Failed Church

The big question is how did Satan take down the Christian built United States of America, the greatest nation in the history of the world?

Many will talk about the lies, deceptions and gradual brainwashing of the people to think differently and be lulled into destroying themselves by Satan, but that is another story. Others will talk about the corruption of the people, especially the upper class trash and their puppet politicians but also including the middle and lower classes into destroying themselves, but that is another story.

What I want to talk about is the failure and corruption of God's church and I don't just mean the Catholic Church which most people falsely think of as being God's only church. What I am talking about is the church that God established in the Sinai Desert 3,600 years ago and Satan began working to corrupt and destroy immediately, some of which I illustrated in my e-book, "Yahweh". Let's start by stating this essay will be a brief explanation of how Satan has infiltrated destroyed that church because a complete explanation will require a book.

First, you have to understand that God originally set up His church as a theocracy or religion which was also the government. Therefore, in its original state, the church and the government were one entity, they were not separated. God's church ran the state as it will in Paradise with God, Jesus, as the eternal king or permanent leader of the church. For those of you who don't like Jesus, as head of His church, running Paradise forever, there is always Hell.

Satan knows that it is easiest and most effective to destroy what God creates via man by way of infiltration and corruption of man from within. We humans are much more resistant to external attacks by strangers we don't know or trust than to internal attacks because the internal attacks come from our families, friends, and neighbors, whom we tend to trust. Satan uses this trust to coerce the rest of us into turning away from God.

The first attack on the church was when Aaron's wife, Miriam, tried to coerce Aaron into rebelling against his brother, Moses, to seize control of the new nation of Israel so she could use Aaron as her puppet to control and have power over the church of God. God called her out on this, chewed her butt out in front of the entire nation or church, gave her leprosy, and banished her into exile outside the camp for a few weeks to think things over, then miraculously healed her and returned her to the camp and her husband. She learned her lesson and didn't try it again.

After this, Moses sent 12 spies, one from each of the 12 tribes into Canaan to spy out the land instead of just obeying God and faithfully marching in to blindly face whatever was there trusting in God to take care of it for them. When the spies returned, 10 out of 12 spies told the people they shouldn't obey God and just go in because the land was filled with giants and they were not talking about today's giants who are only about 7 to 8+ feet tall. They were talking about entire tribes of giants who were from 10 to more than 12 feet tall and you have to remember that the average height of a man at that time was less than 5' 10". These giants were twice as tall and easily four times the weight of the average fighting man. They were very huge, powerful warriors.

If you have ever seen today's giants, who are only 7 to 8 feet tall, it is quite intimidating. I stand 6 feet tall and have met a few of such people. Both times, this very loud voice in side of me said, "Run like hell", but I managed to keep my feet still and act reasonably normal. I could only imagine what it was like to meet some one who was as much larger to these modern giants as these modern giants are to me, especially when they have sharp weapons. I have to have the utmost respect for little David who, at only 12 years of age, faced the mighty giant, Goliath, who stood about 10' 6" and was probably at least a 500 pound mountain of muscle. Personally, my choice of weapon would have been a catapult from a considerable distance but they didn't have catapults back in the days of David so he used a smaller and more mobile model stone throwing device called a sling.

Joshua and Caleb were the only two of the 12 spies who had enough faith in God to encourage the people to go into the land and fight the giants. Of course the people listened to the majority of their friends and not too those radicals, Joshua and Caleb.

When the people rebelled and refused to obey God by not going into the land of Canaan, God banished the people from the land of Canaan for 40 years or until everyone from that generation except for Joshua and Caleb, had all died off.

Shortly after this, Satan used a group of people referred to as the princes of Israel (the corrupt upper class trash) to stage a series of rebellions against God and Moses. The first such act was when a group of them lead an army into the land against God's orders and, without God's help, they were quickly slaughtered with only a few actually making it back alive. In a few other cases, God, Himself, destroyed the rebels and finally brought piece back to the camp. My e-book tells you about these rebellions in greater detail.

