A few days ago, I read that Valerie Jarrett called a bunch of major corporations and threatened those corporations to hire a lot of people even if they don't need to hire anyone. She is extorting major corporations (a federal felony) into hiring people to drive down the fake unemployment numbers in order to increase Obama's approval ratings. She is trying to increase Obama's approval ratings in order to continue to get their agenda passed by the Commiecrats in Congress who are currently running scared about the coming election.

If those major corporations refuse to hire people they don't need in order to help improve Obama's approval, then those corporations will find themselves being "investigated" by government agencies like the IRS and any other mischief Valerie can cause.

Then I just read that Obama is saying he is going to be "working with the major corporations" in this nation to "create jobs". Obama did not say that he is extorting those companies to "create" those jobs or that, when the up coming election is over, those extorted companies can and will lay all of those people off. This is nothing more than more smoke and mirrors by Valerie Jarrett and Obama.

Something Valerie is not counting on in her flawed simple minded communist logic is that, when those corporations start hiring large numbers of people, all of the people who quit looking for work and are currently not being counted as unemployed, will start looking for work again, which will cause those people to start being counted again, driving up the fake unemployment numbers even higher. Another flaw in Valerie's commie logic for her extortion is that better than 90% of the working people in this country are employed by mom and pop businesses and not major corporations. This means that the major corporations will have a minimal effect on Obama's fake unemployment numbers when smaller businesses keep laying people off because they are going broke. Another thing is that those major corporations, which do hire people they don't need, will have to pass that increased overhead cost on to their customers, many of them smaller businesses, which will cause the smaller businesses to lay people off and it will also increase inflation for everyone. This will be interesting.

Man plans, God laughs.

If you get one of those fake jobs, know that it will cease when the up coming elections are over, so save as much money as you can before you get laid off again. You will need it.

There is something else which is keeping Obama's fake unemployment numbers down. He is not counting the increasing numbers of people leaving this country to find work in other countries. Those people should be counted as unemployed because, the only reason they left the US was because they couldn't find work in the US and, if they could find work in the US, they would still be working in the US. You can also bet that Wall Street analyst, David John Marotta did not include these over seas workers when he calculated the real unemployment at 37.2% and, therefore, the true unemployment could easily be over 40%.

Yep, definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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