I Told You So 556


The Taliban has invaded Iran and seized villages and this is very important because this is going to tie down Iranian troops and resources that Iran has been using to cause trouble for Israel. This should decrease the trouble Iran is causing Israel and, the more the Taliban escalates this war, the more it will force Iran to decrease their military efforts against Israel so keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia has been building up her military near Alaska so that, if they feel it necessary to invade the US, they could quickly take out our oil and gas pipelines running from Northern Alaska down into the US to decrease our economy and fighting ability?

This video shows that evil Lindsey Graham, who is clearly trying to start a war with Russia, probably so he will make much more money from the military industry, made horrible statements about Russian troop deaths, has caused an outcry in Russia for Putin to attack those pipelines in Alaska. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

If Lindsey starts a war with Russia, I think they should give him a BB gun and couple of water balloons, send him to the front line, and let him fight his war. Heck, forget about waiting for a war between the US and Russia, just send his evil butt to the front lines in Ukraine if he wants a war so bad. These greedy jerks always get others killed so they can make more money.

I have never been able to stand that jerk.

The Russians are calling for a "preemptive" missile attack on the US telling me that they know they will have to invade and fight the US to stop the insane aggressiveness of jerks like Lindsey. That one video proved quite a bit of what I have been telling you.

One Russian general said they have nuke missiles aimed at Alaska and it wouldn't take more than a brigade to take Alaska.

Remember that I told you that Putin knows who he has to kill in the US and UK to stop the insanity?

He just put out a warrant for Lindsey and put his name on a kill list just like I have been telling you. Lindsey just put a target on his own face but he is too arrogant and stupid to realize it.

Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is holding back on advancing to draw Ukrainian/NATO troops in to destroy them?

This video tells you that the Russians could easily advance but are holding back for some larger plans. He shows you some of the desolation in the war zone.

I am seeing more and more reports of Russia really hammering Ukraine more and more with missiles, drones, bombs, and artillery and increasing numbers of these attacks taking place further west from the front lines with only some fighting along the front lines.

This tells me that Russia is more focused on reserves, weapons, munitions, and fuel storages further from the fight. Putin is getting ready to make more of a move.

Then the West hit Moscow with drones, clearly wanting to scare the Russian people into stopping Putin but what it will do is anger the people into demanding that Putin get more aggressive and finish off Ukraine along with taking down the UK and US. The people will be more likely to support Putin in staging a nuclear attack against the UK and US to stop the insanity. This will certainly backfire on the West.

I have also read that Putin just started moving tanks to Poland's border so keep an eye on that.

I am also seeing an increasing number of nations like China and South Africa "snub" US leaders and bureaucrats and refusing to talk to them. The Western leaders are bulling other nations into forming a federation against the West. Everything they are now doing is failing.

That inbreeding thing is really working out well, isn't it?

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are so arrogant, ignorant, stupid, and elitist that they have convinced themselves that Putin is just bluffing and would never use nukes against THEM! Oh no, that will never happen.

Listen to their reasoning in this following video why he wouldn't.

He tells you that in this brief video when he tells you that "they have completely dismissed" that idea. They and their idiot butt kissing generals keep telling each other what they want to believe and refuse to even consider they might be wrong.

What do these arrogant fools think, that Putin is just going to sit there while the West destroys Russia without fighting back, much less stage a preemptive nuclear strike like I have been telling you he will to stop them from destroying Russia?

You know what that tells me?

They are projecting themselves, their logic, their reasoning onto Putin so that, when Putin hits them with a surprise preemptive nuclear strike, they will quickly become too terrorized to strike back. THEY will do what they think Putin will do and the idiots are telling you that.

They think that Putin won't use nukes against them because they would not use nukes against Putin for the same reasons but Putin doesn't think like them and has proved it.

People, these same idiots thought Putin was bluffing about going into Ukraine for the same reasons, Putin proved them wrong, they have not learned that about Putin, so they are believing the same thing about Putin being too afraid of them to use nukes against them. That is what you call a reprobate mind.

It will be a sure win for Putin and I am now wondering, "Does Putin know that?" I bet he does because he is smarter than them.

From what I am seeing, Putin is just sitting in place destroying troops but more so now he is destroying ammo and fuel depots. It looks like he is disarming the West before he stages his attack and Afghan Joe has become concerned about the US being disarmed by sending more and more weapons and munitions to Ukraine.

