Electronic Warfare History

Electronic Warfare History

You will never learn any of this from TeeBee or Hollywierd because they are too ignorant about the military, war, and military history.

Sometime between 1937 and 1939, prior to the beginning of WWII, a team of generals and admirals from the US Pentagon went to check out this new fangled thing called radar. They spent the day checking out what it could and could not do and, at the end of the day, said, "Yeah, we will take that."

Then one of the generals said, "We have that now but it is only a matter of time until our enemies have it so how do we beat it?" That is the most important question that has been asked in the history of electronic warfare.

With that statement, at that moment, electronic countermeasures or ECM was born along with electronic warfare or EW the development of "stealth" technology because some of those engineers began working on how to beat radar and then other electronic warfare weapons technologies like radio.

You have to also understand that, at about the same time, the US Military developed a new security system because we knew that Nazi Germany had SS spies in the US gathering intel on our military before the war was started because they were already planning to go to war against us. As a matter of fact, we caught the Nazi Germans working to make a deal with Mexico for both of them together to invade the US from Mexico as soon as Germany finished off Europe and we forced Mexico to back down on the deal before the war started in Europe.

Germany was just a wee bit mad because the US helped Britain and France defeat Germany in WWI so they wanted to conquer the US too and they almost had that deal made when we found out about it.

Therefore, we classified the EXISTANCE of any new weapons system as secret because we knew that, if the enemy found out we had something, they would begin working on developing that something and the countermeasures to that something. If they don't know about it, they can't build it or counter it until we need to use it.

As you will see, we bent over backwards to prevent the enemy from knowing we had or were developing a new weapons technology and hid that weapons technology in what we called "Uncle Sam's Black Closet." Uncle Sam's Black Closet is to be opened and those weapons used as a very last resort to keep the US from being conquered. It is the military's version of a "hail Mary" or act of desperation effort. It is our "Plan Z" to be used when everything else has failed.

By the time the US got into WWII we had already developed ECM to the point to where the B-17 was using ECM, its existence was classified secret, and had what we would call today an Electronics Warfare Operator or EWO but they called him the radio operator, one of the most important people in every B-17 plane crew.

On a B-17, the EWO or radio operator had a number of tools to fight to save the lives of everyone on his plane and other planes in their flight. Remember that all of those radio operators on all of those B-17s in every flight were working together, which adds up quickly.

On his table, he had his communication radio, intercom for the plane, and a manually tuned frequency scanner to find and locate radar and radio signals. Alongside the table in a secure metal frame he had a stack of 3 manually tuned electronic jamming devices called "jammers" and, in the aft part of the plane, he had chaff dispensers to dispense packages of what we call "rope chaff" (long strands of aluminum foil to reflect radio signals to create radio static and disrupt communications) to help him jam radio communications to keep the enemy radars from telling the fighter planes and antiaircraft artillery where the planes were.

The EWO had a number of jobs he did when they got close to enemy territory other than maintaining radio silence to keep the enemy from finding them.

When the aircraft got within radar range of enemy territory, the radio operator used his frequency scanner to find and locate both radar and radio signals and make notes as to their locations. When he returned to base and was debriefed, he provided the base commanders with those notes telling where radars and radio communications were, which were to be used by EWOs for planning future missions.

As soon as they got close enough for enemy radar to locate their planes, he began using his jammers to jam their radars to keep from being accurately located and then began jamming their radio communications to prevent them from telling the fighter planes and antiaircraft artillery where they were.

There is no telling how many soldiers' lives those radio operators saved in that war. To this day, they are unsung heroes.

The first stealth technology was developed and its existence was classified as secret between the end of WWII and the Korea War when they first began painting aircraft for reasons other than squadron identification; usually for camouflage reasons.

The paint they began using on those aircraft was a special, secret radar absorbing paint that would reflect significantly less of the radar signal back to the ground radar unit to make it more difficult to find the plane. That paint helping hide the plane made it easier for our other ECM, such as jammers, to hide the plane. The paint on all military aircraft today is very good radar absorbing paint that will get so hot in sunlight that you can barely stand on it with combat boots and wool socks.

The entire purpose for stealth on a plane is to decrease the size of the "radar return" signal to make it easier for the rest of the ECM on the plane to hide the plane. It does not make the plane invisible, just harder to find.

The first plane to begin using aircraft body materials that absorb radar radiation was the U-2 in the early 1950s. The U-2 was the first aircraft to use materials, paint, and ECM to hide it from enemy radar and the U-2 also flew high enough that the radars at that time could not see it.

For several years, the U-2 flew over the Soviet Union and China without being detected until the Soviet Union developed their radar to where they could see and track the U-2 and shot down a U-2 over the Soviet Union in 1958, then we started only flying it at the border of their airspace and still do today.

