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I decided to share some FB postings of mine with some minor changes that I share with my friends to teach them some of the things I have learned in life to help them. Enjoy.


I want to share some important things about human history that you will not see on TeeBee or out of Hollyweird, you know, the truth.

Our perspective on life is very different than our ancestors' perspectives were. Believe me, you Americans really are spoiled.

It wasn't that long ago that people considered adulthood to begin at 12 to 13 years of age because that is when females begin menstruating and can have babies so they were naturally considered to be women and the boys were considered to be men. A few cultures still celebrate manhood and womanhood at 12 or 13, like the Hebrew Bar and Bat Mitzvah, because of this.

They normally got married at 12 to 13 and started having babies, which decreased their life expectancy. The average life expectancy in the US in 1900 was just 45, which meant that most people died before they were 45, with infant mortality being very, very high. The really old people you read about were an oddity.

BTW, King David killing Goliath when David was 12 was when he was considered back then to be a man at only 12. Yeah, slightly different world, huh?

If a girl was 15, unmarried, and without children, she would have been considered an old maid and there was something wrong with her.

Hollyweird likes to make it look like pagans sacrificing virgins was them sacrificing 16 to 18 year old beautiful babes but it wasn't. By the time they were 13, they were married with a child so they were not virgin. Virgin sacrifices were 4 to 12 year olds with a lot of babies being butchered to their pagan gods the way we have butchered more than 60 million babies just in the US to the pagan goddess Free Sex and that is very important so we will get back to that later.

There were two main reasons why the human population didn't grow to more than a few million people for thousands of years. First was rampant wars and raiding that killed a lot of people and the other was human sacrifices to pagan gods, especially children. For thousands of years, our stupid ancestors kept depopulating themselves because they were pagans who hate God's Laws He gave us to protect us from ourselves.

BTW, child sacrifices were considered by the adults to be safe sacrifices for the adults because the adults didn't have to worry about them being the sacrificed as much.

I have learned in studying history that one major sign for the decline and fall of a civilization is when they start butchering babies and children to pagan gods on a large scale. This is because your children are your future and, if you are killing your children, you are killing your future. Every civilization that fell did that and the West is doing it now. That is why the West is currently in decline and you are living the "fall of Rome II" right now.

For example, the Maya Indians, during the peak of their culture, murdered 1,000 children of from about 4 to 12 years of age per day per temple to their pagan gods in the larger cities and as many as 2,000 to 3,000 per day per temple on holy days. Their civilization started to decline 400 years before Chris Columbus was born, you know, they were kind of running out of people.

About 200 years before Chris was born, the Aztecs swept through and conquered them because the Maya Indians didn't have enough warriors to defend themselves.

The Canaanites believed that every building or tree had a spirit they sacrificed to. I remember reading about on excavation of a big public Canaanite building where they had only uncovered about a quarter of the building where they had already found the remains of more than 300 babies in hollow stones in the walls of that one building. Their civilization was already in decline when the Hebrews moved into the area and conquered them because the Canaanites didn't have enough warriors to defend themselves for some reason. Maybe they should not have butchered all of those babies to those trees and buildings?

Interestingly, archaeology explains the meaning of terms in the Bible concerning the Canaanites such as "innocent blood flowing through the streets" and "passing their children through the fire."

I am sure most of you have seen the story about Baal worship where they heated a big statue of Baal to where, when the mother put the baby in the hot hands of the statue, it burned the baby, causing it to scream and struggle, which caused it to fall into a fire below and die. That was for big rituals.

For Baal and other pagan gods' daily worship throughout the Canaanite villages, they had sacrificial alters strategically placed around the villages like convenience stores where the parents would have a party for little Johnny or Sally, got them on drugs so they would not scream, and took them to those altars in little sacrificial gowns to have their little hearts carved out, spilling their blood, which would flow out into the streets and flow downhill to and out the front gates, which is what the Bible meant about innocent blood flowing through the streets and it flowed every day of the week.

Imagine walking through those streets every day. The people in those Canaanite villages walked through that blood every day and it ran from just after sunrise until after sunset. Imagine walking through those cities and passing sacrificial alters with children being butchered to pagan gods.

Archaeology is so interesting and telling.

For Moloch worship in the cities, they built big furnaces shaped like Moloch, put dozens of their doped up children in the back of those ovens, stacked wood in the front, and burned their kids to death "passing them through the fire" to Moloch.

