Poser Christians

This morning I woke up thinking about that phony Christian preacher, Jack Van Impe. I remember watching him on TV back in the 1970s, when I was still a young man. His messages said things that I didn't remember the Bible saying anything about but he "quoted" scriptures so fast you couldn't even think about what one scripture said, much less check out every scripture he "quoted" with your Bible. So I asked my preacher about him and could tell from physical attitude that my preacher was a little intimidated by Van Impe. All my preacher said was, "he doesn't seem to say what the Bible says but he sure seems to know scripture well, doesn't he?"

You have to understand that Van Impe's method is a typical street con modified for use in religion. I had seen it on the streets before and was suspicious. The way the con works is that you talk so fast you overwhelm the person or target with so much information so fast that they can't even think about what you are saying, much less check any of it out, and cause them to become confused, then you use the confusion to con them out of money.

By that time I had been trained in college to do scientific research and science has a method for testing something when you have an overwhelming number of samples called random sampling. It is easy, you just pick random samples and test those samples while keeping track of the results for your samples. To test Van Impe, all you have to do is sit down in front of the TV with your Bible in your lap, and when he starts throwing out verses at you like a machine gun, grab random verses one at a time, look them up, and read them to see if those verses have anything to do with what Jack is talking about while keeping track of your results.

I did this for half a dozen shows taking dozens of samples and 0%, let me repeat that, zero percent of the verses had anything to do with what Jack was talking about. In other words, 100% of the scriptures Jack "quoted" had absolutely nothing to do with what Jack was talking about.

Basically, what Jack does is he throws out so many random scriptures so fast that it overwhelms people so that they can't even think about a few scriptures, much less check all of the scriptures which causes most people, even most preachers, to be intimidated and not question what Jack is talking about. At the end of the show, Jack and his wife always hit up the audience for donations so "they can continue their work", which is what, conning people out of money in donations?

Then I thought about other professional cons posing as Christians and using the good name of Jesus to steal money from people. Next I thought about how do you get rid of such people and God told me, "Don't worry about it, I am taking care of it." You see, in this developing crisis we are in, one of the things God is going to do is get rid of the poser Christians hiding in the church for various reasons but especially get rid of the cons using God's name to steal from people. It seems I am not the only one who has had more than enough of this villainy, God has also had enough of poser Christians abusing His name for various reasons, especially stealing.

One of the many things God is going to do with this coming Muslim dictatorship in the US will be to get rid of all of the poser Christians, especially the cons using God's name to steal. You see, when Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship in the US, he will force Shiria law on us. This will make it legal for Muslims to openly persecute Christians by stealing, beating, murdering, and other such things. ABSOLUTELY NO human will endure persecution, much less the threat of death, for a god they don't truly believe in. Bet on it. The posers will convert to Islam by the millions to avoid persecution, especially the con artists, who will suddenly become expert religious leaders in Islam so they can start conning Muslims out of money. This will very effectively purge the church of ALL poser Christians or what pagans call Christian hypocrites.

Like I have told you before, God has drawn a line and will cause all of the people to chose between good and evil so there won't be any moles infiltrated into our government, churches, military, or any other organizations. The infiltrators will all come out of the closet, be in the open, and be known to everyone so we will be able to tell exactly who our enemies are.

The pagans have been able to muddle everything up with so much grey that you can't tell who the good guys and bad guys are. God is going to clear up the picture and make it all black and white, good guys verses bad guys. To do this, God has to let the bad guys win for a little while so they will become confident enough to come out of their closets. Then the fighting will start and you will know who to shoot at.

God will take care of it because we failed to take care of it. By now, God is the only one who can take care of it. Hang on because this surgery is going to hurt a little. But, hey, we didn't do what God told us to do so now we have to pay for it. Besides, those who survive, will come out of this much stronger and better Christians. Bet on it.

It is clearly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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