I Told You So 570


All of this talk, talk, talk with everyone trying to get "Putin to end the Ukraine war" is just ignorant bull crap and propaganda. The only way that Putin could possibly quickly end this war would be to nuke the UK, US, France, and Germany and kill at least most of their upper class trash royals and their puppets.

Putin is NOT going to negotiate an end to this war because the Western nations refuse to accept a negotiated end to the war because they MUST get rid of Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship and they WILL NOT accept not being able to have their global dictatorship. That is what that war is really all about and anyone who does not acknowledge that is either delusional, ignorant, or a liar.

You have to put an end to the West's globalism to stop that war and the West has made it very clear they are not going to give up on their global dictatorship. They are insanely obsessed with having their global dictatorship. The Western upper class trash royals and their puppets are raving mad, greedy, power mad lunatics.

Remember that I have been warning you that Putin was ramping up to go to war against the West, while the exspirts were telling you that Putin would not dare attack the West?

This video tells you that Putin is now ready to go to war with the West/NATO, just like I have been warning you.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God?

Every day we get one day closer. You might want to start wearing your lead and asbestos lined underwear.

BTW, I believe it is very probable that Putin is harassing the US drones in Syria to taunt the US into attacking Russia so Russia will be legally justified in staging a nuclear preemptive strike against the West. I believe it is another one of Putin's traps and the Western leaders are stupid enough to fall for it.

Everyone keeps trying to shift the blame for the Ukrainian War to Putin but everyone who has been paying attention knows this mess was caused by the lefty upper class trash royals and their puppets in the UK and US in an effort to destroy Russia to get her out of their way in setting up their global dictatorship.

At this time, there are only two ways this mess can end, either the West will destroy Russia, which is not looking likely, to set up their global dictatorship, at which point, things will get worse when the power mad upper class trash royals turn on each other for more power and wealth, or by Putin destroying the Western upper class trash royals and their puppets in the UK, US, France, Germany, and a few other Western nations to prevent them from setting up their evil global dictatorship over you.

It is obvious that the Western upper class trash royals are refusing to give up on their glorious global dictatorship so, if no one physically stops them, we are going to have WWIII in the not too distant future.

The upper class trash are deranged and delusional. They have convinced themselves that they can win a nuke war with Russia and that Russia is just bluffing about nuking them. So what if 90% of them end up fried pork.

Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine has started using the strategy of focusing all of the forces she has left on a few locations to make deeper penetrations so the lying lefty media can point to those penetrations and say that Ukraine is winning because she is "advancing" so the upper class trash royals and their puppets don't have to admit they lost?

This video shows Ukraine is now focusing on 3 areas with larger forces.

The trouble is that Ukraine has lost so many troops and Russia can move troops from other areas into those areas that the Ukrainians make very little if any progress, almost always soon lose whatever ground they gain, and are still suffering very heavy losses.

This video shows you the UK, you know, their MI6 and military, putting together another military operation by Ukraine against Russia. They just won't stop, even with it being so obvious that Ukraine CANNOT win that war, because they just have to have their global dictatorship and that requires them to destroy Russia to get her out of their way.

With everything the British Royal Family has done and is doing against Russia and the things that Putin has said about the UK, I have to believe that the British Royal Family in England, MI6, the British Parliament, and their military's ability to retaliate against Russia is going to be the first and most critical target when Putin goes to war against the West. I bet that better than half the names at the top of Putin's kill list are British.

Putin has to take them out to stop the insanity. They are leaving him no other choice. It is obviously kill or be killed and I believe Putin knows it.

I just found out that Putin is adding 30 more ships to its navy. They didn't say what kind, when they will enter service (probably in a few years), or how many ships will she have so I had to research it and she has 370 ships so that will bring her to 400 ships.

In this video Medvedev says that Putin would be "forced to use nukes if the Ukraine offensive succeeds".

That is an understatement because Putin will use nukes if Russia is at risk of being conquered and/or destroyed.

At the end of the video it tells you that Russia's Nuclear Doctrine states that "nuclear weapons can be used in response to aggression that threatens existence of the Russian State."

Keep in mind that this Ukraine War is about destroying the existence of the Russian State so the royals can set up their global dictatorship, which should tell you that, if the royals don't stop, are threatening to destroy Russia, and Putin doesn't use nukes, someone else will take over and use the nukes.


Armenia is being armed by India to be able to defend itself against the aggression of Azerbaijan. Armenia is mostly Christian and Azerbaijan is Muslim run with the Muslims trying to wipe out or enslave the Christians.

Keep an eye on this.

Upper Class Trash Puppets

Remember that I have been telling you that most of our politicians and upper level bureaucrats are just puppets for the upper class trash royals?

This video shows how true it is. The reason they keep these people who have become ill or injured to where they cannot intelligently function is because they make perfect puppets who cannot rebel against what they are told to do.

This video shows you another example of how they just used these corrupt politicians beyond their ability to function.

Do you believe me yet that these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are just puppets, useful idiots, and disposable fools? Do you believe me yet that it is the upper class trash royals running everything and these stupid fools are just puppets?

They milk these idiots for everything they can get out of them and shove them under the bus.

Sacking the US Military

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash have crippled our militaries in the Western nations by sacking those militaries to fill their greedy pockets?

This video tells you that is true.

It is like he said, where have all of those trillions of US dollars spent on our military gone when we don't have enough of the right weapons to face off against Russia? We have been spending many times more money on the military every year than the next 5+ nations and Russia has a stronger military than us?

There are a lot of rich and powerful people who just deserve to burn in Hell and the Lake of Fire forever.