Later, after Israel had gone into and settled the land of Canaan as the new nation of Israel, the religious leaders became so corrupt that the people cried out for God to give them a king instead of for God to get rid of the corrupt religious leaders. God told the people that He would give the people a king, if the people really wanted a king, but warned the people that they would regret it. The people insisted on a king so God gave them King Saul so that the church was separated from the government. Satan had succeed in separating the church from the state, which was Satan's first major success within the church. From this point, it was all down hill for the church and, as the church goes, the nation and the people go.

At some point hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus, the religious leaders began to commit blasphemy by making changes to God's Law. In the Law, God says you will not add to or take away from the Law. Why?

Because, if you add to or take away from the Law, you are saying you are smarter than God and can write the Law better than God elevating yourself above God, which is blasphemy or treason. This is important because, after Jesus was crucified and Christianity became a new sect of Judaism, the Christians just blindly accepted and kept these changes to God's Law so that, when the Christian sect was separated from the main Church of God, Judaism, the practice of changing God's Law went with the Christians. Today, we call these blasphemous changes church doctrine, which we give precedence over the Law or Word of God and Satan has used these different church doctrines to drive a wedge between all the churches and keep them from working together for God, which they would do under the Law. Instead, these churches work against each other for their own churches.

This brings us to the founding of the United States of American by Christian leaders. Ever since the founding of the USA, Satan has been working to turn the people against Christianity so he could drive a wedge between the Church and the state. Why?

Because, what Satan is doing by separating the church from the state, he is actually separating the church from the lost people so that the church can't work to convert the lost people to Christianity. This permits the Church of Satan to be the only church which is able to witness to and convert most of the lost people to its church. Then all Satan has to do is convert enough of the lost people to the Church of Satan to gain control of the nation and destroy the nation.

Satan did this by driving the church and God out of our schools, government, and anything else public so only Satan was able to witness to the people involved in those government entities. For example, the government took over a job which God originally gave to the church, which was to help the poor. The corrupt preachers Satan had infiltrated into many of the churches thought this was just fine because the money those churches had been spending to help the poor could now go into the church leader's pockets, because, after all, the government was now taking care of the poor. The problem is that this took the Christian witness away from the poor and the only church which continued to witness to the poor was the Church of Satan so that most of the poor became corrupt and sold their freedoms for free stuff giving power to the Satanists or Luciferians.

Another thing Satan did was keep the Christians away from the weekend warriors who liked to play sports on their days off from work on the weekends. The way Satan did this was that he infiltrated greedy preachers into some of the churches who developed and spread the attitude that the people needed to be in church to pay their tithes because these greedy preaches thought that, if they let their church members play in the weekend sports instead of being in the churches, the churches would lose those Christians to the weekend sports and the churches would lose those tithes. So the churches guilt tripped the Church members to stay away from the weekend activities and the lost souls involved in those activities to dust pews with their butts and keep the preachers rich. After all, God says that the "love of money is the root of all evil."

Please note that there are plenty of good preachers out there but even they are human and make mistakes or fail to realize opportunities. I am also trying to help those preachers learn from their mistakes and realize the opportunities they are missing.

I don't know how many times I saw Christians to whom God had given athletic gifts and could have served as a very good Christian witness in these weekend activities guilt tripped by their preachers into not using the gifts God gave them to participate in these weekend activities with the lost people as Christian witnesses to stay in the church isolated from the lost people to pay their church tithes and keep the preachers rich. The hypocritical preachers would often tell these young people that "God doesn't work that way" to win souls then turn around and talk about how God works in strange and miraculous ways to win souls.

I am sorry, but I have not been able to find anywhere in the Bible where Jesus commanded that we should go into the pew to dust it with our butts while keeping the preachers rich with our tithes. What I have found is that Jesus commanded us is to "go into the world and spread the Gospel", you know, where the lost souls are.

When those Christians were not out on those playing fields with those lost athletes, being a good Christian witness, Satan was and he converted most of them to his church. That is why there is so much corruption, cheating, and drugs in sports today. Satan succeeded in separating the church from the lost people in every way possible so only Satan could witness to those lost people, then Satan used those converts to his church to destroy our once great Christian nation.

What should the church have done?