The UK is not concerned at all, telling me that they believe they can hide under the US Military umbrella even if they completely disarm themselves. They are pumping more and more weapons and munitions into Ukraine, encouraging Ukraine to attack into Russia.

"Hey, Putin is just bluffing; he won't nuke us wonderful elite royals in the UK because he is afraid of the US."

Mean while, they are encouraging the US to disarm ourselves by giving more weapons to Ukraine because, after all, with enough of our weapons and our troops in their uniforms, they will beat Russia and Putin will just sit there and let the West destroy Russia.

Wow, it must be nice to be inbred that stupid.

Royals: "Reality? What reality? There is a reality? Not in my castle."


Erdogan won reelection in Turkey and that is significant because the other guy is a Western puppet that would have shut off the Bosporus Straits to Russia using them to move ships between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. That would have forced Russia to invade Turkey to open up the Bosporus Straits to her shipping.

I bet none of you even thought of that, did you? Gee, I wonder why the West was trying to get him elected in Erdogan's place?


I got this in an e-mail from Mark so enjoy.

"You wrote, 'Also remember that the Taliban Muslims are waging war against the Pakistan Muslims and that the Shiite Muslims in Yemen are waging war against the Sunni Muslims in Yemen and Saudi Arabia and that the Muslims in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan are waging war against each other.'

My response: No kidding. Scripture tells us, 'And the angel of the LORD said to [Hagar], 'Behold, you are pregnant and shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, because the LORD has listened to your affliction. He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.' (Gen 16:11-12)

Yahweh said it and He cannot lie. What He says is final!

By the way, this essay is number 555. In Scripture, five is the number of grace. 555 multiplies 5 by 111 times. The thought came to me that God has been very gracious to you, Carl. I know that you know that.

The video on inbreeding royals was interesting, but some of her facts were off a bit. Especially when she was discussing humans living 34000 years ago. There were no humans 34000 years ago for God had not yet created humans. And God allowed inbreeding before the flood and for a period afterward before the gene pool was corrupted. Inbreeding was not prohibited until Moses was given the law. The taboos came from the law of Moses. Laws against incest are found in Leviticus chapters 18 and 20.

This is typical of the supposed 'science' of evolution. However, the incorrect age of humanity did not cause me to dislike the video. That is something that happens often these days.

Aside from that, what an interesting video that was! I really enjoyed it.

A long time ago, when I was still in the USAF and stationed in the UK, I took a course at Cambridge University (in the UK) on English history. The course also included discussions on European wars. That was when I realized that all of those wars were European royal family squabbles."

The Genesis scripture was a prophecy about Ishmael, who is the father of all Arabs and now Muslims telling us that his offspring would be violent and fight just about everyone including each other.

Almost every war in history everywhere in the world was about royals waging war against royals for more money and power. They have been greedy and power mad for thousands of years and are now even more inbred, crazy, and stupid, therefore, a greater threat to mankind. They and their supporters just can't leave others alone and they can't stand to see anyone else with anything, not even each other. They have often murdered immediate family for money and power.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark.


Remember that I have been telling you that India is quickly passing China as an economic and military power?

This video tells you that but in a condescending way that upsets India and will turn the Indian people and government against the West even more. The Western royals have been treating people like crap for so long they can't stop and it is turning everyone against them.

She is right and she showed the first pictures I have seen showing the truth about how modern India has become. All we see in the Western media is the pictures showing India as a primitive and backwards nation but she points out that the Indian rail system is ahead of German's rail system.

You better keep an eye on India because she grew up and is kicking butt.

US Debt

What this debt ceiling is really about is that the upper class trash are demanding that we let them steal more money faster from more people so they can launder more money faster into their greedy pockets. They don't care that they are weakening and destroy the nation that is protecting their wealth; they only insanely care about how much more money can they steal right now.

All they are really doing is increasing the amount of wealth they will lose when this nation finally collapses and they get their evil butts sacked.

This just proves their inbred insanity and stupidity. Sane, rational, intelligent people would want to make sure they kept the nation that is protecting them, their families, and their wealth as strong as possible to protect them, their families, and their wealth, which means they would want to keep our nation as solvent as possible so it could finance a war against any enemy.

They clearly do not care about that and only care about how much money they can steal as fast as possible RIGHT NOW! They are so insanely fixated on maximizing profits right now that they cannot see or think just five minutes up the road.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their idiot puppets are having an international stupid contest?

