Exercise Physiology

Don't worry, I am not going to try to give you a four year college education, though it may seem like it, and I am going to try to keep this simple enough that a seventh or eighth grade student can understand what I am talking about. What I am going to do is teach you enough basics about fitness and health so that you can tell they are lying to you. I am going to set you free with a little bit of truth by teaching you enough that you can tell when they are lying to you to scare you into doing what they want you to do. By the time I am finished, you will know they are lying to you. Remember that, as usual, this is the nutshell version because they write books about this stuff.


The first thing they did was teach you in grade school and college to not like exercise and sports and that exercise is not that important for your health. They lied, you know, like they do about everything. Exercise is one of the three most important things for your health, if done right.

The truth is that there are only two things which can be more important than exercise as far as determining your health and longevity of life. The first is what I call you life style or habits, which means how you live. I have found that the most detrimental thing you can do for your health and will do more to increase your chances of dying young is how you live. If you hang around people who will increase the potential for you getting shot or stabbed, you know, the wild party crowd criminals tend to be part of, you will greatly increase your chances of dying young. If you hang around with people who are not part of that crow, you will be more likely to live longer and be healthier.

Then we have the matter about recreational drugs, all recreational drugs. We have known for more than half a century that tobacco kills with such things as cancer and emphysema. When you see those old people walking around with those bottles with hoses in their noses, most of the time (not always), it is because they smoked and destroyed their lung tissue so their lungs can't get enough oxygen in to their blood.

We have also known that alcohol causes significant damage to your body and that is ALL alcohol regardless of whether it is in beer, hard liquor, or wine. You should be familiar with the fact that alcohol destroys your liver. Yet I keep seeing bogus "research" (paid for by the alcohol industry) telling us that alcohol is good for you because it causes you to relax. I will teach you how to relax without alcohol later but, beyond limited use, it screws up your body and mind.

The worst drugs for you are the recreational drugs they keep telling you are not that harmful, you know, like pot. Research has proven that pot is 40% more likely to cause cancer than the same amount of tobacco, causes significant brain damage, and causes other problems, yet they insist on making "medical marijuana" legal to help with such ailments as cancer. Hold it, you are going to use marijuana, which causes cancer, as a treatment for cancer? Wouldn't that be like treating you for a gun shot wound by shooting you again? Duh, hello!!!

The truth is that, if you really want to screw up your health, die younger, and have a miserable death, use recreational drugs. In the last 65 years, I have seen far too many dopers destroy their health and end their lives with recreational drugs. Gee, I wonder why, when the upper class trash, who wants to kill us all off, use their media (including Hollywood) to encourage you to use recreational drugs? Get the picture yet?

I have already shown how committing adultery causes you to get sexually transmitted diseases (read "God's Laws") which definitely shorten your life expectancy. If you live such a life of adultery by having sex with anyone except your heterosexual spouse, you greatly increase your chances of having terrible health and dying a miserable death. Homosexuals have a much higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases because their sex is more perverted and their relationships are so short they are almost certain to eventually get sexually transmitted diseases. And then there is bestiality, which I call animal rape and the liberals are trying to get legalized.

Did I tell you that all of our sexually transmitted diseases come from having sex with animals and/or drinking the blood of animals or even infected humans? Pagan religious rituals involve drinking animal and human blood and even involve having sex with animals or animal rape. For example syphilis is a disease caused by the bacterium Treponema palladium, which normally lives in sheep but doesn't cause sheep any harm but it kills humans. If not treated, syphilis will take 20 to 30 years to kill you and you will die a terrible death spending the last 3 to 4 years insane and in excruciating pain. The two reasons we humans have the disease syphilis is from humans having sex with sheep and drinking sheep blood in pagan religious rituals, then we share it with others by committing adultery. If you want to be healthier and live longer, don't commit adultery.

