Extinction Moment

This essay is based on a combination of science, the Bible, my scientific observations, and what God has shown me or commonly called revelations.

We are right now in what science would call "our extinction moment" but pagan scientists won't see it because of their lies and fairy tales they want to believe so they can pretend they have disproved the Bible and God. Their distorted time line masks the truth about what is going on right now, how fast it is happening, and how severe it is.

What I taught you about the inbreeding of the royals and the problems inbreeding causes is very important because it teaches you what is going on with every plant and animal on this planet.

What really amazes me is that I have not seen one other scientist who has realized the obvious fact that ALL plants and animals on this planet have been inbreeding for thousands of years within relatively small communities and it will have the same effect on everyone of them because we all use DNA and the biology, chemistry and physics are the same for every plant and animal. They are all inbreeding within relatively small populations of the same species in the different habitats.

What is happening to the royals is happening to all life on Earth to varying extents.

This should tell you that the inbreeding by all plants and animals is breaking down their DNA and they will all eventually become sterile and go extinct, which completely disproves and even makes it impossible for evolution to happen and that things do not evolve upwards but devolve downwards as per the requirements of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Evolution cannot happen and everything had to be created in place by a more intelligent being than humans, science would call "a god being", proving the Bible and God right.

If there is a god being, then God is real, He lives, He exists, and He is not a religion but is reality and science has not been doing its job of studying reality or the existence of the god being.

If you throw out the pretend fairy tales about hundreds of thousands, millions, and billions of years dreamed up by God hating evolutionists to prove the Bible wrong, and study the inbreeding in relation to just 4,400 years or just study how fast micro organisms like bacteria and viruses mutate, you should realize that the mutational effects of inbreeding happen very quickly and that is critical.

Listen, the royals have inbred entire branches of their royal family extinct in about 4,000 years, which is very fast. Me exposing the inbreeding of the royals was also a teaching moment for this essay. What I am about to teach you, explains a lot that is going on right now and you need to know this.

If you study science and then study the Bible, you see science hidden in the Bible most people cannot see. For example, the last 7 judgments of the Tribulation are actually the symptoms of a planet that is about to blow itself apart and a sun or star that is about to go supernova.

A few decades ago I was told in biology that hundreds to thousands of species of plants and animals are going extinct every year on this planet and this explains an important part of why. I have also been watching the increasing infertility rate for humans for more than half a century and the global populations now declining and infertility caused by inbreeding has to be a very important part of the problem.

The chemicals we are adding to our environment, recreational drugs, and other things we stupid and greedy humans are doing are just making the problem worse. Ye ole chemical companies are making a fortune killing us all off but at least they will die rich and they might as well die because their customers are also dying, which will decrease their wealth.

Based on what I am seeing with inbreeding causing extinction within a human population in just 4,000 years, if we plants, animals, and humans had been on this planet just 100,000 years ago (forget about millions and billions of years), we would have inbred ourselves extinct at least 90,000 to 95,000 years ago.

The brilliant idea of the intellectually superior upper class trash royals to heavily inbreed to keep the fortune and power in the family has turned out to be just one more great sounding stupid idea by the upper class trash royals that is failing right now. Ye ole brilliant smarty pants royals outsmarted themselves forever.

Based on my observations and science along with our increasing rates of infertility and population decline, I hypothesize that we humans can't continue for more than about 100 to 200 more years before we become a memory in the sands of time. If Jesus doesn't come within the next 100 to 200 years, He won't have anything left to save.

Since the royals are much more heavily inbred than most other humans, they should go extinct much sooner.

What most people do not know is that evolution was not a scientific construct but was a construct stolen from religion so that it is a fanatical pagan religion.

Think not?

Hundreds of years ago the British invaded and conquered India, where they learned about Hinduism, where they believe that, people die, reincarnate at a higher spiritual level, die, reincarnate at a higher spiritual level until they "evolve" into being gods. Hinduism believes in spiritual evolution and has been teaching it for thousands of years, long before Darwin and his God hating buddies were born.

The British got the idea or construct of evolution from Hinduism hundreds of years before Darwin and company were born and not from science. The British and other Western academe just stole the idea of evolution from Hinduism and applied it to physical life to prove the Bible and God to be wrong. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

That and the fact that all of the evolutionists fairy tales keep being proved wrong and even impossible with them refusing to give up on evolution in spite of the facts, makes evolution a fanatical religion and not a true science. Evolution is just physical Hinduism created by the royals to discredit the Bible so the royals don't have to live by God's Laws and they can do as they will because they are closet pagans, who are now beginning to come out of that closet.

You add to this the effects of rapidly increasing desertification being caused by continental drying and 100 years will probably be wishful thinking, especially with the upper class trash royals using huge solar energy farms that are significantly heating up the planet and causing heat waves and droughts so they can get tax money from you to launder into their greedy pockets.

You have to understand that, when Yahweh created our cosmos and everything in it, He created it perfect and balanced. He even gave humans and all plants and animals perfect, regenerative DNA that healed itself or repaired all damage so there would be no mutations, which is biologically the only way humans could have been immortal.