I WILL NOT miss them and their insanity in Paradise! These people are raving lunatics.

How much longer, Lord, how much longer?


This video shows that Israel is really training their forces hard for war because they KNOW what is coming and coming soon.

They know that the Muslims are coming together and uniting to all fight Israel at the same time. The Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 won't be long now. Every day, it gets one day closer and Israel gets one more day prepared.

COVID Conspiracy

Remember that I told you and even documented that COVID was a biological warfare attack by Fauci and company against the people of this world? Remember that I told you that the vaccines were murder vaccines to kill you off?

Yesterday I saw a video by USA Headline News I am trying to find a link to for this blog that was of a team of scientists testifying before the EU council documenting that the COVID 19 program was started in 1965 as a biological warfare program (for potential use against the Soviet Union) and, after the Soviet Union fell in 1991, Fauci and company turned it into a biological warfare program against all of the people on the planet for money, with Fauci as the head of the program.

This group of scientists are going around testifying before governments and documenting concerning the worst crime committed against mankind in history. That crime is worse than the crimes committed by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and communist China COMBINED.

They have proved everything I have said about the fakedemic on this blog plus much, much more, including that the virus was developed at a US university lab and moved to Wuhan Labs for release. These scientists have the documentation to prosecuted and hang everyone who was involved in this horrific crime.

This crime was committed by Ph.D.s, MDs, part of the US Government run by Fauci (which orchestrated the entire thing starting in the 1990s under Clinton so that Fauci was the head of this biological warfare attack against you), at least two major chemical companies, Pfizer and Manzano, at least one major international organization, WHO, and China proving you cannot trust anyone just because they have a college degree or ANY government so all forms of Marxism/communism/socialism/progressivism are stupid to support. Governments cannot be blindly trusted.

It turns out that Pfizer and Manzano developed their vaccines around the virus and have been testing them since the mid 1990s so they KNEW what their vaccines would do, should not have any immunity for what their vaccines did, and they were a very important part of this biological warfare attack against you, your family, and the world.

Afghan Joe giving them immunity for their vaccines tells me he was part of this conspiracy and should also be held accountable for his part in this horrific crime against mankind.

BTW, the transfer to China and release using Wuhan Labs as the front to hide behind was done under Obama.

They pre-planned and committed a global biological warfare attack against all of you, all 8 billion people, knowing it would kill millions of you, for money. They have made at least tens of billions of dollars from it and EVERY person involved in this crime against humanity and pre meditated murder of millions of people should be prosecuted and hung. If you don't hang all of these criminals, you will have to apologize to the 200 Nazi doctors you hung at Nuremberg for lesser crimes.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

It also proves that bad people do work together or conspire to do bad things to others and, in this case, on a massive global scale. If anyone calls you a conspiracy theorist after this, thank them for complementing your intelligence.

If you see this video, make it go viral because EVERYONE needs to know about it so EVERYONE will demand that these criminals will be prosecuted and executed. That video was posted by USA Headline News at 12:03 am on May 27. If you can find a link to it, send it to me so I can post it here on this blog to share with the world. If I find a link to it, I will post it later.

BTW, the upper class trash think they are immune to the virus because they are so wonderful and probably have a real vaccine but the ignorant, arrogant morons don't know that one of the problems with biological warfare is that the bugs you release will just keep killing, mutating, making their vaccines worthless, and keep killing for decades. It will eventually kill them and their families too.

One thing I am learning from all of this is that, what God showed me in one of my dreams something He is already doing. He showed me that He has an army of good people who are fighting back against these terrible monsters and they are winning. I have been wanting to go after and stop these evil monsters like Fauci but can't because of my illness and poverty and all I can do is watch, learn, and teach you what these evil things are doing. I have really been wanting to put Fauci's evil but in prison but this video tells me that God is taking care of that with his other people and I am to keep doing what God wants me to do, which is to teach you. We are all to do God's will in our lives, doing our part in fighting Satan's spawn for God and the people.

One thing I am watching is that I know that, after our war is over, many of us will have to buy these major corporations, divide them up into a number of competing business those corporations purchased to eliminate competition, and use them to rebuild the economies the pagan lefties are using them to destroy. I am watching those major corporations failing right and left because of the commies, which will make them much, much less expensive for us to buy and use to rebuild our economy. Rebuilding those many businesses will help rebuild our economies.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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