They found that the AIDS virus comes from a certain species of monkeys which live along the Congo River in Africa and was brought to the US and Europe by homosexuals. Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash have gotten us to openly accept adultery and homosexuality and are trying to get such things as bestiality or animal rape legalized and are pushing pagan religions which use drinking animal blood for rituals, like witchcraft? It couldn't be that Agenda 21 thing, could it? Get the picture yet?

That life style I just described is the worst thing you can do for your health and will definitely increase the potential for an early death. Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash, who want to kill you off would use their media, including Hollywood, to encourage you to live that wild party, dope using, adulterous life style? It couldn't be because they want you to kill yourselves off, could it? Yep.

The second most important thing concerning your health and longevity is genetics but that only matters if you reach what I call your maximum genetic potential for longevity and most of you won't even get close before you kill yourselves off by doing what the upper class trash have taught you to do and not do, you know, with their lying liberal media. The most important thing about genetics is whether you have a genetic trait for certain ailments such as early death by cardiac arrest and the reason that is so critical is that our medicine has not reached a point to where we can effectively treat such genetic ailments. Until we develop treatments for such ailments, if you have it, it will kill you but most of you will never live long enough to achieve your maximum genetic potential for longevity because you don't properly care for your body with a good exercise program, you know, the old body maintenance things. If you don't take care of your body, it can't take care of you.

By not exercising, you cause your body to tear itself down, called atrophy, become unhealthy and fail early. Your body will atrophy down to the level required by the physical work you do so that, if you don't use it, you will lose it. If a person is in bed in traction for more than just a few months, their bodies will atrophy down to where their bodies will eventually lose the strength to even just stand up, much less walk or anything else. When a person has been completely inactive in traction long enough, the first thing the doctors and nurses have to do before they can release the patient is to put the patients on physical therapy or an exercise program designed to develop enough strength in the patients' body so they can stand, walk, and function. And this isn't just for the muscles because everything not being used by your body on a regular basis will atrophy down including such things as bones, tendons, connective tissue, cartilage, and ligaments. The medical professionals literally have to rebuild EVERYTHING in your body with EXERCISE. Doctors use exercise as a treatment for not being healthy. Get the picture yet?

First, there is an idiot myth in exercise and sports that says, "no pain, no gain". About a third of a century ago, some macho weight lifter said that to some idiot journalist who liked and repeated it because it was so sensational and every idiot journalist since then has been repeating it because it sounds so tough and macho and....ignorant. It has been repeated by so many people for so long that most people think it is fact. That is absolutely not true for most people. The only people who should really have to hurt to gain fitness are people who have developed high enough in competitive sports to where they have to use intensive anaerobic exercise (A.K.A. really hard sprints and intervals) to keep improving. If non competitive athletes hurt during or after their workouts, they are doing it wrong.

BTW, if you are just starting out and you are 30 to 50 pounds over weight, pending your body size, you NEVER do any high impact exercise like running or jogging because all of that fat will be doing several things. First, it will increase the pounding on joints which have atrophied or weakened do to a lack of exercise and will increase the potential for injury. Second, that fat will be built up around things like your kidneys, ovaries, uterus, liver, and other organs and the impacting from running will stretch your connective tissues to the point of breaking so that things like kidneys, uteruses, livers, and ovaries can tear away from your abdominal walls and will require surgery to replace them. And always keep your vertical deflection or bouncing to a minimum when running because it will tear up even a healthy body, especially women's breasts.

Yes, I know, you have seen poorly trained (six weeks of training? I spent four years studying what they studied for only six weeks) professional personal trainers on TV having really fat people run....while I cringe. I know the damage they are doing to those people's bodies and I am waiting for some greedy attorney to learn what I know and sue the crap out of those professional personal trainers for malpractice and criminal negligence just to make a buck on TV and get some exposure. I repeat, don't run if you are more than 30 to 50 pounds over weight, pending your body size.

So, how much should you exercise?

It depends on your fitness level. That is the most important rule you can know about exercise. If your personal trainer doesn't live by that rule, get another trainer. Forget everything they have taught you on TV or in the magazines, it is all crap.