Contrary to what the media and Hollyweird tell you, the first plane to use paint, materials, ECM, AND shape to avoid radar, was not the F-117 (Jimmuh Carhtuh lied). It was the SR-71, which was released into use by the CIA as the A-12 in the late summer of 1958, with later models as the SR-71 used by the US Air Force, decades before the F-117. Much of that strange shape of that aircraft is not just for speed but for stealth.

By 1965, the Soviet Union had found out about the SR-71 so the military used a little con to make it public knowledge. They let a photographer stand at the end of a runway at Edwards AFB and take pictures of the SR-71 taking off, which would have only happened with the permission of the US Military.

We found out from communications interceptions that the Soviet Union radar return from the SR-71, which was a moderately large plane, larger than any fighter plane, was the same size radar return their radars would get from an eagle bird. It had very good stealth technology and was the first true stealth plane in 1958.

In ECM during Nam, we had a standing joke that "the only way the Ruskies could tell they were tracking an SR-71 is because eagles don't fly that fast." They also don't fly that high.

The SR-71 was almost as good of stealth technology and flew much faster than the F-22 and F-35 decades later. The last I heard, the closest the Ruskies came to shooting down an SR-71 with a SAM-3 missile was over Egypt in the mid to late 1970s, when they missed it by a mile but, at the speed of an SR-71, that was a near miss because it can cover a mile in just a few seconds so they missed by just a few seconds.

I found out that there are some other electronics warfare and countermeasures technologies that have been very quietly declassified and made public knowledge and I want to share their very interesting histories with you too. The idiot media just completely missed this stuff.

Always remember that the existence of our best stuff is always kept secret to prevent the enemy from developing that stuff and the countermeasures to that stuff. That way, all potential enemies stay decades behind us in weapons development.

Next, let's talk about the MYTH that the very first satellite was launched by the Soviet Union in the late fall (October or November) of 1958 called "Sputnik" but our idiot media still believe this is a fact today and it is often used by commie college professors to show the "superiority of communism".

Did you know that the US Air Force staged its first successful surface to space anti-satellite missile test in June or July of 1958 by shooting down a "defunct US satellite" MONTHS before Sputnik was launched? What should that tell you?

Yeah, we already had spy satellites flying over the Soviet Union YEARS before they launched Sputnik and, in that missile test, we shot one down that either never began working or had stopped working.

Did you know that the SR-71 is capable of flying at the altitude of low orbit,you know, the same altitude as Sputnik, turning off its engines, and orbiting the planet, which is the real reason that crew wore space suits? Now, while they were developing and test flying that plane to make sure it worked for at least one to two years before they turned it over to the CIA in 1958, months before they launched Sputnik, the US already had astronauts by at least 1957 and maybe 1956?

Sputnik and our lefty commie traitors in the US created a problem for the US Military in that the commies were already saying the US should submit to "superior communism", which we knew was a failure, but the stupid people didn't.

How did we counter the propaganda of the lefty commie traitors to keep the US a free Constitutional Republic and not let the Soviet Union know about our spy satellites to keep them from making their own and developing countermeasures to ours?

Easy, they brilliantly started NASA to "compete" with the Ruskies in space stuff to put the American people at ease, silence the lefty commie traitors, and be a cover for the best US space stuff. Because of that, we were able to keep our spy satellites secret until the Ruskies developed the technology to find them in the mid 1960s, almost a decade later, which gave us another decade advantage in research and development.

The story of the Ruskies finding our spy satellites and their countermeasures prove that keeping our best stuff secret really matters.

We found out the hard way that the Ruskies found out about our spy satellites and had already developed their countermeasure in the mid 1960s.

You have to understand that, at that time, the way spy satellites worked is that we programmed them to fly a certain trajectory or path over the Soviet Union while taking pictures and then, when they got back over the US, we downloaded those pictures so we could study them to see what the Ruskies were doing and plan future satellite missions. This meant that, when those satellites were operating out of sight, you know, over the Soviet Union, they were operating blind so we had no idea what was going on until they returned.

One day in the mid 1960s, our satellite engineers were waiting for a spy satellite to return so we could download those pictures but there was no satellite where it was supposed to be. Instead, what was in its place was two overlapping clouds of satellite debris. One cloud was spreading out in a sphere so that we knew there had been an explosion inside that satellite and the other cloud was spreading out away from that cloud to one side telling us it had been blown up by the other satellite.

It didn't take much for those engineers to figure out that, when our spy satellite was over the Soviet Union and out communications with the US, the Ruskies had parked a "killer satellite" with a remotely activated explosive device inside it next to our spy satellite and detonated that explosive device, starting Space War I. The first shot had been fired because they found out about our spy satellites.