Now you know what those scriptures were talking about, you know, the ugly side of man.

People, the primary reason the God hating lefty pagans want to legalize abortion is so they can legalize post birth abortion so they can come out of their evil closets and sacrifice children to their pagan gods in public. They are already sacrificing children to their pagan gods in private and, if they get caught, they can go to jail so they want to legalize what they are already doing in private. Everything else is a lie.

Do you better understand why this nation is being punished by God?

You know those cities smelled like crap 24/7 because of the children's blood in the streets and the smoke from their burned flesh and that smoke filled the air every day all day.

But all pagan societies did this, which is a very important reason why they all fell, and, today, most of the pagans still secretly do it.

Throughout history, we humans have consistently sucked. There have been good humans but also a lot of bad ones.

Then someone posted something about one of my prior posts that reminded me of something concerning the old German story of Hansel and Gretel, which is very interesting.

The item they posted was this, to which I posted this answer: "That is really great. Above I posted an item about pagan human sacrifices but forgot to mention that with most pagan human sacrifices, a very common practice is to eat part to all of the sacrifice. I have read a number of items by former Satanists and witches where they had child sacrifices and they would cut off parts of the body, especially like fingers, and pass them around for the participants to eat and they would all drink the victim's blood. They have been doing that for thousands of years. His findings are probably very valid."

This reminded me about the history behind the story about Hansel and Gretel. That story was made up to scare or warn children into not going into people's homes for ginger bread, which was the German sweet at that time because they didn't have candy.

You see, German witches used ginger bread to entice children to come into their homes, where they would be secured for a sacrificial ritual. In the ritual, after they killed the child, they would drain its blood, drink some of the blood, and eat part of the body saving the rest of the body for things like witch's brews. They didn't just put frogs and lizards in those brews.

The part about the story where the witch turned the children into ginger bread is based on the witches using some of the children's blood to make another batch of ginger bread to entice more children into their home for another sacrifice "turning those children into ginger bread". It was symbolic.

The Germans made up that story to warn the children to not go into anyone's home who was promising them ginger bread. Isn't history fun? Now you will look at the story of Hansel and Gretel very differently.

Interestingly, I posted that on my wall on FB knowing there were a number of people involved in witchcraft and not one of them made a comment arguing that witches don't do that because they know it is true. I keep them on my friends's list so I can watch what they post to each other.


This is a very good video concerning the science of nuke EMPs. This guy knows what he is talking about.

He tells you what I told you about EMPs not being like what Hollyweird tells you. Yes, Hollyweird and Teebee really are full of crap. If you believe just 5% of what you see on TeeBee or out of Hollyweird, you are grossly misinformed.

Note that, at the very first, he points out what I told you about surface range and power of an EMP is dependent on the throw weight of the nuke in relation to the altitude of the detonation. Note how he shows how the affect or power of the EMP decreases rapidly to a relatively small area at ground zero and its actual shape is distorted by the Earth's magnetic field.

No, one EMP will not wipe out all life on the planet or even the entire electrical power grid in the US like Hollyweird makes it look. Pending the strength of the EMPs generated, it could take half a dozen or more nukes to generate enough EMP power to take out even most of the US grid.

He does tell you that we have things in place that will minimize the effects of an EMP for taking out certain things like the power grid but doesn't tell you about such things as "hardened devices" or "shielding", which he may tell you about in his next video.

For example, if you use electronic devices with hardened components or have a room in which you keep your electronic devices that is shielded, they will be much less likely to burn out or even be damaged. You could shield a computer room and the garage to protect your computers and vehicles.

During the Cold War, we used hardened components and shielding to protect our weapons systems like aircraft, ships, tanks, and other things.

After the Cold War, the greedy upper class trash saved money on such devices by no longer using them so they could launder that money into their greedy pockets putting our national security at risk, the butt holes. They may have resumed hardening and shielding some time ago and I sure hope so.

Yes, we developed counter measures for EMPs a long time ago that Hollyweird or TeeBee do not know about. When it comes to science, they are incredibly ignorant people just like I have been telling you.