One of the worst things people do when they start to workout is do an out-and-back workout where they walk, run, or bike out until they start to feel tired, then turn around and get totally trashed long before they get home or back to their car so that the last 1/3 of their workout is a terrible death march they will have to suffer through. It is normal for humans to remember and relate to the last of their workout most, they will relate to that death march as their exercise experience, not remember the fun part at the beginning, and not want to workout again. I have found that this is the single biggest cause of people stopping exercising. You should want to get home or back to your car while you are still fresh enough so the exercising feels good so you will remember the exercise as being fun and you will want to do it again. That is one of the most important rules for most people to be able to continue with their exercise program.

I was forced to develop a test to determine how much exercise a person should do when first starting out because ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has developed such a test for me to use. I will share that test with you here and give you a basic development program for anyone just starting out.

My little test is really simple, easy to use, and versatile so even a liberal can use it. You set up a small circuit, like around a city block, and measure it so you will know how far you walk, run, or bike per lap or you can do laps in a pool. Most city blocks in the US (not all) are one tenth of a mile long so walking around a standard city block will be four tenths of a mile but measure it to make sure. Then you just walk, run, or bike around the block or do laps in a pool until you START TO GET TIRED, not until you are dead meat. The really nice thing about this test is, when you start to get tired, you will only be a maximum of half a lap from your home or car so keep the circuit short.

When you start to get tired and have not even started hurting yet, go home, take the distance you worked out for, decrease it by 20%, and that is the distance you should start out with in your new exercise program. For example, let's say you run for only half a mile before you start to get tired. You decrease the distance 20% or one tenth of a mile to 4/10 or 2/5 of a mile and that will be the starting distance for your new workout program. Now you will know that you can do an out-and-back workout by going out for 2/10 or 1/5 of a mile, turn around, and still make it back while still being fresh enough you will enjoy the entire workout.

You do this distance three days per week for three weeks to permit your muscles, joints, and connective tissues to rebuild to where you can safely start increasing your distance and fitness level. You need to gradually build to continue to enjoy your workouts and prevent injury. Getting hurt by working out wrong, such as rushing your development, only sets you back and will cause you to want to not continue.

When you start increasing your distance, you increase the distance slowly and only every other week to permit your body to properly condition to the increase in your workout. Don't rush it, you have the rest of your life to get in shape. The normal rule of thumb is to not increase your weekly workout by more than 5% to 10% per week but, at the beginning, with a really short workout, that would be impossible so increase it by fractions of your weekly workout. Later, when your distances get long enough, you will be able to stick to that rule of thumb.

For example, in my above example, the distances are too short to use the rule of thumb so you would simply increase your workout 1/10 of a mile per workout until you are doing two miles. At that point, you would start working out 4/10 of a mile on two more days of the week for two weeks and then add in a third day of doing 4/10 of a mile.

You don't want to workout more than six days per week because you really do need one day of physical rest for your body to properly recover from your workouts, especially if you are also doing manual labor at work which can include climbing stairs or just a lot of standing or walking. I learned a long time ago and research has confirmed that it is best to workout or do physical work six days per week and have one day of rest, you know, just like God told us 3,600 years ago.

The minimum long term goal for everyone should be to get to where you can do 2 to 3 hours of hard but fun workout one day per week, 2 hours of hard but fun workout one day per week, 1.5 to 2 hours of hard fun workout one day per week, three days of 1 hour of easy workout, and one day of complete rest. It would look something like this:

Example Programs

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3



2-3 hrs



2-3 hrs

1 hr easy

1 hr easy


1 hr easy

1.5-2 hrs

2 hrs


1.5-2 hrs

1 hr easy

1 hr easy


1 hr easy

2 hrs

1.5-2 hrs


2 hrs


1 hr easy


1 hr easy

1 hr easy

2-3 hrs

As you can see, the system is very flexible as long as you keep the three longer and more intense days at least one day apart. It is designed to keep you from overtraining and keep your workout fun. This is the minimum workout goal for everyone because, if you do this workout on a regular basis, you will be much more healthy, enjoy life more, won't need drugs to feel good, and still have time for other things. Never try to make up a workout, if you miss a workout, just let it go and get back to your program as soon as possible. It doesn't hurt to miss an occasional workout and can actually be good for you, just don't get in the habit of missing too many, more than one or two per month.

