End Game

Good morning, this is a 2 am essay. I woke up this morning knowing that I must discuss end game choices because you are all going to have to make some really hard choices pending which end game you want and your choices are not very good, the deck has been severely stacked against you.

The different evil pagan groups are only allowing us to have two basic end game choices and the pagans have stacked the deck so we will be very unlikely to be able to even make the choice best for most good, law biding people. The basic end game the pagans are working towards is that from six to more than seven billion men, women, and children will be slaughtered by the winning pagan group. The only differences between the different pagan plans is how many people will be slaughtered and which group will survive.

If the Euro-American white upper class trash win, they will slaughter more than seven billion men, women, and children and only select members of the Euro-American whites will survive, most as slaves. Everyone else will be butchered.

If the Muslims win, they will slaughter at least six billion men, women, and children but probably more than seven billion men, women, and children because, most likely, only either the Shiite or Sunni Muslims will survive and then probably only a certain race such as Arabs, Persians, or blacks. Everyone else will be butchered.

If the Chinese win, they will slaughter more than six billion men, women, and children and only Chinese who are loyal to the Chinese communist dictatorship will survive with many of them being killing in the global war they are working towards waging against the rest of us. The Chinese will take very few slaves.

The Russians have not made it obvious whether they plan to slaughter any groups other than the bad guys planning to do all of this slaughtering but, if they do win, you can bet they will have to slaughter at least a few billion people to bring peace to the planet and they may enslave most to all of the remaining populations.

The only other options being left for you to choose from are a combination of Christian civilians and/or Christian military manage to win. If the Christians win, in order to prevent the pagans from slaughtering most of the people on the planet, the Christians must try and execute all the responsible persons for their acts of treason as quickly as possible or those parties will just regroup, reorganize, and try again with an even greater chance for success. This will require the execution of at least tens of millions of the people responsible for these crimes against mankind but probably at least a few hundred million criminals to achieve a lasting peace. The problem is that the pagans have all worked together to stack the deck as best as possible so that the Christians have, at best, a slim chance of winning.

So, basically, if the Christians don't win, from six to more than seven billion men, women, and children will be slaughtered by the winning pagan group. If the Christians do win, they MUST quickly try and execute everyone possible who is responsible for committing these terrible crimes or everyone will eventually lose. Those are the only two options the pagans are forcing on us and they have stacked the deck against us very heavily.

It is also very important to note that, if the pagans win, the resulting government will be some form of brutal and cruel dictatorship. Even if the Christians win, democracy is dead and must be dead because, democracy is so frail and easily destroyed by evil people that it will only be a matter of time until the remaining evil people destroy the new democracy (or republic, a form of democracy) and set up their dictatorship. This is even more true with today's technology because our advanced technology clearly makes it easier for evil people to destroy a democracy much more quickly. Today's evil pagans have gotten extremely good at using democracies to set up their dictatorships, which is why pagans keep "spreading democracy" around the world. Get the picture yet?

Every democracy in history has failed.

The only safe and secure government choices the pagans are leaving us are 1) a Christian civilian dictatorship backed and kept in check by a strong Christian military, 2) a Christian military dictatorship, or 3) a Christian theocracy based on God's Law (not church law) backed and checked by a strong Christian military to prevent the pagans from infiltrating and destroying our government and butchering off billions of men, women, and children. We will have no other safe and secure choice. Because of the evil pagans, democracy is dead, deal with it.

Via my dreams, God has let me know and told me to teach you that God is offering us a third choice. With the third choice, all of the evil people possible must still be executed for their crimes in order to protect the good people of this planet from being butchered by the billions BUT God will do most of the worst killing and He WILL win because God plays with His own deck that no one can stack against Him. As part of our punishment and to teach us not to make the same mistakes, we will still have to fight a war against the evil people God doesn't kill off and will have to try and execute as many of the surviving evil people as we can quickly to be safe and have peace, but fewer good people will die and we will be able to build a new nation as a Christian theocracy to protect good people from evil people.

God's basic plan is that He will use the Muslims setting up a temporary dictatorship in the US and possibly the rest of Europe to kill off the evil Euro-American upper class trash and most of their top people. Then God will cause the Muslims and remaining liberal bad guys to try to invade and conquer Israel from Syria and Lebanon where God will kill all of their leaders and better than 83% of their forces. Next, we will have to fight to throw off the Muslim/liberal dictatorships in our countries and, after winning the wars, we MUST very quickly try and execute everyone who destroyed our nations for acts of treason, after which, we can begin setting up our new nation as a Christian theocracy. The liberal multiculturalism has failed, deal with it. As a matter of fact, all of that great sounding crap the liberals talked us into has failed. We MUST go back to God's way or pay.

This should help people realize much more easily the limited choices the liberals and Muslims have forced on us and the end game results for each choice. The picture is very unpleasant but we brought this on ourselves by permitting the pagans to talk us into trying it their way instead of sticking to God's way. Their way got us in the mess we are in and it is time to turn back to God's way.

Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

With each essay it is getting clearer why you must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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