End Times

Since Trump got elected, I have been sitting back watching and listening. Even with many Christians, it is as if they have forgotten a few very important things.

1. We are still in the end times just before the Tribulation begins; we didn't suddenly and magically time travel out of the end times because Trump got elected.

2. The Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 MUST still take place before the Tribulation begins

3. All of these prophesies MUST be fulfilled or God is a liar and my God is not a liar.

All of the conservatives are acting like they have just been redeemed or saved by our savior, Trump the Christ, and all of the bad times are gone, they just won't happen. We are saved!!! Tada!!! They sound just like the liberals after Obama was elected.

1. Trump ain't my Christ, baby, there is only one savior and He is Jesus.

2. Second, there are some really serious questions being raised by Trump right now

I have been quietly writing about the good things I see Trump doing, giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, while keeping an eye on some other things which worry me considerably and should be huge red flags but most people are so ecstatic with joy about Trump getting elected instead of Hillary, they have buried their heads in the sand...or elsewhere. Why, the unicorns are stampeding over the rainbows!!!

Have you noticed that Trump is continuing with quite a few of the liberal socialist programs Obama put into law and got us mad at Obama but no one is being upset by Trump doing the same things to us?

Trump isn't doing away with Obamacare, he is replacing it, meaning he is still going to force liberal socialist government healthcare of us to control us. Oops.

Trump isn't doing away with the liberal socialist Common Core educational program Obama put into place in our public schools and Trump hired someone to be the head of the National Department of Education who is pro Common Core when we wanted Trump to just dump the National Department of Education and Common Core with it. Oops.

Trump has changed his song on deporting all illegal aliens and is now only going to deport the ones who have committed crimes with the rest being permitted to stay until they do commit a crime or terrorist attack, ignoring the fact that, if they are here ILLEGALLY, they have all already committed a crime. Oops.

Trump has also changed his song on the wall to keep illegal aliens from easily crossing into the US from Mexico. His wall will now only be in certain places, will vary in structure, and it turns out the funds were previously provided by tax payers but not used. Oops.

There is also a hint that Trump may have changed his song on Syria and Russia when he mentioned we should set up a "no-fly zone" over Syria, you know, to stop Putin from destroying ISIS. Oops.

What happened to helping Putin destroy ISIS?

Every day, I see red flags being raised by Trump telling me that the upper class trash may have tossed Hillary under the bus and got Trump elected to pacify the conservatives, you know, to prevent the old rebellion thingy. I guess the upper class trash don't want to lose their heads any time soon.

Are we being played for suckers by the upper class trash?

Let's get something straight, if Trump is not God's man, then he is Satan's man but God could still be using him to stop the globalists for at least a while. This is something I am watching very closely.

When I saw the picture of Trump in prayer with a bunch of prominent "Christian" preachers, the preachers I recognized were the very wealthy and famous false prophets who prophesy and "heal" for money and not God's true people. That has me concerned because he was not in good Christian company and that is not a good Christian sign.

Contrary to what the Bible teaches, Trump is pro homosexual, which God calls an abomination.

The ugly truth is that most people who voted for Trump, put their faith in their god, Trump, to save us instead of putting their faith in Jesus. When we do this, God permits us to have our false gods so they can fail us. Trump is already failing us in many ways.

Just before I woke up this morning, God made it VERY CLEAR to me that what He told me is going to happen will happen because God is not a liar. The Tribulation WILL happen soon because we are still in the End Times, the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 WILL happen soon, and so WILL the rest of God's prophesies. This thing isn't over by any means and has really not even yet begun. God's prophesies didn't just magically go away because Trump got elected and no amount of wishful thinking and prayer will change that. God's will will be done regardless of what we want.

Right now, I am watching the shoe storm waiting to see which shoes to hit the ground so I can tell where we are headed. It isn't just my job to be a prophet but also to be what Christians call a watchman to warn you about things God shows me are headed your way. Most of this site is about me being a watchman and warning you about the things coming your way.

There are other things that worry me such as many "conservatives" working to legalize dope and using dope; many conservatives still involved in and fighting for their "right" to commit adultery; and an increasingly obvious fact that most Americans did not turn from their sins to God. I see this everywhere and know such sins will NOT go unpunished. It is like the people have said, "God, I turn from my sins...well...except for this one...and that one...and those over there because I really love those sins and don't want to give them up, not even to save my stupid butt."

This is a very big concern for me and causes me to believe that we may not have gotten a reprieve but simply the people got their god, Trump, so he could fail them. Be careful who you put your faith in, humans make terrible and not very dependable gods.

Then I still see the evil witch of the northeast, Hillary, working to get in power and her insane followers refusing to accept the fact that Hillary lost the election because she is so evil and most people are not that evil. God caused Hillary to lose the election in spite of it being rigged for her to win to set back the upper class trash globalists. Deal with it. We just saw the hand of God move to save our own stupid butts.

Right now, I am wishing someone would pour water on Hillary so her flying monkeys would go away but I know God is permitting them to remain to show the world how nuts liberals really are so they can make an informed decision as to which side of God's line they want to be on and some eyes seem to have been opened because a recent poll of Commiecrats says the liberals want someone completely new to run for president in 2020. That is a major rejection of Hillary, probably the water which will melt witch Hillary and scatter her flying monkeys.

BTW, anyone who is not 100% on God's side of the line, is on Satan's side of the line. You are either with Jesus or you are again Him. There is no middle ground and remember what Jesus said he will do to those who are neither hot nor cold but are luke warm, you know, the spewing you out of His mouth thingy.

Excuse me, but I have to get back to watching the shoe storm so I can warn you about what is soon coming. Mean while, it might be a good idea to practice ducking.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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