Do you believe Jesus when He said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the rich to go to Heaven?

They have chosen eternal damnation by choosing to be so evil. God will be justified sending them into eternal damnation because that is where they chose to go when they caused harm to others for their own benefit.


Afghan Joe is sending weapons and munitions to Taiwan, further disarming the US while trying to start wars with both Russia and China.

Is he intentionally setting up the US to be easy prey for China and Russia because they bribed him to?

Keep an eye on that.

Black Closet

Remember that I told you about the US Black Closet and that you better hope it is still there and still works because we are going to need it soon?

My one really big concern right now is that the upper class trash have sacked and weakened that too, just like they have the regular military. If they have, we have nothing left to fall back on but God.

Remember when they recently found $3 billion dollars "lost within the US Military?"

That was Black Closet money they stole from the Black Closet to launder through Ukraine into their greedy pockets. Every time they "find" lost military money, that is Black Closer money and I was trained to know that. The reason we "lose" that money is so the enemy can't follow the money trail to find out about our secret weapons systems. That money is lost on purpose. They are destroying our Black Closet.

Lefty Academe

Remember that I have been warning you about the influence and power of the lefty academe?

This video tells you how China is buying the souls of that academe for surprisingly little money so the academe all of the way down into grade school will brainwash our children into communism to make them easy slaves and servants for China.

To clean up our nation, you have to get rid of these academe or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again.

Remember that I have been telling you about how some academe and scientists sell their souls to Satan by saying whatever they are paid to say and they used to be called academic whores because they prostitute their college degrees?

This video shows that to be true on a big scale today. I have learned that, if a scientist works for the government or a chemical company, you should not blindly believe a thing they say, checkout everything they say, and think for yourself because they are probably lying to you.


Remember that I have been telling you that African nations are turning away from the West towards BRICS?

This video shows that Niger in Africa has done that big time. Their leader was just a Western puppet, especially for France.

Their military staged a coup to get their nation out from under the indirect control of the West and the West is fit to be tied. This coup is being supported by Russia and the West is threatening the military leaders of Niger to give power back to their traitor leader, which is just going to cause their nation to move closer to Russia and further from the power mad Western upper class trash. In that video you see that France is threatening Niger and the EU is threatening to cut off "financial support" to Niger or bribes to their leaders so the West can keep sacking Niger resources.

Note that this is not just an attack by France but by all of the EU, which can easily be used by African nations to justify an invasion of those EU nations who supported this attack against a member of Africa. You have to understand human behavior.

But, hey, the only way the West knows how to deal with the lower class of people is to bully, intimidate, terrorize, and threaten them. You have to understand that the upper class trash royals believe they must make an example of anyone who does not submit to their rule to intimidate others who might be thinking about rebelling against the Western rule. The royals have been doing that for thousands of years.

Do not be surprised to see Niger and other nations invade Europe with Russia or send troops to Russia to help with that invasion. These people are very angry at the West because of the way the West treated them for hundreds of years. Suddenly all of that arrogant abuse by the Western royals is coming back to haunt them.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Remember that Russia has been arming, training, and helping all African nations that side with Russia and BRICS.

Remember that I have also been telling you that Latin America and Asia are also turning away from the West?

In this video he tells you about how the West kept trying to force their puppet governments on Asian nations and how those Asian nations have been resisting.

You need to note something in common between those last two videos because, in both cases, they report that the West is "threatening to cut off financial support". This tells you why the US has been sending billions of dollars in "aide" to countries all over the world for decades. It is being used to buy off their governments so those governments will submit to the will of the Western upper class trash royals with the understanding that, if those nations do not submit to the Western royals, they lose that "financial support" or bribes to their leaders.

Also note that those bribes are being paid to those corrupt leaders and royal puppets with your tax dollars. The royals are not paying these leaders to submit to the royals, you unknowingly are paying them with your taxes as "financial aid" to those nations. You are being used and played by the royals. You thought you were helping those people with your financial aid but you were helping the royals control those people with your tax dollars as bribes to their leaders.

You have to understand that our enemies like China, North Korea, Iran, and Cambodia are not always good people, just like our lefty leaders are not good people, but they are still our enemies and a threat to our nation and people.

Satan and his followers have made a real mess out of this planet. They have easily earned the right to burn in the Lake of Fire forever and note that they are all pagans and none of them are true Christians.

Whose side am I on?

The side of God/Yahweh/Jesus and His people.


Remember that I told you that China's military is human and will have different factions in it that will fight for the freedom of China, if given a chance?

This video shows you that is very true, which is why they are always purging their top people. It is only a matter of time and one or more of these factions will stage a coup or help Taiwan invade and conquer China to free the people.

You know that many of those troops, especially officers, realize that it will only be a matter of time until it will be their turn to be purged and will want to strike before it is too late. Don't be surprised to find out that Taiwan knows who at least some of them are and plans to work with them.

All it will take is for one of those top officers to park a cruise missile or two in the CCP meeting hall during a meeting and the CCP will become history.

Keep an eye on this.

Afghan Joe

It has taken Afghan Joe almost 4 years to acknowledge his granddaughter, whose mother was a stripper.

That is normal for the royals to deny their children and grandchildren who were not born from royal mothers. They almost never acknowledge offspring who were not also from other royals.

That tells me that, most likely, the Bidens are members of the British Royal Family, which is probably why Obama chose him for VP and Afghan Joe openly acts like he is above the law doing things that would have gotten you sent to prison.

To the royals, non royals are just chattel and you mean nothing to them.

Keep an eye on that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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