I have been watching this closely and some interesting things have been happening. Just like I told you, right after they captured the Anbar Province for supply directly from Saudi Arabia to ISIS, ISIS has resumed its plodding along while building to a higher level for more invasions. As a matter of fact, ISIS has gone into the defensive mode in Iraq since the Iraqi and Iranian armies have started their meager offensive.

ISIS just declared itself to be the new Caliphate with Baghdadi being declared the Caliph (Caliph Ibrahim) in order to quickly draw in new Muslim troops to build to a higher level for a stronger offensive, soon coming to your nation. Let's call it a marketing ploy but it is the best of worlds for Saudi Arabia and her Sunni Arab Muslim allies. If their proxy army, ISIS, can conquer the world, great, then the Sunni Muslims own the world and everyone is under their rule, but, if they fail, ISIS gets attacked and destroyed but not the Sunni Muslim nations supporting her because no one has started invading and conquering the unofficial owners of proxy armies, yet. Therefore, the Sunni Muslims can try to conquer the world with minimum risk. So their proxy army gets wiped out, hey, it isn't officially their army anyway and the Sunni Muslims can always use your petro dollars to build another proxy army to continue to wage war against you. Now do you understand why we MUST invade the Sunni Muslim states and Iran to have even a hope of peace for even just a little while?

Oh, I just read that "Anonymous" is planning cyber warfare against the countries supporting ISIS. They listed Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and any others who are arming and supporting ISIS. If the governments won't do it, I guess the people will, when they get mad enough. This will be interesting to keep an eye on.

Concerning Baghdadi's Caliphate, it isn't a true Muslim Caliphate because there have to be ten Muslim rulers who elect the Caliph from among those ten rulers and it isn't the end time one world government from Bible prophesy because, just like God showed me, it is not PHYSICALLY divided into two entities (the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar's dream) with five leaders from each of the two entities. Baghdadi is smart enough he is trying to get other terrorist organizations to join his "Caliphate" so he can have ten leaders and strengthen his terrorist army for more offensives but few are joining. Al Quaeda and Al Nusra are both still fighting ISIS on the battlefield. I guess they don't believe ISIS is the new Caliphate. Until you see it physically divided into two east/west entities, don't worry about it, God will take care of it.

With the US providing no help, the Christians being persecuted in Iraq have turned to Putin for help. Remember that almost all of the Christians in this area are Orthodox Christians and Putin is Orthodox Christian so they are his people. Think Putin invading Crimea to save his Russian people and now Putin has his Orthodox Christian people begging for his help. Talk about a huge door for Putin to do whatever he wants in Iraq, which you know just became a Russian ally, but, hey, the US doesn't need any allies. The irony here is that Pharaoh Obama and the US are providing no help for Christians being persecuted, you know, murdered, while trying to provide $500 million in weapons for Sunni Muslim terrorist organizations in Syria (ISIS is a Sunni Muslim terrorist organization in Syria), and Russia will help the Christians, while fighting Sunni Muslim terrorist organizations? Excuse me while I try to right my planet, it seems to have gotten upside down some how. Look for quite a few Russian boots on the ground in Iraq in the near future, you know, to save those Christians the US won't save. Pray for the Christians.

Mean while Iraq is trying to build its military to take back the recently lost land before ISIS can build strong enough to finish the job. Pharaoh Obama promised a bunch of F-16s and attack helicopters, which won't even be delivered until this coming September or October (I guess Pharaoh Obama plans to give them directly to ISIS) with it taking another few months to train the ISIS pilots but he has put boots on the ground, which he promised not to do, by placing almost 300 Special Forces "advisors" in Iraq and is providing intel with UAVs and Navy F-18s. Then Putin, forever the cat playing with the mouse, you know, Mickey Obama, upstages Obama by quickly delivering 12 Su-25s, five of which are already in combat with Russian pilots while the Russians train up Iraqi pilots, Russia claims it has already delivered half a dozen Su-30s (with Russian pilots), and has already inked a deal to provide more fighter/attack aircraft and attack helicopters, while Pharaoh Obama drags his feet. Is there anything Clown in Chief Obama has not screwed up?

