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Clinton Foundation

Here is something promising; the Clinton racket...uh...Foundation is laying off dozens of employees.

Don't you think that, just maybe, there will be at least one or two disgruntled employees who will be wanting to sing like a canary or write a tell-all book?

You know they have some stories to tell. If I were the feds, I would be talking to those people really soon.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Hillary just canceled a money grabbing opportunity in North Carolina to rest up for the coming debate.

Gee, not feeling too well, is she? How long do you think she will last under those hot stage lights; 30 minutes, an hour?

90 minutes is a very long time for a sick person under hot stage lights and debating.

This is insane, something is going on they are keeping from us.

I just realized that they may dope Hillary up on something like PCP to keep her from passing out during the debate. If she is as sick as she appears to be, this debate could kill her. Keep an eye on this.

Yep, they are definitely trying to get rid of Hillary before Obama can suspend the election and grab four more years of power. CNN (A.K.A. the Communist News Network and also A.K.A. the Clinton News Network) just released a "fact check" that Hillary "did admit refugees that were later charged with terror crimes."

You mean the Clinton News Network actually pointed out that she screwed up on something really big?

Here cum duh bus.

You can bet that Billy Boy is hustling to make the best deal for himself he can and his only remaining ticket back into power is...wait for it...Chelsea.

Political Upheaval

We are seeing serious political upheaval with the minorities abandoning the Democratic Party because they are realizing they have been sold out by the upper class trash and the wealthy are abandoning the Republican Party because it is becoming too liberal and socialist and they are heading for Clinton and her corrupt crony capitalism.

Gee, you don't think they are all being sold out by both parties and that the upper class trash are planning to purge all of them just like I told you they will, do you?

Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

With both parties selling out all of the people and planning to purge them all, you don't have anywhere to go except to God. God is our only hope.


With all of the liberal protesting in the NFL, the NFL ratings are quickly falling with a poll showing that 44% of football fans are willing to give up football.

You know that is going to hurt a lot of rich people's pockets, including the players. This will continue until it begins costing people a lot of money and then the disrespect will stop.

High school teams are also protesting the national anthem and you will soon see parents and other tax payers protesting in a number of ways. They will stop going to games, stop school funding for teams, and fire coaches who participate.

People don't watch sports to watch other people show disrespect for them and their nation. They just want to have a good time away from the daily grind and the insanity. When that insanity invades their sports, they will stop watching and supporting the sports.


The Turkish forces in Syria were attacked by ISIS and lost significant ground they have not been able to regain.

Maybe they should have been spending less time and effort fighting the Kurds, who are fighting ISIS, and more time fighting ISIS, whom they have been protecting?

Why has ISIS turned on Turkey, who was buying their oil? Is part of the reason for Turkey invading Syria so Turkey can eliminate the middle man, ISIS, and increase their profits on the oil by stealing the oil themselves?

Keep an eye on this.


I just got confirmation that a Russian missile ship fired one or more missiles at a terrorist...uh...rebel command and control center in Aleppo and killed 30 people from Europe, the US, Turkey, and a few other countries. This is probably an accident and payback for the US accidentally attacking Syrian troops.

Now Obama is trying to set up a no fly zone over Syria for everyone but the US and our allies (read for Russia and Syria.)

Street Fighting

I saw a very good video by Matt Easton at Scholagladiatoria about street fighting, which is a site about European Medieval and Renaissance martial arts. He has a degree in history, belongs to HEMA, which is a teaching and fighting school for Medieval and Renaissance martial arts, and makes his living reading and processing British police crime reports, with a lot of them being about street fights.

A lot of his readers have been asking him about using martial arts for street fighting so he did this video at Scholagladiatoria to explain the differences between most modern martial arts and street fight.

In the video, he tells you the same basic things about street fighting that I tell you, you know, stay off the ground and keep moving, especially when fighting two or more people. It is the best video I have seen about real street fighting and most of the martial arts people are not going to like it because they make a lot of money teaching what street fighters call tojo ballet, most of which is ineffective in street fighting.

You have to understand that modern martial arts have evolved into just training people for exhibition fighting and sports fighting, which are very different from real street fighting. All exhibition and sports fighting, including MMA, have rules to prevent you from crippling or killing your opponent, therefore, those martial arts no longer teach the techniques for crippling or killing someone in a street fight, which you will certainly need in a street fight.

In real street fighting, the ONLY rule is survival; you do what you have to in order to survive and that often means you have to quickly cripple or kill the attacker, especially when fighting two or more attackers.

I even saw a Kung Fu video in which the instructor said to not learn street fighting because it is just too violent.


But, if you don't learn to fight with and against such violence, they will kill you because you will be overwhelmed by the violence. I guess he isn't concerned about his students being able to survive a street fight, just about them being able to do proper and pretty tojo ballet, which won't even come close to saving your butt in a real street fight.

I also saw an interview of a member of the famed Gracie family for BJJ on "Louder With Crowder", a Youtube thingy. When asked about not being able to defend yourself against two or more bad guys while crawling around on the ground hugging one guy, the Gracie family member said that no martial art teaches defending against two or more people at one time and he challenged anyone to show him methods for defending against two or more people at once. I guess he feels you should just give up and die if attacked by two or more people at one time.

I realized he is right that no modern martial art teaches fighting against two or more people at one time so I am praying about writing a book about fighting two or more people at one time. If God provides me with someone to do the graphics and a publisher, which may be just someone who can convert the material to an e-book, I will do it because you will soon need to know how to fight against two or more people at once. The book will be based on street fighting techniques for fighting outnumbered.

Yes, good street fighters know how to do this because it is a common problem in street fighting but martial arts don't. Go figure.

Go see the video and then learn to fight to stay on your feet, break everything you touch, and touch everything you can as quickly as possible to win the street fight and survive.


In the Charlotte riots, the rioters tried to throw an unconscious photographer (first they beat him unconscious) into a fire they had started.

Gee, you think the rioters would appreciate the media lying for them, don't you? How many more times of journalists being attack by liberal and Muslim rioters do you think it will take for the journalists to realize they will also be purged after the liberal traitors and Muslims take over? Since they have not yet figured it out, they aren't very smart, are they?

The Greedy

Here is a little food for thought for the greedy rich people who just can't steal enough money. The upper class control better than 95% of the wealth, which means that the middle and lower classes control less than 5% of the wealth.

If you are a greedy rich person who is going to steal significantly more money, who do you have to steal it from?

That is right, the upper class. Stealing much wealth from the middle and lower classes is just an illusion or smoke and mirrors.

So, who do you think all of your greedy upper class trash buddies are going to steal from in order to significantly increase their wealth?

That is right, from you because you upper class fools are the only ones they can steal much from. That is just common sense.

And you don't think the greedy upper class trash are going to purge most of the other upper class trash?

Yes, that is right, greedy, power mad upper class trash are fools who are going to get themselves and a lot of other people killed and, if we can't trust them, neither can you.

Space Aliens

I just saw another video about space aliens with them talking like all we have to do to contact them is pick up the phone. They are talking about finding planets they could not possibly identify as habitable planets, getting messages from space and all we have to do is send them a message back, and the aliens will probably call us in the morning.

They don't tell you that these things are light years away so it will take from years to almost a century for our message to get there, forget about a return message.

Basically, it is all smoke and mirrors, but for what? Gee, you don't think the upper class trash are about to fake contact with space aliens, do you?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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