me a break, I am not that stupid. You will have to sell me another bridge because I am not buying that bridge. More than a month before the election I realized that the inflated polls showing Obama would win the election when the momentum was clearly in Romney's favor were actually telling us how many votes the commies intended to steal to win this election. The liberal commie traitors have so completely corrupted the voting process in the US they are able to give their leader enough votes to win even if absolutely no one actually votes for their candidate. This means that the commies have so completely corrupted the voting process that no one's votes count except the commie phony votes. Just like I told you four years ago, there was no election in 2012, only a phony election or show piece. This means the Republic is dead and this is now a communist dictatorship. Officially, as of November 6, 2012, there is no Republic of the United States of America. The commie traitors have destroyed that country from within via infiltration and sabotage. Let us have a moment of silent pray for the old gal.

I could have given this essay any number of other titles such as another "I Told You So" but I wanted to give my beloved Republic of America one last blessing to rest in peace. This is one of the biggest shoes I have been waiting to hit the floor. I have been telling you that things would get much, much worse before they can get better and, unfortunately, the worst is still yet to come.

The commies told you it was not the God of the Bible who made the US the greatest nation in the history of the world and taught you to put your faith in the false pagan god, democracy, and he has failed you. They taught you to put your faith in their false pagan god, education, and he has failed you. They taught you to put your faith in their false pagan gods freedom of speech and freedom of press and they have failed you. Every false pagan god they taught you to put your faith in to turn you from the one true God has failed you. Guess what, those false pagan gods didn't make the US the greatest country in the history of the world, God did. Now, are you ready to put your faith back into the one true God, the God of the Bible, the Christians, the Jews, and all existence? He is now officially your only hope.

The commies have destroyed your republic so your votes no longer matter so that you cannot possibly defeat them at the ballot boxes. They have destroyed your government via infiltration, they have destroyed your educational system, they have destroyed your economy, and they have destroyed everything so that it is not humanly possible to defeat them. Your only hope is the God of the Bible for nothing is impossible with Him. Your only remaining hope is conservative Christian revival, prayer, and God. There simply is no other hope. God said that, if you will call on His name, He will hear you, He will come, and He will help you.

Now what?

Obama and the commies have achieved a point of control to where they are permanently in control of your country and there is nothing you can do about it short of revolution and they have prepared for that. Now what Obama needs to do is stage a "crisis event" so he can justify declaring martial law and setting up a permanent dictatorship with him in power. He will do so in such a many as to not only achieve this but Obama also has to achieve a number of other things. I have told you about the consolidation of power which must happen in the first few weeks of Obama having achieved his position of power or dictatorship. History teaches that, in order for Obama to cement his position of power so that no one can remove him from power, he must quickly eradicate better than 90% of the people who helped him get into power. This is called consolidation of power and will require Obama killing off better than 90% of the upper class trash communist traitors who helped Obama get into power. Remember Obama's kill list? Obama is going to do the US a favor by killing off all of those upper class trash commie traitors in order to consolidate his power. Please note that I will not shed one tear for those butt holes.

I believe that Obama's staged crisis will also be used to consolidate his power along with a number of other things. First, he will use the event to discredit the US law enforcement (ie. Secret Service, FBI, and etc.), intelligence agencies (CIA and NSA), and the military so Obama can justify replacing those government entities with his Citizen Security Force (CSF) to prevent those government agencies from staging a coup to depose Obama when it becomes obvious to everyone that Obama has set up a permanent dictatorship. Oh yeah, Obama currently has tens of thousands of our best soldiers spread out all over the world. Gee, I wonder why Obama didn't bring those troops home like he said he would. Think about it.

Obama will also use this staged crisis to make the conservatives and Israel look like they tried to assassinate Obama so Obama can justify waging war against the conservatives and Israel. This will give Obama the justification he needs to round up and kill the conservatives in his "relocation camps" (don't you just love the nice sounding names Marxists give their death camps, you know, like work camps?) and sending a UN force against Israel to conquer Israel and the Temple Mount so Obama can fulfill Muslim end time prophesy for the Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and ordering all Muslims to kill all of the remaining non Muslims proving Obama to be the Mahdi or messiah of Islam. This will force all the Islamic nations to align behind Obama and form a Caliphate in support of Obama so that King Abdullah and Obama can finish conquering the world for Islam. Obama will be the Mahdi or messiah or Islam but King Abdullah will be the Caliph or king of Islam. Getting the picture yet?

You have to understand that, if Obama achieves establishing himself as the Mahdi, he will have removed all Christians and Jews from any positions of power and it will only be the commies and Muslims in control of the planet with Obama having control of the US military and technology and supported by the combined Muslim militaries against the tattered and dying Western commie governments (the EU) and Russia and China with there already being a strong Muslim force inside all of those countries currently waging war against those commie governments. Remember that Russia has been waging war against internal Muslim forces for more than a decade now and years ago I pointed out that Al Quaeda infiltrated 17 top level Muslim leaders into China across the Chinese western border to organize any where from 200 to more than 300 million Chinese Muslims just in China. All of this, in conjunction with Obama having control of the US nuclear weapons, is expected to be able to force the EU, Russia and China to capitulate to the Caliphate so Islam can rule the world.

The Russians and Chinese became aware of this and signed a military pact this last spring between the two of them to fight together against the Muslims to survive after the US and the rest of the West fall. Within months of Obama and King Abdullah achieving their goals of complete control of the US and the Muslim Caliphate, it will be the last of the commies and the Muslims facing off against each other in a global war, or at least this is what both sides are currently anticipating. Always remember that man plans, God laughs.

So our commie traitors and the Muslims have just successfully staged a political coup of the US with the stupid commies celebrating thinking they have finally destroyed the US and are now in control without a clue about what the Muslims have planned for the stupid commie traitors. The stupid commie traitors are next.

When will this next shoe hit the floor? Soon, very soon!!!

That was a really big shoe, wasn't it? Are you getting the picture yet that it is time to...

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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