I Told You So 87

Years ago, when Israel first started off on its liberal pacifist plan of "solving" their terrorist problem by just building a wall between Israel and the terrorists, I told you that was a really stupid, simple minded idea because all the terrorists had to do was fire mortars and rockets over the wall to kill Israelis. The Israeli politicians might as well have drawn a line in the sand and said, "There, we are safe."

Well, here we are years later with the terrorists firing mortars and rockets over the Israeli wall to kill Israelis and also having snipers shooting over the wall with the terrorists now having an estimated 170,000 rockets alone, not including mortars and other weapons, to fire at Israel in order to overwhelm Israel's anti-missile systems. Another great sounding, simple minded, idiot liberal pacifist idea goes bust.

You don't have to be intelligent to be a successful politician, just be charismatic, a very good liar, and sell your soul to the highest paying devil to cover the cost of your election campaign. BTW, how is the pagan democracy thing working out?

What has been proven here are at least two things. First, great sounding, simple minded ideas never work. I have never seen one great sounding, simple minded idea, especially from the left, which has solved one complex problem. You have to learn to really think things through before charging off on some stupid crusade.

In the case of the Israeli wall, you have a group of people called Muslims who passionately want to murder off all of the Israelis and take their land. These Muslims are willing to die trying to kill Israelis, which classifies them as fanatics.

When considering building the Israeli wall to solve their problem in dealing with these Muslim fanatics, the first question the Israeli politicians should have asked is, "After we build our wall, what will the Muslim fanatics do, just give up and go home?" Did the idiot Israeli politicians really believe the Muslim fanatics would become frustrated by their glorious wall, just simply quit being obsessed with murdering Israelis and go home?

The obvious answer to the question the Israeli politicians should have asked is, "of course not." What history teaches us about bad people who want to cause other people harm is that those bad people will always just regroup, reorganize and continue with their mischief until they get what they want. It has been proven throughout history that the only way to stop such people is to kill them because dead bad guys can't hurt good guys.

The idiot liberals always try to discourage this strategy by stating that the people you kill will become martyrs causing more people to join the fight. That isn't true for a number of reasons and a really good example is Iraq.

After the US conquered Iraq, the US lying liberal commie traitor media and politicians began broadcasting to the world that we were losing the war in Iraq and then that we had already lost the war to clearly encourage Muslims to go to Iraq and join the Muslim terrorists in fighting the US, a blatant act of treason. The liberal traitor strategy worked, causing tens of thousands of Muslims to travel to Iraq and fight against the US, murdering many good US soldiers and thousands of Iraqi civilians.

In my opinion, those traitors who encourage the Muslims with their lies and propaganda to join the terrorists should be prosecuted for treason and executed because, if you don't, they will just regroup, reorganize, and continue with their treasons, you know, like they are doing now. Remember that God said, "be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

The US military and their allies adjusted to the new terrorist warfare and began killing and capturing the terrorists by the thousands. It is important to note that most of the captured terrorists were imprisoned, were not killed, and eventually got out, either by escaping or being turned lose and have since returned to their terrorist activities. That did a lot of good, didn't it. The people those freed terrorists have killed, crippled, or other wise harmed with their continued terrorism would have been better off if the terrorists had been shot on sight or executed, preventing those terrorists from causing harm to those people. Please note that the one group of terrorist which have not continue murdering innocent people are the terrorists who were killed, because dead bad guys can't hurt good guys. It works.

With the lying liberal media encouraging them, the Muslims kept traveling to Iraq to murder US soldiers. Mean while, in spite of our liberal traitors severely tying the hands of the US troops and giving the terrorists an extreme advantage, the US soldiers started killing these terrorists by the thousands until an interesting phenomenon happened. In spite of the traitor propaganda, it became obvious to most Muslims that the terrorists were losing the war and not the US. This caused the Muslims to stop wanting to travel to Iraq and fight against the US soldiers and the terrorists began to develop a shortage of forces. The terrorists started forcing local Muslims to fight for them at gun point (the terrorist version of the draft.) The idiot liberal martyr thing had run into the wall of defeat, meaning, if you kill enough of them, the martyr thing quits working. All of this turned even local Muslims against the terrorists so that the local Muslims began helping the US soldiers, the terrorists were forced to back off and the killing decreased and then stopped for a significant period of time.

Unfortunately, the liberal commie traitors refused to untie the hands of the US soldiers and forced the early withdrawal of the US soldiers so the US soldiers couldn't finish the job by eradicating the remaining terrorist, who were busy hiding instead of killing. After the US soldiers left Iraq, the terrorists regrouped, reorganized, and have started their terrorist war without the US soldiers to stop them, killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians because of the liberal commie traitors. You know, just like I have told you bad guys will always do. Bad guys just won't stop their mischief until they die, then they will definitely stop their mischief. The fewer bad guys left in the world, the less mischief left in the world.

Now, what should Israel do with the terrorists on their borders?

The obvious old school answer to that question is invade Gaza and Lebanon, kill all of the terrorists (SOS - shoot on sight, take no prisoners), destroy all of their weapons, and retain control of the conquered land to prevent the terrorists from returning to those lands. Buuuuuut, the liberal commie traitors tell us that is a bad thing because they know it will work and will stop Israel's enemies from attacking her. The liberal commie traitors definitely don't want that to happen. So the killing by the bad guys will continue until the good guys stop being suckers to the liberal commie traitors, try and execute the liberal commie traitors for treason, and do the right thing to protect good people from bad people by killing all of the bad guys.

With the liberal commie traitors in control, it is critical to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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