End Time Timeline

I have been wondering and praying about how God is going to get us from where we are to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so, this morning, God woke me up saying, "Hey, stupid, this is how" and stupid is going to share what God showed me with you.

You have to understand that the spoiled, rich, lazy, inbred, greedy, power mad, evil royals are too comfortable in their Euro-American palaces so they are taking their time building Mystery Babylon and God is saying, "No, it is time for you to build Mystery Babylon to fulfill end time prophecy now. Get off our spoiled, rich, lazy butts and build the city."

Remember that I told you that God is using Putin, an Orthodox Christian?

Boy, is He ever! And now you are going to see how.

God put Putin in power to regrow and build Russia into a world power to protect his nation and people, while turning them into a Christian nation, so that, when the evil royals came to destroy Russia so they could build their global dictatorship and murder everyone off, Putin would get mad, say, "Enough!", and invade Ukraine to stop them but the only thing that can stop the evil royals is death so they continue to threaten Russia today. This has caused Putin to become angry enough to say, "Enough!" again.

So, if you are Putin and the evil royals in Europe will not stop trying to destroy Russia, what do you do?

You conquer Europe, kill as many evil royals as you can (he knows who they are and where they live), and drive the rest of the power mad, greedy, cowardly royals out of Europe to protect Russia. You need to understand that, when he begins a quickly sweep through Europe, some nations will quickly surrender, especially after he gets part way through Europe, some nations will even join his army, you know, like maybe Germany. Putin won't move slowly through Europe the way he is currently herding Ukrainians out of Ukraine.

What will this do?

It will cause the cowardly royals, who survive, to flee for their lives and they will flee to other countries around the world to regroup, reorganize, and continue with their evil plans to rule the world with some of them fleeing to Iraq and Iran to join with the Muslim rulers to become part of the "iron mixed with the clay" (fulfilling Bible prophecy) to more quickly finish building Mystery Babylon to fulfill end time prophecy but there is more to it than that. This is very interesting how God works.

Also, it is important to note that Putin and Russia are Orthodox Christian, who are not too friendly with the Catholic Church so they will drive at least the poser Christians in the Catholic Church, you know, the Pope and most of the Vatican, who are only planning to convert to Islam, out of Europe, who will flee to the Middle East to quickly finish converting to Islam, help finish building Mystery Babylon to become the headquarters for the One World Church of the Tribulation.

Most of those cowardly royals will flee to North, Central, and South America where their cousins already have their dictatorships/monarchies mostly established where the cowards will regroup, reorganize, and plan to build a royal empire in the Americas to use you lowly peasants to die fighting to get their Europe back and destroy Christian Russia so they can finish setting up their pagan global dictatorship and then murder off you lowly peasants who survive their war to get their Europe back.

That is when Obama will stage his violent coup of the US, finishing off the Republic of the US, to seize control of the "American Empire", briefly convert it to Islam under Shiria Law, and take an army to invade Israel causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will cause Israel to expand her borders to the north and south to divide the Muslims into the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure, fulfilling more Bible prophecy.

That is when we in the Americas will have the war God told me about and I told you about. What we will be doing is throwing off the satanic shackles of the remaining evil royals and drive most of the rest of the cowardly royals who survive out of the America's so they will flee to the Middle East to become part of the "iron mixed with clay" to finish building Mystery Babylon as their capitol for their one world government and one world church.

Secure your red zones, more royals are coming!!!

Remember that I have told you that Satan's spawn never quit, they just keep regrouping, reorganizing, and continue with their evil? Do you get the picture yet?

During the first 3+ years of the Tribulation, the Muslims will conquer the world, first to the West to the Eastern border of the Pacific Ocean and then to the East to the Eastern border of the Pacific Ocean and they will rule the world from Mystery Babylon until just before Mid Tribulation, when God will destroy Mystery Babylon fulfilling more Bible prophecy and the evil royal survivors along with the Antichrist will regroup, reorganize, and cause Israel to capitulate so they can rule the world from Jerusalem for about 3 more years until they murder God's two witnesses.

Hey, dey just gots tuh habs der planet wif der slavies!

When God raises His two witnesses from the dead after 3.5 days and causes the people of Israel to revolt and chase the cowardly, evil royals and the Antichrist out of Israel about 6 months before the end of the Tribulation, they will flee to the north where they will regroup, reorganize, and gather all of the remaining people in the world outside of Israel (every man, woman, child, and slave) into an army in the Valley of Megiddo for the Battle of Armageddon, when Jesus will finally say, "ENOUGH!" and descend to finally destroy the last of the evil royals and their army.

That is when all of the evil royals in history will be burning in Hell and there will only be a few good royals left, Jesus will heal the Earth and sun, set up his millennial rule, and, at the end of which, He will turn Satan loose to test the people who have not yet been tested, which will cause some of the people who choose evil to form an army north of Israel to invade and conquer Jerusalem so they can rule the world (I am figuring they will be lead by descendants of the good royals who later chose evil) and God, Himself will destroy that army.

And then we will finally have Judgment Day, following which, all evil royals will be forever incarcerated in the Lake of Fire where they can never, ever, ever again cause harm to anyone forever. The evil things can regroup and reorganize all the times they want in the Lake of Fire and it won't do them any good.

In a nutshell, that is the timeline for the rest of time, at least for the most important events.

Remember, this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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