This fitness program will cause you to have more energy, be able and want to do more things, and be able to do better at your job and enjoy it more along with being able to do more volunteer work such as witnessing to lost people and helping homeless people. It will radically change your life because your body will function better, feel better, be able to do more work, and recover from work faster and I will explain part of that in the next item. You will definitely have a better quality of life and enjoy life more when you achieve this fitness level and, if you go beyond this fitness level, words can't even begin to describe how incredible your body will feel all of the time. You will be healthier, you will live longer, and more of you will live long enough to achieve your maximum potential genetic life span.


I am going to teach you some things about pain management and pain control most doctors don't know and only exercise physiologists do know because very few doctors actually study exercise physiology. There are two things you need to know about, 1) pain threshold and 2) feel good sensation. Pain threshold is the point or threshold of stimulation at which a nerve cell will send a message to the brain causing the brain to feel pain. The feel good sensation is the physical sensation which causes you to feel good when doing anything physical like exercising or having sex.

More than half a century ago, exercise physiologists found out (what most doctors still don't know) that, as your fitness level increases, your pain threshold also increases. This means that, as your fitness level increases, it takes more stimulation to cause your nerves to send a pain message to the brain. Gee, I wonder if that is why athletes can work harder before they feel pain than non athletes? Yep, by the time you can easily handle the above workout program, you can work incredibly hard before you begin to feel pain or fatigue, much harder than non athletes when the non athletes are in severe pain. It also means that all of the pains you feel on a daily basis as a non athlete will either decrease in intensity or just go away completely because the nerves won't be sending pain messages to the brain. I have found that almost all normal aches and pains will go away by the time you can do the above workout.

We have also found that, as the pain threshold increases, the pain sensation changes from a sharp biting pain to a dull ache making it even easier to stand the same pain. By the time you achieve the fitness level for the above program you will never feel the sharp biting pain from exercise the non athletes feel when they first start working out. Your greatest challenge will be the dull ache and the feeling of intense fatigue from hard competition which causes you to want to quit working out and rest, not sharp biting pain. By the time you get to the national and international fitness level for marathon athletes, you will feel almost no pain and your biggest obstacle will be the intense feeling of fatigue from hard competition and wanting to rest.

Then we have the feel good sensation. We have also known for more than half a century that, as your fitness level increases, the intensity of the feel good sensation also increases. This means that, what felt good before, now feels fantastic. I am sure at least some of you have heard athletes say that working out and competing feels better than sex. By the time you achieve the above fitness level, the feel good sensation will increase to the point to where working or working out will feel better than sex and sex will also feel much better but still not as good as working out. Words cannot describe how fantastic exercise and sports feel for an athlete who has obtained national to international fitness. You will be able to work 8 to 10 or more hours a day really hard and come home feeling fantastic, even better than if you had spent the day having sex because the feel good sensation gets so intense. Just your muscles working for getting out of bed, climbing stairs, flexing your muscles, or working feels really great. At that level, life is incredible.

If you hear some one say that they hate exercise and sports because of the pain, you should know that those people have never been above a lousy fitness level, don't know what they are talking about, and have no clue what they are missing in life. Their lives would be much better quality and they would feel much better if they got in good enough shape to use the above program.

You also hear TV sports journalists trying to sensationalism sports by talking about the pain, the pain. That is all hype they are taught to say to get people to watch the sporting events. Athletes have learned that, if they don't exaggerate the pain, they won't get interviewed and their sponsors won't get the exposure they are paying for. All of the talk on TV about pain is pure hype, don't believe it. What, do you think all athletes are a bunch of sick masochists? They felt much better in that sporting event than you did sitting on the couch, even if you were having sex on the couch.

