I hate to give out misinformation and try to always admit when I am wrong. I am human, therefore, I do not enjoy it but it is the responsible thing to do. You swallow your pride, admit you were wrong, change to being right, learn from it to help prevent it from happening again, and move on.

Yesterday, I posted about the Oklahoma shooting that the person who was shot had opened the driver's door to his car. In the video I had seen, which was a very poor quality video, it looked like the door was opened. After posting my comments on this site, I later found and viewed a better quality video in which it was obvious he did not open the car door but it was also very obvious that he not only lowered his right hand in what looks like an effort to open the door but appears to have lowered both hands before being tased and shot.

It appears that what happened is that the first officer to confront him requested he show her his hands, he refused a lawful order, which, in of itself, is a crime and cause for arrest. Then he started walking away from her and towards his car with his hands up, which is resisting arrest and fleeing to avoid arrest, which are both crimes and cause for arrest, while continuing to refuse to obey lawful orders. When he got to the driver's door, he put both hands down to open the door with the officer who shot him saying she thought he was reaching inside the car through the window. Importantly, this proves the man lowered his hands as per my observation. It was at that point that he was tased and shot at about the same time.

The family of the person who was shot and their attorney claimed the driver's side window was up but further analysis shows it was down.

There are only two reasons for a person resisting arrest and fleeing an officer to open the driver's door on their car; 1) to get something, probably a weapon, and 2) to enter the vehicle to flee the scene, a crime. If the man had finished opening the car door, he would have either reached inside the vehicle to get something or entered to flee the scene. In either case, the officers would have had to shoot him.

The man was already in the process of committing several crimes when shot to stop him and he had already lowered both hands so that his hands were not up when he was shot and the media lied to you.

BTW, it turns out that the person who was shot had a significant criminal record including a number of counts of resisting arrest.

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