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Do you know why everything the lefties do keeps failing?

Because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and their sins keep finding them out. They can't win.

I keep seeing and hearing about preachers who are mixing in the lefty drivel with their teachings, especially concerning end time prophecies. That is because they don't research, question, and think for themselves. If someone says something new, different, and it sounds good, it just gots tuh be true. They don't use the wisdom of God to question what they keep hearing on TeeBee and, because of that, they keep leading their followers astray.

Also, one very important thing you should have learned from my writings is that none of the lefty or RINO politicians care about you; all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. Always remember that because it will explain almost everything they say and do.

Concerning Russia invading Europe, don't be surprised to see the end of NATO and probably also the UN because they have outlived their usefulness.

There were about half a dozen European/NATO nations, including Germany, which had to be coerced into supporting sanctions against Russia, meaning that they did not want to turn against Russia. Don't be surprised that, when it becomes obvious that Russia is going to invade Europe, those nations rebel against and leave NATO to join forces with Russia or at least become neutral.

When that happens, NATO will cease to exist and other European nations will fall like dominos.

You better bet that Putin and his people know which European nations will fight for Russia, fight against Russia, and be neutral.

Another clue concerning this is the British Royal Family. You have to understand that it is mostly the British Royal Family causing all of this crap mostly with the help of the US WHEN the Commierats are in power. They still get help from some of their Common Wealth nations but it is mostly the US muscle they are depending on.

Keeping that in mind, pay attention to the negotiations with Iran and you should see that the royals are giving away the farm in that negotiating to get one or more seats on the Muslim Caliphate counsel of ten to rule the world, especially with Iran controlling Iraq and the rebuilding of Mystery Babylon.

That tells me that they have probably given up on their commie globalist royal dictatorship because they know they have weakened the Western militaries to where they cannot defeat Russia and China, especially with the Commierats about to lose control of the US, probably know that Russia is planning to invade Europe to get rid of them, have regrouped, have reorganized, and are working on being part of the one world government with the Muslim Caliphate.

Remember that the British Royals and Catholic Vatican own land where they plan to build Mystery Babylon and keep in mind that they are giving away the farm with their dealing to a Russian ally. The British Royals are VERY desperate.

When ye ole Royals get their best deal with Iran and cut and run from England to Iraq, watch all of the rest of Europe capitulate to Russia so we better get our troops out of Europe while we can because we are going to need all of the troops we can get back home to save our butts.

We also need to get our troops out of Iraq, the Persian Gulf area, Turkey (and get our nukes out of Turkey as quickly as possible - give them to Japan to hold off China), and the rest of the Middle East except Israel.

Remember that I have been warning you in my strategic analyses that, if the US gets a bunch of our troops tied up fighting Russia, China will go into Taiwan, North Korea is going into South Korea, Iran will accelerate their moves in the Middle East?

Well, I have already shown you about Iran already accelerating their hostilities in the Middle East, even without US troops engaging Russia, but this video tells you what I have been telling you about China preparing to make their moves against Taiwan and other targets. Gee, they just keep proving me right because God keeps showing me stuff, I keep showing it to you, and it just keeps happening. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that, if the US ties up with Russia in WWIII, China and North Korea will make their moves?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Also remember that Obama and Farrakhan believe and have publically said that Obama is the Muslim Messiah or Mahdi and they know that for them to prove Obama is the Mahdi, Obama must stand on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and give the order to all Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims, especially Christians and Hebrews.

Add to that that, after the British blue blood Royals cut and run to Iraq, it will leave Obama as the most powerful member of the British Royal Family in the West so I expect him to make his move to seize control of the US when the British blue bloods cut and run to Iraq to build Mystery Babylon, you know, to save their cowardly butts from Putin.

That one move by Obama of him conquering Israel and standing on the Temple mount to give that order will make him the virtual king or Caliph of the Muslim Caliphate and ruler of the world.

What an arrogant narcissist like Obama can NOT seize that opportunity? What, Obama won't murder 95% of the planet to be ruler of the world? Really?

When Obama seizes control of the US Government and imposes Sharia Law on us to get rid of the US Constitution, watch the sleeper cell armies throughout the US wake up and take their stand, making it possible for Obama to take an army to help invade Israel.

You better secure your red zones.