The Bible tells us that it was always spring, which required that Earth's orbit was a perfect circle around the sun with its axis vertical and not tilted.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, God "brought death into the world", which tells us that He changed our DNA to where it was only moderately regenerative so it didn't always completely repair all damage so that our bodies would eventually fail, stop functioning, and die. The Bible also tells us that God changed the DNA in some plants so that they started growing thorns.

Yahweh also had all of the star systems orbiting in the same direction to keep them from imploding, which is why all of our galaxies are now spinning in the same direction unless that galaxy flipped over, which a few have.

It was at that time that Yahweh made minor modifications to life on Earth to punish Adam and Eve for disobeying Yahweh.

1,400 years later, all of the humans except for Noah and his family, including his wife, his 3 sons, and their 3 wives, had been become evil jerks, you know, like our upper class trash royals and their puppets today. Yahweh decided to bring an end to that crap in a similar way He will soon bring an end to this crap.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun." It is the same crap 4,400 years later.

To put an end to that crap, Yahweh destabilized Earth to cause the flood and kill everyone but Noah and his immediate family but Yahweh didn't just destabilize Earth. If you study astrophysics, you should realize that He destabilized the entire cosmos this time.

Yahweh caused a planet between Mars and Jupiter to explode, which caused a massive meteor shower to hit Earth, knocking it a little off its axis and a little out of its orbit so that Earth now orbits the sun in a slightly elliptical orbit with one end slightly closer to the sun and Earth's axis is now slightly tilted, causing our four seasons. That meteor shower also fractured the Earth's crust permitting high pressure water under the crust to jet to the surface causing the flood, splitting the one continent in two, and causing the Atlantic Ocean.

As the cosmos began to expand, it upset the background gravity and the orbits of the solar systems so that they all imploded down into spinning galaxies quickly moving away from each other.

He also tells us that He changed the DNA for all plants and animals so our DNA is even less regenerative so we will die sooner and made some become carnivores, like lions and sharks, and others omnivores, like humans and rodents, while others remained herbivores. All of the plant and animal DNA will now mutate much faster and cause more damage until everything eventually inbreeds itself into extinction and we are now reaching that point of extinction.

When Yahweh did all of this, He started a time bomb ticking that is right now about to go off on us. Yahweh set in motion the decay and eventual destruction of the cosmos and everything in it with the timing that everything will destruct at about the same time or within 7 years called the Tribulation.

Now I need to explain a few basic things about the period of time called the Tribulation because there are some misconceptions because most people are not as meticulous in paying attention to the details as I am and they made some wrong assumptions plus God just plain revealed a few things to me.

Part of that is because of a few events such as when the Bible says all of the islands will be moved out of their places and it later says that all of the islands will be destroyed and it also states that the stars will be rolled up like a scroll but later refers to the stars.

Some people wrongly ASSUME that, when the islands are "moved out of their place" they will all be destroyed like the Bible later says so they ASSUME that means those two events are the same event, therefore, they ASSUME that the 21 judgments are not in chronological order, which isn't true.

Some people wrongly ASSUME that, when it says the "stars will be rolled up like a scroll" that means ALL of the stars will be destroyed and, since it later refers to the stars, they ASSUME the former judgment will happen after the stars are referred to again, therefore, they again ASSUME that the events are not in chronological order.

God included a proof that ALL of those 21 judgments are in chronological order by breaking them down into 3 groups of 7 judgments and the last judgment of each of the first two groups starts the first judgment of the next group proving absolutely that ALL of those judgments are in chronological order. The people who think they are not in chronological order seem to miss that detail.

You have to understand that, from a scientific perspective, the chronology of those events is very important because it provides me with more information and, with them being in chronological order, it tells me a lot about what will happen.

When the Bible says that the islands will be moved out of their place, it does NOT mean they will all be destroyed like the later verse tells us. What it means is that they will all be slightly displaced on the surface of the earth by something like the crust slipping over the core or the planet tilting on its axis. That displacement could be anywhere from a few feet to a few miles, will probably destroy a few islands but not even most of them and, scientifically, that is very probable and sound.

People, if they are moved "out of their place", inferring to another place, they are not destroyed, just moved.

What that tells me is that the latter seismic activity will be much more violent and will destroy ALL of the islands because the planet will be on the verge, within months, of destroying itself.

You see, if the judgments are not in chronological order, it can't tell me that because it can't tell me that the intensity of the disasters is increasing.

Those two events combined plus other events towards the end of the Tribulation plus my observations over the last half century show an increasing intensity of the earth movements telling me the planet will be getting ready to destroy itself in the very near future. By the time Jesus shows up for the Battle of Armageddon, this planet will be on the verge of turning into a cloud of rapidly expanding dirt and rocks with your butts sailing through space at a bazillion miles per hour.

Remember that I studied geology more than half a century ago and I have been paying attention to the seismic and volcanic activity of the planet since then?