The church failed to realize that the most important missionary field in the world is always the young people in your own country. If you don't convert those young people to Christianity, Satan will convert them to his church. Jesus said, "you are with me or against me." When your people are not out there living with and witnessing to the lost people, Satan is.

Let me share an example of how God has given us Gentiles a way to have done this with sports.

In the Law, God very clearly stated that the Sabbath is a covenant between God and the Children of Israel, clearly leaving the Gentiles out of this covenant. This means that we Gentiles are not required to keep the Sabbath but the preachers hate this message because they use the lie that we are to keep the Sabbath to keep people in church paying those tithes and keeping the preachers rich.

This is confirmed by the fact that all orthodox Jews and many Christian preachers know that we Gentiles are not required to keep all of the Biblical Laws and only the Jews or Gentiles living in Israel are required to keep all of them. We Gentiles are only required to keep the Laws which pertain to the Noahide Laws, which do not include keeping the Sabbath. Paul even pointed this out in the New Testament when he stated that we Gentiles don't have to keep the Sabbath on Saturday, the last day of the week, but we could keep it on Sunday, the first day of the week.

The preachers have distorted this into meaning that we Gentile Christians have to keep the Sabbath on Sunday instead of on Saturday. But what Paul was really saying is that we Gentile Christians can keep the Sabbath on any day of the week from the first day of the week to the last day of the week. By doing this, God gave the Gentile church incredible flexibility to reach out to lost souls and save our Christian countries.

For example, if I were a preacher and I found that God had given me a Christian with athletic talent for a specific sport who could provide a Christian witness to lost people in that sport or mission field knowing the sport was played on Sunday, I would give my complete support to that athlete in every way possible providing that the athlete participate and behave as a Christian should. The athletes should try to win without cheating with the understanding that winning souls is more important than winning sporting events and knowing that a winning Christian athlete earns the respect of the rest of the athletes and fans and increases that athletes witness to the lost but that a cheating athletes becomes a liability.

I know that most of the athletes this Christian athlete competes with and will witness to will not give up their fun activity to attend my church on Sunday instead of playing in their sport. Lost souls tend to do that. So what do you do to get those lost souls into your church?

You have one or more special week night services for those athletes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday which will permit those athletes to still participate in their activities and attend church. (Monday night is pro football night, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are play days.) The lost athletes don't have to sacrifice one for the other. After all, the athletes your church wins to Jesus will increase your church's Christian witness within that sport or mission field which will bring more souls into the church. This flexibility makes it possible for the weekend warriors to have a day of rest, fellowship, and worship while still using their God given talents in that sport to go into the world where the lost live and witness to those lost souls. God didn't give those talents to those young people for nothing. They are to use those talents to become missionaries in a specific sport, activity, or mission field. Our churches need to think of these sports and activities as mission fields for reaching our young people.

I would also encourage other members of the church to help this young Christian athlete in any way possible such as being coaches, managers, counselors, and even sponsor the athlete or team with a Christian business. Such young missionaries need assistance in a variety of ways such as Christian advice.

You don't let Satan keep you away from the lost souls so only he can witness to those lost souls. You do what you have to in order to obey Jesus to go into the world and spread the Gospel and God gave us Gentile Christians the flexibility to do this. Churches need to take back caring for the poor and getting back involved in government and the school system to chase Satan out of those entities. We need to find ways to remove the walls Satan has placed between the churches and the lost souls so we can take our people and country back.

You churches need to start doing this before and during the coming civil war because we are going to need a lot of Christians to build a new Christian nation from the ashes that Satan is turning the US into. We need to learn from our mistakes and improve because Satan will.

Why is this essay more important than the essays about corruption, brainwashing, and such?

Because the corruption, brainwashing, and such were only made possible by us Christians losing the war for souls because we let Satan separate us from the lost souls. If we had won the fight for those souls, the corruption, brainwashing, and such would have never happened and our nation would have never been taken over and destroyed by Satan. The souls come first and everything else comes along with them. Satan knows this.

The US used to be the greatest supporter of Christian missions around the world. But, because we lost most of our young people to Satan's church, the US has become the greatest potential mission field in the world. We need to take our people back with a revival like no other in history.

The first thing we need to do to get back to doing what is right is to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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