Another thing he did not tell you about is that an EMP will cause "current flow" or an "energy spike" generating heat in ANYTHING through which electrons can flow, including electronic components in an open circuit or not even attached to a circuit, you know, just sitting in a drawer, that can burn those components out and even cause fires. An EMP can burn out electric motors, generators, alternators, batteries, wiring, and other devices so that even your electric powered tools probably won't work so you won't be able to fix things without manual hand tools and your electric bikes and cars will probably burst into flames unless they are shielded.

It is very likely that your house, car, workshop, or any other object that even just has wiring for lights will catch fire and burn down, pending the strength of the EMP and your position in relation to the EMP.

Can an EMP destroy our entire power grid like Hollyweird shows you?

No, but a group of EMPs done right can destroy most of the grid but that is not very likely because they have to get all of the right size nukes to the right altitude in the right places at the right time without any of them being shot down by our nuke defenses.

Will a nuke war be as bad as our ignorant Hollyweird and TeeBee tell you?


Will it be good or fun?

No, but most of you will probably survive it so prepare to survive.

Are you beginning to see how complicated a nuke war is and that it is not the simplistic bull crap Hollyweird and TeeBee tell you?

There is much, much more to a nuke war than they tell you and there are limitations to all nuke weapons just like any other weapons.

I am curious to see what that guy will tell you about EMPs in his next video. That will be interesting.


Suggestion: I have told you that I love watching sailboat cruising channels on YouTube because you get to see places all over the world.

I also get to regularly see the cruisers panic because of sudden changes in local weather that can be life threatening because most of them don't know crap about meteorology.

Any time you are going to regularly be doing anything outdoors, especially on the water, it is a good idea to take a class in meteorology or weather to help prevent surprises than can be life threatening so you can get away earlier.

When I studied meteorology a few billion years ago, for years I could easily tell the weather for at least 3 to 4 days just by reading the clouds as well and sometimes better than the TV weather people. If I got a hold of weather charts, I got it right for a week or longer.

One really important thing was being able to see and avoid local weather changes by reading clouds, which can build up quickly, especially during the summer. That is really important for giving you advanced notice for quick local weather changes that can cause trouble.

When I moved back here almost a quarter of a century ago, I spent years studying the geology, meteorology, and biology of the Tularosa Basin, where I live and learned a lot of very interesting things including being able to regularly predict sudden local weather changes.

For example, it is a good idea that, when you see a rain storm forming, and it may just be one relatively small cloud, expect what we call "down bursts", where the air shoots down from the cloud with enough intensity to cause winds of as much as 30 to 40+ mph. That air hits the ground and spreads out to all sides of the cloud across the ground and, under certain circumstances, like being on a small boat, it can kill you.

You should learn that, when you see those clouds beginning to form, you beat it to safety. You don't wait until the wind is on you.

I just saw a video where a couple had to beat it to safety on a dingy through heavy winds two days in a row because they don't know how to read clouds.

If you know how to read it, the weather tells you what it is going to do to you.

Knowledge is a tool you use to design, create, build, manage, and survive.

Benefits of Fitness

I really feel sorry for most people because they will never find out how fantastic the human body can feel when you have developed it and permanently changed it to the national to international marathon fitness level. I have tried to explain it to people a number of times but they don't seem to understand.

They taught us the science behind it in exercise physiology because their research taught them why the human body feels that wonderful, magnificent, and incredible when you get it to that fitness level.

Most of them never got past the fitness level where it hurt or was uncomfortable to exercise so they hate exercise.

What do they think, that those athletes they see out there running, bicycling, or other such activities are masochists enjoying the suffering and pain?

Of course I can understand that with these idiot TV sports journalists, who probably would have trouble running a mile, always talking about the pain.

Even just reaching the amateur intermediate fitness level makes your body feel much better.

I remember one cat 3 or intermediate amateur who told me that the best thing he ever did was quit recreational drugs and start racing bicycles. He said he had used all of the drugs and done cocktails and he said he never felt as good on drugs as he did racing bicycles as just an intermediate level amateur.

When I was coaching LART, about every 6 months some new women would reach the intermediate amateur fitness level and ask me if it was normal for racing bicycles to feel better than sex so I would have to give the lecture teaching why it was.

Even after I had to quit racing, I still loved going for 100 to 175 mile hard rides in the mountains. What was interesting was that, until I got sick, I could not ride for a few years and could still go out and enjoy a 100+ mile ride through the maintains because of the changes to my body and it always felt great. In exercise physiology they call that "fitness memory".