Note that, by keeping our spy satellites a secret and the Ruskies not finding out about them until almost a decade later, it allowed the US almost a decade of better technology development before Space War I got started.

Do you see why we do what we do?

Our engineers saw that and said, "We can play that game too," and developed the first US killer satellite. They launched it and, when it was over the US, parked it next to another Ruskie killer satellite, and detonated it, blowing the Ruskie killer satellite out of space. Everyone cheered, patting each other on the back, when one of them said, "that is an awful expensive way to play that game."

They made US Killer Satellite 2 and put 4 solid fuel, radar guided, air-to-air missiles on it we were already using in Nam. They launched it, when it was on our side of the planet, they moved it to within range of another Ruskie killer satellite, locked one of the missiles onto the Ruskie satellite, lit the burner on the missile, it flew from our killer satellite to the Ruskie satellite and blew it out of the sky.

There were mixed emotions about that because they had forgotten one of Newton's Laws that says that, "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction". They had launched the missile from within our killer satellite so that the back blast from the missile engine also blew our killer satellite and the other 3 missiles out of the sky. That is probably still the only missile to destroy two killer satellites at one time.

They made US Killer Satellite 3 and put 4 solid fuel, radar guided, air-to-air missiles on it, launched it, moved it to within range of a Ruskie killer satellite, locked the missile onto the Ruskie satellite, released the missile from our satellite and moved our satellite a safe distance from that missile, and then lit the burn on the missile. That missile flew over and blew the Ruskie satellite out of the sky.

With that set up, one US killer satellite could destroy 5 enemy satellites; 4 with the missiles and one by ramming the other satellite. When I was trained in this in 1972, we were told we had a fleet of killer satellites with 10 or more missiles on each them.

The Ruskies finding out about our spy satellites and starting a space war with killer satellites caused another problem for our military. When our satellites were on the other side of the planet, they were out of communication so we were blind to what was going on, so those satellites were completely at the mercy of the Ruskies. We had no way to protect them.

Because of that problem we had to develop another countermeasure to protect our satellites from the Ruskie killer satellites anywhere around the planet.

What we did was develop some signal relay satellites to relay signals from our operators on the ground in the US to those satellites anywhere around the planet and also relay signals from those satellites back to the operators in the US. That way, we could see what was going on with our satellites and control our satellites in "real time" anywhere around the planet so we could use our killer satellites to protect our spy, communications, and other satellites 24/7. That was a massive move because it opened other doors for us too.

Suddenly, with our spy satellites, we could see anything going on anywhere while it was going on (in real time) and communicate with anyone anywhere. We could see missiles being launched, weapons being tested, and troops being moved in real time.

This was one of the biggest moves we had ever made because we realized that it made it possible for us to use those killer satellites, not just for protecting our other satellites, but also as a first line of defense for the US in a nuke war, which was huge.

You have to understand how ICBMs work. The missiles launch the warheads into space into a low orbit and release those warheads, the warheads orbit over to above their target they are programmed to attack, and then drop down out of orbit onto their target.

Now, we could see those nuke missiles when they launched and use our killer satellites to destroy some of those nuke missiles over the Soviet Union, while they were still climbing still in Soviet airspace, before they ever got to orbit altitude, destroying all of the warheads in each missile we destroyed. Then we could use those killer satellites to hunt down (it would take them hours to get over the US) and destroy as many of the warheads as they could before they reached their target to greatly decrease the number of nukes detonating inside the US.

Now you have to understand how the US Military makes estimates for strategic reasons. When something might favor the US, they keep the estimate very conservative so that it will probably be better for us and, when it favors our enemy, we make the estimate more liberal than it should be so it will probably be worse than them.

That way, we develop military plans and strategies to be able to beat their best possible scenario with our worst probably scenario so that we will most likely win because, most likely, it will be better for us than it will be for them and it will be easier for us to win.

Therefore, we estimated that 50% of our population would survived an all out nuke war with the Soviet Union and at least 80% of their population would survive so we made our plans to be able to win the following conventional war with 50% of our population against 80% of their population to increase our potential of us winning that war because, most likely, better than 50% of our population would survive and less than 80% of their population would survive.

Gee, not one word of that sounds ANYTHING like what you hear from our ignorant and lying media and Hollyweird. Now you know better.

People, a nuke war will not wipe out all life on this planet. It won't be nice but most people, plants, and animals will survive and life will go on.

You also have to understand that, since Russia got out from under the oppression of communism, its technology has gotten at least as good as ours in most ways. The war between the US and Russia will suck and many people will die but many people will survive too.

Russia and China know about everything I just told you so you need to know so you can plan to survive WWIII that our idiot leaders are forcing on you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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