More than half a century ago, seismic activity of 5 to 6 on the Richter Scale was rare and the worst we had for long periods of time. Today, we have seismic activity of 7 to 9+ on the Richter Scale, sometimes, a number of times within one week and it is quickly getting worse. This planet is getting ready to blow itself apart and the Bible confirms that, especially with those judgments being in chronological order.

You have to understand that, when you go from one whole number on the Richter Scale to another, the seismic activity is increasing by a factor of 10 so that it is getting 10 times worse. When you go from having earthquakes that are a 6 on the Richter Scale to a 7, those earthquakes are 10 times worse. That means that going from an earthquake of 6 to 9, the latter earthquake is 1,000 times worse.

I have also been keeping an eye on our solar activity, which has increased a lot with new, more violent things happening now and that plus the events in the Bible being in chronological order tell me our little sun is about to go supernova and we will all get a big bang out of that.

As a matter of fact, with events all being in chronological order and my observations, that tells me that, when the scriptures say that, if Jesus were to delay his coming, there would be "no flesh" or life left, it tells me we would all take a really fast trip for a few million miles. There won't be ANY plants, animals, or humans left within this solar system.

Concerning the stars being rolled up like a scroll, it couldn't mean that ALL of the stars will be destroyed or our star or sun would also be destroyed along with the entire solar system and the story would end much earlier without the later judgments. The fact that the Tribulation continues after that tells me that not all of the stars will be destroyed during that event and Yahweh is going to miraculously save at least some of them.

For decades I wondered how many of the stars would Yahweh miraculously save and, in a number of dreams, Yahweh told me that He will miraculously save our galaxy, the Milky Way, and the next large galaxy we call Andromeda or M31 along with a number of tiny galaxies between the two. That is why the Bible later refers to stars. There will still be some stars left, you know, our star and a few hundred thousand others.

In 1998 they proved conclusively that the cosmos will keep expanding until the background gravity is dispersed enough that the atoms and molecules at the outer edges of the cosmos will begin to fly apart as is described in the Bible when it said the stars will be rolled up like a scroll. Gee, what a magic coincidence. Just imagine the Bible and science agreeing on something...again.

What will happen is that the background gravity will no longer be enough to keep those atoms and molecules at the outer edges of our cosmos together so they will fly apart, which will decrease the mass in our cosmos and cause the background gravity to quickly diminish even more, which will cause the atoms inside those atoms to also fly apart, which will quickly diminish the background gravity even more and this will domino down through our cosmos towards Earth at a rapidly accelerating rate with the Bible telling us it will cause a "roar" sound.

Then, with pagans killing themselves in mass because this will terrify them, God will miraculously save our two galaxies, you know, right after the idiot pagans killed themselves in holy terror but, since I warned you, you know not to kill yourself because you know God will save your butt.

You need to understand what science, current events, and the Bible tell us it will be like here on Earth, when Jesus shows up.

There will be very few plants and animals left on Earth because of extinction caused by infertility caused by thousands of years of inbreeding and desertification caused by our continents drying up and the other disasters described in the Bible. There will be very little life of any kind left on the planet by that time.

The planet and the sun will be about to blow themselves apart. There will probably only be one, at the most two billion people left by that time with a few million Hebrews and Christians living in Israel and maybe one or two billion Muslims gathered as an army in the Valley of Megiddo and no one else left alive on Earth. The Muslims, under the leadership of the Antichrist or their Mahdi will be ready to march through Israel shoulder-to-shoulder and murder every man, woman, and child to get rid of the last of the non Muslims.

Then Jesus will return and the scriptures say He will have a two edged sword proceeding from His mouth. Everyone knows that the Sword of the Lord is His Word or speech so that is telling us Jesus will speak and everyone in the invading army will hemorrhage violently and die.

How do I know they will ALL hemorrhage violently?

Because biology tells me they will all have to hemorrhage violently for the blood to flow through that valley up to the bridle of a horse like the Bible says.

BTW, that should also tell you that it won't be a nuclear war like many preachers are telling you because a nuclear war would vaporize all of the blood and there wouldn't be any blood flowing anywhere.

Do you see how science AND the Bible provide you with much more information?

Now science and the Bible tell me that the first thing Jesus will have to quickly do after quickly winning that battle is to heal the Earth and sun so they don't blow up. Then science and the Bible tell me that the next thing Jesus will have to do is repopulate the planet with plants and animals to have a balanced and habitable environment or ecosystem for us humans to live in with Jesus for the next 1,000 years. That is going to be very interesting to watch.

You have to understand that science and the Bible tell me that, at that moment, the last of our entire cosmos and everything in it will be on the verge of extinction. That will be our extinction moment and Jesus will save us from extinction.

Now, do you understand how I know that, by the time of the end of the Battle of Armageddon all of the people who have chosen evil like the upper class trash royals, their evil puppets and thugs, will all be burning in Hell?

The last of them will be killed in the Battle of Armageddon and that is why the Bible says that, for the next 1,000 years under the rule of Jesus, there will be no crime or war.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God.

I am so looking forward to that 1,000 years. That will be wonderful.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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