It felt like I was on top of the world and could do anything. I never questioned one time whether I could ride 100+ miles through the mountains, it was always "how fast". I couldn't walk up stairs because it felt so great to run up them. Just getting out of the bed in the morning felt great.

It was an incredible feeling most will never get to enjoy and I miss it because of my illness.

I really wish those of you who have never been there could enjoy feeling that great because it is wonderful. I really feel sorry for you because the human body can truly feel absolutely wonderful.

Just ask any of the former and current marathon athletes on my friends list and they will tell you how great it feels.

BTW, I believe that those of us who go to Paradises, all of our bodies will feel that way all of the time because I believe our "new bodies" will be permanently built that way.


I call us athletes, especially marathon athletes, freaks because of the PERMANENT changes high levels of fitness make inside your body. Once you make those changes to your body, your body is never again structured the same and does not again function the same as a normal human body. Therefore, biologically, you are a freak but it is a very good thing.

Even most MDs and nurses don't know what I am about to teach you because they and their college professors never studied the sports sciences or sports medicine and some of the crap some of their professors tell them has been proved wrong for more than half a century.

For example, most doctors are taught that the changes made in athletes' bodies return to normal in just a few years so they don't need to study the sports sciences.

The truth is that the athlete's body will only diminish those changes by a MAXIMUM of 10% to 20% for the rest of their lives even if they completely quit exercising young and live to be over 100 years old.

For example, if they obtain a resting heart rate of 40, their resting heart rate should never go back over 48 (20% increase) unless there is something wrong with them. It will most likely be about 44 to 45 for the rest of their lives because the structure of their cardiovascular system will NEVER return to normal.

Mine got down to 37.5 and should now be 42 so that, if it is over 45, there is something wrong with me. I have had more trouble with doctors and nurses not understanding that resting heart rate. They want to panic and scream "code blue" when my resting heart rate is normal for me.

Now, I have previously told you about the large number of deadly medical conditions I have had that normally kill people every day and I realize that some of you probably didn't believe what I told you.

How could I survive such things?

You have to understand that, if you develop any reasonable level of fitness, do not use any performance enhancing or recreational drugs, and do not diet while exercising or training, you will develop or build ALL of your body, including all internal organs, to a higher level so they can do a better job, pending the fitness level you obtain. That includes your immune system.

The nutshell version for how your immune system works is it puts out little cells that float around in your blood stream looking for stuff that doesn't belong there. When those cells find something like a protist (single cell organism like a bacteria or virus), it gloms onto the outside of that thing making a molecular map of its exterior and, when it gets back to the immune system, it transfers that information to the immune system, which starts cranking out antibodies that will attach to and destroy those things in your blood and this is called "natural immunity".

You have to understand that the time required for such protection to get up and going enough to protect you depends on the fitness of both your immune system and your cardiovascular system.

The more fit your immune system is, the more of the detecting cells and antibodies it can produce and in less time so it can take down threats to the body much faster.

The more fit the cardiovascular system is, the more blood it will move through your body in less time with less resistance and using less energy so it will get the detecting cells back to your immune system and the antibodies throughout your body much faster.

When you put those two things together and have developed a really high fitness level, it beats the ever loving crap out bad stuff really fast.

For example, I told you I had the H1N1 pig flu that killed more than 60,000 people in just the US in just the first year right when it first came out. The way they found it was that they did a blood test for something else and found I had antibodies but no viruses for the pig flu so I had had it and never knew it because I didn't even feel sick because my immune system crushed that bad boy so fast I didn't get sick.

The same thing happened when I found out I had the super bug C-dif. I didn't know I was sick with something that was killing thousands of people until they did a blood test on me for something else. They started me on the medication and I never felt sick from it.

Am I bullet proof?

No, but even I have been impressed at how bullet resistant I am because of what I did to my body decades ago, even after years of a prolonged illness caused by a virus for which there is no cure. The doctors agree that, if I were not a freak and had a normal body, I would have died at least 15 to 20 years ago and that is a good thing.

Sometimes it is a good thing to be a freak or different. Eat your hearts out, normal people.

When it comes to exercise, you get out of that exercise what you put into it and the benefits can be really great. I regularly thank God for getting me into bicycle road racing more than half a century ago and getting me up to the fitness level I got up to because it has kept me alive when normal humans would have died.

Freaks rule, baby!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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