I read on the Internet where some Internet "experts" are criticizing Putin for providing "old junk" (the Su-25s) to Iraq but it is much better than the single engine Cessnas rigged to fire Hellfire missiles Iraq is currently using. One man's junk is another man's sword. Besides, it isn't like ISIS has an advanced air force Iraq will be dog fighting with. Iraq could own those skies with Fokker Dr-1 triplanes. You don't need nukes to take out a tribe armed with spears.

Iran has already been using some of her aircraft to help Iraq, you know Iran is quietly building her Guard and Al-Qud forces in Iraq, which already officially have three battalions, and Iran is considering returning some of the fighter planes Saddam flew into Iran to keep the US from destroying them, which includes 24 French planes and 80 Russian planes. Even though they are old, you know Iran won't return them all but may return some. Hey, it is better than Iran getting her own planes shot down by the US Stinger missiles Pharaoh has provided ISIS.

Then we have Pharaoh Obama up to some kind of mischief, which I am still working on. He is trying to get $500 million to arm Sunni Muslim terrorist organizations...uh...I mean, rebel groups, yeah, that is the ticket, rebel groups in Syria, you know, like ISIS. But Pharaoh Obama has been quietly building a US Naval fleet off the coast of Iraq. It started with the USS George HW Bush (CVN-77, Nimitz class super carrier, F-18s, AWACs, electronics warfare, and UAVs), USS Philippine Sea (CG-58, guided missile cruiser), and USS Truxtun (DDG-51, guided missile destroyer). Then Pharaoh added the USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19, amphibious landing ship with 550 Marines and MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft).

Hold it, what about that "no boots on the ground promise"? Oh, I keep forgetting Pharaoh Obama is our liar in chief.

Then Pharaoh Obama quietly added the USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51, guided missile destroyer), USS O'Kane (DDG-77, guided missile destroyer), and USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44, amphibious warfare ship with a well dock to transport and launch landing craft and amphibious vehicles).

Hold it, on what beach is Pharaoh Obama planning an amphibious landing? All of the land controlled by ISIS is land locked with no beaches. And that sure is a lot of guided missile fire power, but it gets better.

Pharaoh Obama just added the USS Batann (LHD-5, chopper carrier with 1,000 Marines) and I just read that Pharaoh Obama has landed another 300 troops for US Embassy security (200 troops) and airport security (100 troops) and the Pentagon said that brings the boots on the ground to 750? They must be using that new Pharaoh Obama math because 300 advisers and 300 security troops does not equal 750 troops. When did they sneak in the extra 150 troops?

What about our Liar in Chief's promise of no boots on the ground? I know our troops are pretty bad dudes but even they can't walk on air and those troops are being moved into that war theater for a reason. We are now counting almost 2,250 confirmed troops for an area in which there are not supposed to be any boots on the ground? If Pharaoh Obama will lie about anything, he will lie about everything.

My first question is, "Who in the Persian Gulf is Pharaoh Obama planning a major amphibious assault against which will include a beach landing?" It can't be ISIS because they don't have a beach. Pharaoh Obama doesn't have to stage an amphibious assault, especially with a beach landing, against Iraq because they would gladly welcome our troops right now. So my first guess is one or more of four nations, Saudi Arabia (whom Pharaoh Obama has already stabbed in the back and is one of the top ISIS sponsors), Iran (who is not quite cooperating with Pharaoh Obama), Qatar (one of the top ISIS sponsors), and Bahrain (one of the top ISIS sponsors.) If I were any of those four countries, I would be worried, very worried.

Right now, I am enjoying watching Putin play with Pharaoh Obama the way a Russian cat would play with a Kenyon mouse while wondering when Putin is going to the rescue of those Christians to further up stage Pharaoh Obama. As a Christian, whose pagan nation isn't helping those Christians, who are being murdered by ISIS, that is one up stage I want to see. Pray for those Christians.

BTW, Saul Alinsky calls himself an atheist but calls Lucifer the first and best rebel, showing respect for the Devil? Hmmm, maybe Alinsky lied about being an atheist to cover up for the fact he is a Luciferian? After all, Alinsky said liberals are supposed to lie to achieve their evil Marxist agenda.

I am certain you know it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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