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Social Security

I am wondering what, if anything, Trump is going to do about Social Security.

There are two main reasons why Social Security is in trouble. First, Social Security has been raided by our corrupt politicians at least three and maybe four times to give them more money to spend and/or balance the budget.

They need to find out who stole that money and make them pay it back plus interest. It was raided in the 60s or 70s to give the politicians more money to spend, Billy Boy Clinton raided it just before leaving office to "balance" his budget, which is why liberals love to tell you that he left office with a balanced budget, and it has been raided at least once or twice by our corrupt politicians since then.

If they return that money plus interest to Social Security, there will be no problem and Social Security will be solvent. They should also put the people who stole that money in prison.

Second, the courts have ruled that people who never worked and paid taxes can have full Social Security benefits, especially illegal aliens, who can receive $1,500 per month or more while some citizens who paid taxes receive much less. They need to set up a different fund for people who are incapacitated and never worked or just keep them on Welfare for life; they need to not allow illegal aliens to receive Social Security when they can use Welfare and really shouldn't use anything, they should not allow anyone receiving other government benefits over a certain amount to receive Social Security, you know, like politicians and bureaucrats, and no one on Social Security should receive less than $1,500 with that amount increasing as the cost of living increases, especially, if it is their lone source of income.

That will fix the current Social Security mess.


They are really bombarding Trump with an all out war against him and us. A judge has stopped Trump from protecting us by temporarily stopping Trump's temporary ban against Muslims coming into this country until we can properly vet them but this is only until both sides can file briefs on Monday. Then they need to have new court proceedings.

Now McConnell is saying that Trump can't use federal funds to investigate voter fraud.

What funds should he use for a federal investigation and what is McConnell hiding?

All of our beloved RINOs are helping the liberal commie traitors wage war against Trump. It is like I told you, this is the most massive power struggle between good and evil ever.

It is like I have told you, you have to get rid of all of the bad guys or they will just keep destroying our nation. The bad guys are ganging up on Trump to overwhelm him by shear numbers.

One of my two readers, Mark, sent me this e-mail: "Defeating them is the only way. We need God for that to happen. We must pray that they don't wear Trump down. I read on Breitbart where someone else besides you wrote that it will get much worse before it gets better. I don't remember who wrote it or the article it appeared in. But I did read it early this morning."

Mark is very right, which is why I keep telling you to pray.

To win this battle, Trump has to go after the people at the very top who are committing these crimes and do so before he can become overwhelmed or worn down. These are the top members of the upper class trash and they have obviously committed and are committing the worst crimes in history warranting the death penalty and, by law, he can nationalize their wealth to take their power away from them, which would pay off our national debt they caused because that is where you money went that caused our national debt; they stole it from you.

After all, their wealth is stolen property and don't you return stolen property to the rightful owner?

If Trump takes down just the very top members of this international crime syndicate, it will cause chaos within the upper ranks because these people are ALL power mad and the people next in line will begin fighting for who gets to take their predecessors places at the top. It will cause a really big internal power struggle that will disrupt the actions of the syndicate from the top down.

Also, if Trump takes down and executes some of the top members of this criminal organization, it will cause the rest to panic even more, begin to make mistakes, and even try to hide to survive. Another thing is that people beneath them who will benefit by their demise, will rat them out to get rid of them so the lower people can rise to the top. You play them against each other to get them to help you get rid of them.

So what Trump needs to do is take down the very top people, probably at least a few hundred, prosecute and execute them while taking their wealth, and put out arrest warrants for those out of his jurisdiction, which will greatly limit their mobility. Trump will be able to work with Putin on this because Putin has been fighting these evil people by himself for years and will welcome the help, which is why the upper class trash and liberals are so clearly terrified by Trump working with Putin.

I am sure that, if the FBI gets rid of their own moles and they get turned loose on these criminals, they can very quickly do an excellent job and they and the other organizations like the NSA, military, and even CIA probably already have enough intel on all of the upper class trash to execute them all. They just need to get rid of the moles and there are millions of them. They already uncovered three moles because the SEAL Team Six mission was compromised, which shows why the moles have to be gotten rid of.

They just reported that more than 12,000 tweets have called for Trump's assassination since January 20 of this year. The left wants Trump dead really bad because he is destroying their evil plans. Pray for Trump.


Hawaii is considering legalizing prostitution.

