It is time for a little encouragement. I have slowed down in my writing recently for several reasons. First, I am watching the shoe storm waiting for key shoes to hit the ground and cause things to move along more. Second, I have been watching increasing numbers of people learn the truth about what is going on and standing up to the criminals who are causing these problems.

It is nice to see increasing numbers of people talking about and teaching what I was teaching years ago. We are not alone and our numbers are growing quickly. Even increasing numbers of liberals are learning the truth and turning towards the truth. The people who knew the truth and chose to believe and repeat the lies will stay with the lies but the people who did not know the truth and were lied to now have to make the decision as to whether to stick with the lies or turn to the truth and that is going on right now. These people are right now deciding which side of God's line they want to stand on.

That is the problem with dumbing down and brainwashing people, when they learn the truth, many will chose the truth, you know, just like I told you. God is using increasing numbers of us to get the truth to the people so they can intelligently chose between the lie and the truth. That is why the left is trying so hard to silence the truth tellers via various forms of censorship, such as increasing their control over the internet and by putting out conflicting and confusing misinformation.

It is like God showed me in a dream, He has His secret army out there building and organizing to defeat the secret armies of the criminals. That is why the liberals and Muslims continue to work so hard to try to disarm the US people. They are trying everything they can think of and nothing is working. Their shrinks are sending out increasing numbers of brainwashed and doped up psychopaths to murder as many people as possible in order to terrorize you into willfully giving up your arms and I see liberals furiously writing on the Internet great sounding but flawed reasons why you should disarm so they can have a false feeling of security.

The activity of the upper class is increasing in frequency and intensity telling me that they are getting more eager to set up their beloved commie dictatorship. The more they rush it, the more mistakes they will make, and the more likely it will be that they fail. The only reason they are taking their time at all is because things are not quite working out the way the evil people had planned. Know that the evil people had failed before they began planning because God already had the victory.

Just know that God has His army of Elijahs, Elishas, and Esthers out there working to do God's will and stop the will of Satan and his evil forces. There are many voices crying in the wilderness, spreading the truth. This army is quickly growing and organizing for the coming revolution. God's Army will be ready when it is time for it to be ready and will get the victory, just like God told me it would.

Just remember that, when Pharaoh Obama suspends the US Constitution, every state in the US will be legally able to secede from the union and set up a new Christian nation.

May God bless you and keep you that you will live long and prosper.

It is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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