Also, the good guys in the US Military need to clear ALL of the lefty biologists and conservationists, who have used their lies about conservation to get them their own personal, private Pacific island paradises in the Polynesian Islands paid for by your tax dollars, off the Polynesian Islands and atolls (you know they will act like spies for the left) from Wake Atoll in the west to Palmyra and Johnson atolls in the east and refortify those islands and atolls to build a defensive cushion between the US and China to stop reinforcements and supplies from reaching their forces in the US and to at least slow any progress of the Chinese Navy towards the US and to provide protection for us sending weapons and munitions to South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Japan and to also more quickly refuel, rearm, and repair US warships in that area. The US really needs to control that part of the Pacific Ocean during this war.

Military Industry Propaganda

This video shows just how well the military industry propaganda is working when, at about 4 to 5 minutes into the video, Tim says the 30 to 40 thousand NATO troops will just crush Russia, with Russia alone having more than 1.3 million troops, 4,000 aircraft, and 12,000 tanks.

All of this crap on TeeBee is causing even most moderates and conservatives to believe the lie that the US will just automatically win a war with Russia without any of them even bothering to do a strategic analysis. The US is not invincible, especially with our lousy Afghan leaders.

"Why, I seen it on TeeBee, it gots tuh be true."

Most of us have not learned anything about believing the media and our lying government, nothing. They make my brain hurt.

Do you see why God is going to punish us even more for not removing our heads from our butts to see, hear, and think on our own?

Poser Conservatives

I have been watching and thinking about the people we used to trust as conservatives but are now believing and saying the same things as the lefties and their lying media and politicians.

This video explains that best. God is using Putin to bring the poser conservatives out of the wood work and expose them for the true traitors they are. They have joined forces with the left, turning on true conservatives who dare not believe the lefty narrative and think for themselves to protect their own evil butts.

Mean while, these poser conservatives are beating ye ole war drums to start WWIII with Russia and fooling you into believing it will be a fast and easy win over Russia by NATO. Tim has believed this from the poser conservatives, which is why he made an obviously foolish comment about 30 to 40 thousand NATO troops will crush 1.3 million Russian troops without thinking it through.

But the greedy military industry knows better and that the initial contact will destroy hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment the military will have to buy from the greedy industry to replace and that is all they care about.

Do you believe me they are evil, blood sucking parasites?

This is more of God opening your eyes and showing you who you can and cannot trust. Pay attention to who the traitors are, who will sell their souls to the devil for a dollar, because God is showing them to you right now.

What is so sad about this is that these same people developed your trust by disproving the lies and cons of the government and media and then betray you by selling their souls to Satan for money from the military industry.

I am convinced that the US military industry is so focused on making hundreds of billions of dollars from this war that they have not even bothered to do a strategic analysis of this war they are determined to herd us into. The arrogant fools are just assuming we will easily win because, just like I told you, greed destroys common sense.

BTW, those "stalled Russian troops", you know, in ye ole 40 mile long convoy that are stalled "because they ran out of gas" because Russia's supply system has failed; I just finally found out that they are almost all supply trucks, you know, with things like fuel and munitions, with only a few combat vehicles for protection.

People, positioning large numbers of supply trucks in one place, especially over a period of time, is normal military operations for moving supplies close to an intended extensive military operation for rapid resupply during that operation. That should tell you that, what is really going on, is that Putin is setting up his resupply close to the target for a planned military operation. That is all that is.

And these great military x-spirts on TeeBee didn't know it?

It should be even more obvious that these x-spirts and the media are lying to you.

Keep an eye on it.

This video shows a new strategy the US is really working on to increase the wealth of the military industry without drawing the US into WWIII. Note that they are now sending military equipment into Ukraine that you are paying the military industry for with your tax dollars and it said that this can be a prolonged, drawn out war, meaning that the military industry will get to sell the US weapons for your tax dollars for the US to keep sending those weapons into Ukraine for an indefinite period of time, you like, the next 20 years.

What they are doing is hoping to use Ukraine as their proxy force to make billions of dollars for a prolonged period of time while wearing Russia down for an easy and quick victory by the upper class trash later.

This video shows them doing just that and saying they don't believe we are giving Ukraine enough weapons, you know, you are not spending enough of your tax dollars buying their weapons.

Gee, you don't think those corrupt criminal politicians are working for our corrupt military industry making billions of dollars in your tax dollars to do that, do you?