Decades ago, I remember one racer coming to me and very happily explaining that he was so glad he quit drugs and started racing bicycles. He explained that he had been heavily into drugs using everything available and even wild drug cocktails until he noticed drugs destroying people's lives and found out about bike racing. He quit the drugs and started racing bikes achieving only intermediate amateur fitness level by the time we talked. He told me that he got a much better high from racing bikes (the feel good sensation) than he ever did from drugs and never had to deal with the withdrawal because, with fitness and feel good, you don't come down as long as you are fit, unlike drugs. When you get up in the morning, instead of being hung over or in withdrawals, you feel fantastic just getting out of bed. And, yes, he did tell me, as many others have, that his bike racing felt better than sex.

Just imagine doing something all day long which feels better than sex or drugs and you don't ever come down from the high as long as you stay in shape. God really knew what he was talking about when He said you will work six days per week and have one day of rest.

Now, why do the upper class trash want you to not get in really good shape?

Because, if you are in lousy shape, you are weaker, can't fight as long, and won't be able to stage a successful revolution or civil war against their tyranny. It is called controlling the masses.

Table Salt

First, let's take a look at the low salt diet terrorism they are doing. I already showed you the importance of table salt or sodium in your diet and how, if you are not getting enough salt, it can quickly and easily kill you. If you don't remember what I taught, review my recent essay, "God's Laws" before you continue, my essays are intentionally kept short for a reason.

Their strategy is to scare you into not consuming enough salt so that your salt blood level will be low enough that, if you do any kind of exercise such as going for a hike, it just gets hot enough, or you try to stage a revolution or civil war, so you will sweat out a bunch of salt, your salt blood level will drop below 15 milligrams per milli unit of blood, you will go into a coma, and better than 90% of you will die, you know, the Agenda 21 thing. Remember that I have told you that the last half dozen research projects I have seen on salt blood level prove CONCLUSIVELY that high salt blood level doesn't cause high blood pressure but they continue to scare you with the lie that it does so you won't consume enough salt. The worst thing for you is low salt blood level because it WILL kill you and very quickly. They even have a name for it, hyponatremia.

I always put a little extra salt in my food (no high blood pressure here) and, when I exercise, especially in high temperatures and high humidity, I take salt tablets. If you do hard physical labor, especial when you sweat quite a bit, you better take salt tablets. Hyponatremia kills people every year and you have to dig to find it out.


Then there is the scare tactic about fat. They started out telling you that eating any fat will cause cardiac problems and kill you. Then research proved that wrong and they started scaring you with cholesterol, which is a type of fat. Then research proved that certain types of cholesterol won't build up inside of your arteries so they began scaring you with "bad cholesterol".

Did you know that ALL fat, including "bad cholesterol" is cell food? Your cells burn fat at night when you are sleeping to rebuild or recover from the work you did during the day, it is an aerobic or oxygen usage process. Better than 90% of the fat you burn is consumed at night doing recovery work. In exercise physiology, we have known for more than half a century that, if you work hard enough and long enough to burn all of the fat you ingest, you won't have any fat build up inside your body, not even "bad cholesterol". Also, much of your body is made up of fat. Did you know that your cell inner and outer walls are better than 90% fat and the fat in your cell walls must be replaced on a regular basis? If you don't get enough fat, you will get sick and die. As a matter fact, vitamin D is used in your intestines to process fat so it can get into your blood stream to be burned by your cells and, if you don't have enough vitamin D to process enough fat for your cell work, you will get sick and die. You get vitamin D from the sun hitting your skin similar to how plants use sun light to generate sugar and oxygen. Gee, why are they scaring us about getting to much sun light?