"Yeah, let's spread those deadly STDs faster!"

Obviously, they are not killing off enough people fast enough.


Remember that I told you Putin is converting Eastern European nations away from the EU to his defensive and economic federation and surrounding Ukraine? Remember that I told you he recently converted Moldova and was working on Hungary?

Hungary just made nice with Russia. That only leaves Slovakia, Romania, and Poland bordering Ukraine with Slovakia already talking about turning from the EU to Russia. Guess who Putin will visit next.

They are now also having protests in Romania against their corrupt government.

Gee, you don't think Putin is involved in that, do you? Will they follow Slovakia into Putin's federation?

I have mixed feelings about Putin because he is a Christian and is fighting to destroy the globalists but he is an Orthodox Christian and the Orthodox Church teaches their people to hate and fight against Israel. This is a very big reason why Israel is having problems with some Christians in the area; the Orthodox Church is very prevalent in the Middle East.

Remember that I told you that SOME of the Jews helped the Muslims conquer the Middle East and oppress the Orthodox Church and Christians?

Also, Putin is saying that Iran is not a terrorist state and it is one of the worst sponsors of Islamic terrorism in the world along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

I am beginning to think that Russia is the Biblical Gog and Magog and not Turkey, as some people think, because Putin is aligning himself with more of the Muslim countries listed in Ezekiel 38 & 39 where as Turkey is fighting some of them and losing influence, such as Iran (Persia). Russia has aligned herself with Iran which is increasing control in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and other places while Turkey is aligned mostly with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Muslim Arab nations that are losing control in some of those areas such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and others plus Russia aligned with Egypt after the Muslim Arab nations failed at taking control of her and is obviously aligned with Turkey. Also note that Iran's Houthis are firing Iranian missiles into Saudi Arabia so don't be surprised if they use one or more of those Iranian missiles to nuke Mecca and Medina to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as the Muslim most holy site the way I said they will. Iran could even send a cargo ship into the Red Sea and use it to launch nukes to destroy Mecca and Medina. Keep an eye on this.

Sanctuary Communities

The liberals will support importing Muslims from other nations into their "sanctuary" communities until one or more of those Muslims brings in one or more deadly diseases from their countries we don't have here resulting in a epidemic and then they will quickly change their minds. Keep an eye on this because these immigrants are already bringing deadly diseases into the Western nations.


Canadian Black Lives Matter is turning against Trudeau and his white liberals, you know, just like I told you the Muslims, especially the black Muslims, would. They are right now throwing them under the bus. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group than the liberals. Keep an eye on this.

Remember that God showed me in a dream that the white liberals will be second class citizens to the black Muslims?

It is happening right now. Unimaginably, the stupid white liberals are even helping throw themselves under the bus and make themselves subservient to the black Muslims with their stupid white privilege crap.

And you think this isn't the real zombie apocalypse with the liberals being the brain dead zombies?


Iran's uranium stock pile is about to increase by 60%.

Guess where they are getting it from?


Guess where Putin got it from?

Hillary sold it to him from the US. So the uranium Hillary sold to Putin is going to Iran to be used against Israel and the US.

You still like Hillary?

She may have just got your butts nuked.

You still think Iran doesn't have nukes and isn't building an arsenal of nukes? If not, what do they need that much nuke dirt for?


I just saw that 30 retired NFL players have donated their brains for research.

Hey, maybe we can get the liberals to donate their brains for research before they die; they aren't using them, though there probably wouldn't be much to study. But, hey, we could use liberal unused brains to study the functions of protists or single cell organisms. It would be for science, baby.

Liberal Media

So help me, I cannot understand why conservatives are still using the lying liberal media and helping them stay alive. The very fact you use their media AT ALL for any reason causes them to get more money from advertisers to keep them alive and destroying our nation longer. If the conservatives would all just quit using the lying liberal media, those idiots would go broke sooner and go away and the conservatives' brains would function better.

Why help keep the lying liberal media alive? Do you like being lied to?

And why do you keep watching the liberal movies and TV shows?

All you are doing is putting money in their pockets they are obviously using to destroy your nation and set up a Marxist dictatorship over you and your family. EVERY TIME you watch a liberal TV show or movie or watch the liberal news, you are putting money in their pockets they are using to enslave you and your family. Think about it.

Quit financing them enslaving you and your family.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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