Put NOTHING past the corrupt upper class trash and their evil puppets, if it will make them more money, NOTHING!

Please pay attention to who all of these corrupt criminals are so you will quit voting them into office to steal from you, while murdering other people. It should be common sense that, for enough money, they will murder you too.


Suddenly Fauci has returned to tell you the almost exact same lies the CEO for Pfizer just told about why you should get one more fake vaccine that does not work to make Pfizer even more wealthy.

Do you believe me yet that Satan's spawn just won't quit and nothing will stop them but death?

In my opinion, this clearly proves to me that Fauci must have an offshore bank account that Pfizer is dumping ship loads of money into and he MUST be investigated, prosecuted, and punished for a capital crime. There is just no way this is happening by magic coincidence and this evil crap has to stop.

Fauci and these other criminals have proved to me that they will never stop with their crimes against humanity and this will go on until the people stop the evil things. They will keep using fear to play the same con again and again and again until they are finally stopped or until it quits making them more wealthy.

I guarantee that, on Judgment Day, you will praise God for sentencing these evil human demons into eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire so they can never against cause anyone any more harm forever. Many of you will cheer when God passes sentence of these vile things.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you for years that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent? Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are? Remember that I have been telling you that everything the lefty upper class trash does is failing and back lashing on them?

This video proves that very well. The upper class trash just lost the financial and economic war they started against Russia. If their war ends with the demise of the "petrol dollar" and with all of the fake dollars they have printed since Obama, the US dollar will crash and become worthless. This will greatly decrease demand for the US dollar to buy oil, which will greatly decrease the value of the dollar, which will greatly decrease what you can buy for a dollar. I warned you that picking a fight with Putin would not end well.

Russia and China will have just won that war against the West that was started by the West and you and I will pay dearly for the corruption and evil ways of our upper class trash.

This also means that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are switching over to the Eastern Alliance banking and financial system, pretty much killing the Western system.

You have not seen inflation yet and the US will not be able to finance the war they just started...unless we pay for it in Rubles.

Do you believe me yet that you are involved in the fall or Rome II?

This all means that there is no way the lefty upper class trash royals will be able to set up their globalist dictatorship and they MUST turn to the Muslim one world government and church.

God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they made themselves fools."


Question: Did they send Zelensky back to Ukraine to give those heart rending speeches (or is he giving them from Poland while only pretending to be in Ukraine) so the upper class trash can use the emotions of the stupid people in conjunction with their media lies, misinformation, and propaganda to get the stupid people to support the upper class trash in starting a war with Russia?

Question 2: Is one reason why Putin is taking his time to defeat Ukraine to entice the stupid Afghan lefties into invading Ukraine so Putin can use his trap to destroy the Western armies very quickly, you know, a sucker punch?

If so, it looks like those Afghan x-spirts are about to buy into that sucker punch.

Hey, a very good strategy would be to entrap and destroy those NATO troops standing between Russia and Europe and then quickly send 800,000+ troops storming into Europe, destroying military bases and governments along the way, before the upper class trash puppets can assemble a new meager resistance against Russia. With that strategy, Putin could get halfway through Europe before the upper class trash royals could put together any significant resistance.

Keep an eye on that because our upper class trash lefty leaders have already proved they are stupid enough to take such a sucker punch.


One thing that I already pointed out that is slightly slowing the progress of the Russian troops are the shoulder fired anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles the US gave to Ukraine right after this war started. To counter that, I have noticed that Putin has developed a new tactic.

1) He encircles a city and forces those people with those missiles to seek the high ground in tall buildings to wait for the Russian troops to come within range and Putin keeps his people a safe distance from those missiles.

2) He then has his artillery and rockets pound those tall buildings to kill the people using those shoulder fired missiles and to drive those soldiers back to tall buildings further into the cities.

3) He then sends in troops and tanks to take and secure those tall buildings the Ukrainians just left.

4) He keeps doing this to herd or drive those soldiers with those missiles further into the cities to where they are now all in reasonably close proximity to each other and then slaughters or cooks them and the Ruskies call this tactic the "cauldron" because they get you in their cauldron and cook your butt with their artillery and rockets along with bombs.

I have been watching this tactic for weeks now, it takes time, but it works and saves on Russian troops and weapons.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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