Did you know that an athlete's diet needs to be at least 8% fat? That means that, for every 10 table spoons of food they stuff in their mouths, one has to be 80% fat. If you burn it, you can eat all of the fat you want, including "bad cholesterol".

Table Sugar

Then there is the scare about table sugar or sucrose being so bad and toxic for us. Chemically, sucrose is just two molecules of glucose held together by a carbon bond. Did you know that sucrose is too large of a molecule to go from your digestive track into your blood? In order for a molecule of sucrose to get into your blood, the amylase in your mouth or hydrochloric acid in your stomach (digestive acids that break down your food) have to break the carbon bond turning sucrose into two molecules of glucose, which can pass through the walls of your digestive track into your blood. Once the glucose gets into your blood it goes to your liver where it is processed into glycogen which is cell food and is either stored in your liver for future use, sent to the cells to be burned, or stored in the cells for future use. Most excess glycogen will be filtered out through your kidneys and some will be stored as fat for future use.

Did you know that all starches and sugars are broken down into either glucose or fructose before they can get into your blood? Did you know that almost all glucose and fructose is processed into glycogen in the liver, you know, cell food?

Gee, that just sounds so harmful to your body, doesn't it? Why would they be scaring you into not eating enough sugar or not feeding enough sugar to your children?

Because, if you don't get enough sugar or cell food, you will be weak, run down, and tired all of the time and weak, run down, and tired people can't revolt against tyranny. You won't have enough energy to drag them out of their mansions, slap a little designer tar and feathers on their butts, and run them out of country. It is called controlling the masses.

The same thing which holds true for fat holds true for sugar. If you burn as much as you ingest, then you won't have any health problems caused by sugar because it is food for your cells. So, how much sugar and fat should you ingest? It depends on how much you exercise, which is one reason they teach you it isn't important to exercise. They want you to get fat, unhealthy, and die.

The average sedentary (no physical exercise) human burns 10,000 to 14,000 calories per week just for daily living and life functions pending body size. With the above exercise program on a bicycle and only training on flat ground, you will burn double that or 20,000 to 28,000 calories per week total and will only increase the need for nutrients other than water, calories (sugars, starches, and fats), and salt by a maximum of about 25% to 50%. There are about 4,000 calories in a pound of fat and 4,850 calories in a two layer chocolate cake with the icing which means, you will increase your calorie consumption by the equivalent of 2.5 to 3.5 pounds of fat or 2 to 3 chocolate cakes per week. This means, that with the above exercise program, you can eat at your favorite burger joint, KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, Domino's, or the Cheese Cake Factory all you want. Nice, huh?

Now you know that people like Bloomberge are full of crap. Liberals are absolutely clue less when it comes to fitness and health because all they know is the propaganda fed to them by the people who are clearly trying to kill us. Now you know the upper class trash commie traitors are trying to kill you and how. Plus, if you are not getting enough fat or sugar in your diet, you won't have the energy to stage a successful revolution or civil war against their tyranny. Nothing like controlling the masses through exercise and diet, huh? Don't you think that it is just too much of a coincidence that all of these things they teach you and are trying to force on you are wrong, bad for you, and will prevent you from fighting for your freedom and rights at a time when they are taking your rights away from you? Get the picture yet?

BTW, when I was racing bicycles, I would ride 100 to 175 miles through the Rocky Mountains one to two times per week just for fun, burning from 10 to more than 12 thousand calories in just one ride. It is fun trying to eat that much food because you not only can but MUST eat anything you want to replace the calories and fats you burn or you get sick and die. I was on a see food diet, if you see it, you eat it. Yep, liberals who hate sports and exercise have no idea what they are missing.

BTW, I promised at the start of this essay that I would teach you a better way to relax than using drugs. Just go out for a good two or more hour workout and you will have no trouble relaxing when you get home. That is a promise.

BTW, if you are a marathon athlete, you can have sex longer than non athletes because sex is a form of exercise or work and marathon athletes can do more work longer than non athletes. Think about it.

It is important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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