I Told You So 107

Remember that more than a decade ago I began telling you that the EU would not be the one world government of the Tribulation as predicted by the false Euro prophets who go around telling you that the EU will be the one world government and the Catholic Church will be the one world church of the Tribulation? I began warning you that the EU is going to blow apart and many of the nations will themselves splinter into two or more new nations since about 2000.

Britain is financially hurting so badly because of her socialism she is looking to get rid of Scotland because Britain is spending more money on Scotland than she is getting in revenues from Scotland. Because of this, there will be a vote in Scotland this coming fall to secede from Britain, splitting the failing once great British Empire into several nations. You can bet that, if Scotland goes, Northern Ireland and others will soon follow and Great Britain will be no more, only little impoverished socialist England.

Interestingly, polls show that the English people hold Putin in higher esteem than the EU and European Parliament and, because of this, both the liberal and conservative top parties are now talking about leaving the EU some time between 2015 and 2017. If Britain goes, Germany will follow and all hell will break loose with there being no EU. In other words, it is happening RIGHT NOW but there is much more.

In a non-binding referendum, 89% of the five million people in Venice and the Veneto region voted to secede from Italy and re-establish the Venetian republic, the Repubblica Veneta. The Venetians actually have people in Scotland to observe preparations by the Scottish National Party for the vote this fall to sever the 1707 Act of Union with England. It is being said that, if the region of Veneto leaves Italy, so will the Lombardy, Trentino, and Sardinia regions. It seems that these regions are tired of carrying the lazy socialists in Southern Italy and want a divorce. Italy is RIGHT NOW on the verge of breaking up into five or more new nations. If that happens, they will leave the EU.

Also observing in Scotland are representatives from Spanish Catalonia and Basque regions who are looking to secede from Spain. Like Scotland, Catalonia is also scheduled to hold their referendum to secede from Spain this coming fall. Therefore, RIGHT NOW, Spain is in the process of breaking up into three or more new nations with the hard working people of Catalonia and Basque tired of carrying the lazy socialists in other parts of Spain. Again, the workers are fighting back while the lazy socialists are protesting in the streets.

In Belgium, the hard working Flemish in the north are looking to break away from the lazy socialist Walloons (French) in the south and form a new nation of Flanders.

In France, the anti-EU and anti-immigrant National Front political party has suddenly and quickly passed the socialist party of Francois Hollande and is running a close second in popularity to former president Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative party. Don't be surprised to see France breaking up into three or more countries with areas like Briton, Normandy, and Vichy France breaking away from the rest to form new countries. When Britain and Germany leave the EU soon, you can bet France will join them.

Again, these are not things which MAY happen some time in the future, these are events which are happening RIGHT NOW! I don't know if you noticed but those few countries I listed make up a big chunk of the EU and quite a bit of the EU's economic wealth, without those few countries, the EU is dead. Basically, socialism has failed and is causing the implosion of Europe and its top countries, you know, just like in the US. I guess the Euro prophets are wrong, the EU can't be the one world government prophesied in the Book of Revelation, you know, just like I told you. It will be the soon coming Muslim Caliphate.

Right now, throughout Europe, revolutions and civil wars are breaking out between the hard working people who have had enough of carrying the lazy socialists and the lazy socialists with increasing rioting in the streets. When the hard working parts of these nations break away from the lazy socialist parts of these nations, the socialists will either work or starve and many lazy socialists will want to wage war against the hard working people to conquer those people and enslave them so the lazy socialists don't have to work. Don't worry, this is already beginning in the US so expect to see numerous states full of hard working people seceding from the US to form a new nation and there will be a civil war waged by the lazy socialists to conquer and enslave the hard working people of the US.

This should also tell you that the evil plans of the Euro-American upper class trash for their global commie dictatorship are blowing up in their faces. Not only will those criminals not have any countries to use to set up their global dictatorship, but they will be very fortunate if they survive. Most, if not all, will be hunted down and killed.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, I just found out that, with the EU imploding at light speed and the inevitable demise of NATO, Putin has offered parts of Ukraine to Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania under the condition those countries join the new Russian Federation to gain protection from Russian. With the death of the West or Rome II, they won't get any protection from NATO. What do you want to bet that they see the writing on the wall and join the Russian Federation?

The irony of all of this is that Marxism caused the failure of the Soviet Union against the capitalist West and now the West is failing because they turned to Marxism and Russia is using capitalism to build a Russian Federation from the ashes of the Soviet Union. Are the Western liberal commie traitors the stupidest people in the history of mankind or what?

Gee, I wonder why no one is standing up to Putin right now? Get the picture yet?

Rome II is falling in flames like a meteor with our Goths, Vandals, and Saxons sharpening their swords for the harvest. You can bet that, after this, in most countries all forms of Marxism will be outlawed by penalty of death.

You just might want to accept Jesus as your savior with things deteriorating so quickly. It just might be a good idea to get a little spiritual insurance. With the way things are going, without Jesus, you could end up in Hell before you know it.

We definitely need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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