God's Side

We Christians and Jews like to arrogantly believe that God is always on our side because we are Christians and Jews but is that true? If you really study the scriptures, you know that is false. Let me give you a few of the proofs, starting with the Jews and then with the Christians.

If God is always on the side of the Jews because they are the biological descendants of Israel, then why did God send the 10 northern tribes into exile as slaves more than 2,000 years ago? Why did God send the remainder of the Jews into exile almost 2,000 years ago? Why have the Jews had to go through so many tribulations? Why are the Jews still going through so many tribulations?

Obviously, God is not on the side of the Jews because they are biological descendants of Israel.

If God is always on the side of us Christians because we call ourselves Christians, why is our world being turned upside down? Why are we now being punished by God?

Obviously, God is not on the side of people just because they call themselves Christians.

Then whose side is God on?

God is always on the same side, He never moves. God is always on the side of right, good, righteousness, and justice. He never leaves where He has always stood, not so much as a step. He is always faithful and dependable to be on the side of righteousness and justice. God is never failing. Failing is a human trait.

You see, it isn't God who moves to be on our side or their side, it is us humans who move from right to wrong and must move from wrong to right. Jesus said it best when He said, "YOU are with me or against me." Note that Jesus didn't say that God is with you or against you because God doesn't move. We are the ones who do the moving and must do the right moving to be on the right side, the side God always stands on.

So, how do you know whether you are on God's side or the pagan side?

By how you act and live. If you live by God's Laws, then you are living a righteous and just life and are on God's side but, if you don't live by God's Laws, then you are not living a righteous and just life and are not on God's side. And, if you are not on God's side, then He cannot be on your side.

It should be obvious to anyone who has studied the scriptures that we, as a nation and even as a planet, are not living by God's Laws. Therefore, we cannot be on God's side and God cannot be on our side, which means that we are on the pagan or Satan's side. Therefore, God isn't going to protect us from the god we have chosen to serve, Satan. This means that, as a nation and a planet, we are at the mercy of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil and the proof of this is that the Luciferians are the ones currently in control and screwing things up because WE gave that control to Lucifer by choosing to be on his side instead of being on God's side.

This means that, before we can even begin to get God's help in saving us from the Luciferians and their planned wickedness against us, we must first get back on God's side, which means we must turn from our crimes against God's Law and start living by God's Law. It is called revival. We MUST get right with God, if we want God to save our butts. Satan isn't going to save us, he wants to destroy us and is doing his best. Have you noticed yet?

Think I am wrong? Then just look at the mess this planet is in and how it is quickly getting worse because of the Luciferians. Does it look like anyone is saving our butts as a nation or planet? Things are quickly getting much worse, not better.

Then we humans always ask, "Why is God letting this happen?"

The answer is obvious, we chose not to have God in our lives and He is letting us have what we want, which means He isn't protecting us from our chosen gods and ourselves. We chose to live by Satan's laws instead of God's Laws so things are literally going to hell.

The law we choose to live by is very important because the law guides our actions and our actions determine the out come or results in our lives or future events. If we behave badly, then the results and our future will be bad but, if we behave good, then our results and our future will be good. Since we chose to not live by the Laws God gave us to have better lives, then we are not having those better lives and are having worse lives. Look around, do things look like they are getting better to you? Things are only going to keep getting worse as long as we keep making them worse by living by the wrong laws. Maybe it's time to change laws?

Before we can expect to get help from God in saving our butts, we must repent of our crimes against His Laws, start living by His Laws, accept the amnesty provided by Jesus for crimes against His Laws, and then ask God to help us. To do this, we have to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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