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The Fight

Watching the news, it is just so easy to get the feeling we are losing everything everywhere but this video shows the opposite is true. Conservatives keep hanging in there and keep winning, which you will not hear from most of the media.

My problem is that I am living in a state, New Mexico, that has been turned blue by hundreds of thousands of stupid lefty migrants fleeing the messes they made in their home states, came here, and are making the same messes even worse here than they made where they came from. They need to go home and clean up those messes instead of bringing their mess here. (Most of them came from Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.)

Also, they redrew the districts to make the state even more blue canceling out the red votes. What they are doing to this state is criminal but I saw this in a dream more than a decade ago, when I saw that northern New Mexico would be a lefty haven but it showed that Alamogordo would be conservative and yet I am fighting a corrupt, unconstitutional city government here.

I am wondering if God is getting ready to use our lack of water to turn most of this state red again. In my dream, this huge basin or valley was under water but most of New Mexico, including Alamogordo is in an increasing water crisis.

Maybe after God chases out all of the lefty criminals, there will suddenly be an abundance of water?

Albuquerque and Santa Fe, are liberal bastions for this state but they have to pipe in water from more than 200 miles away, from at least the north and south, maybe other places too. I have heard that it has gotten so bad in Albuquerque that they are starting to get sink holes in their streets because the aquifer under the city has gone dry and is collapsing up to the surface in places.

I have known for decades that most of the greater Albuquerque area could turn into a ghost town because of them getting too many people living there for the available water and I have been watching it. Santa Fe seems to be in a similar mess. They have really screwed this state up.

This video shows one way that conservatives are fighting back and it is working so we need to start doing it everywhere we can.

For years I have been saying that, if it is legal, you do to the Commierats what they have been doing to you to win. You turn the tables on them.

Then I found this video laying out a very promising offensive game plan to go on the attack against the Commierat criminals. This could put a bunch of people in jail and get many more fired to help clean up the deep state. Keep an eye on this.


Oops, it wasn't a Russian cruise missile just like we told you. According to this video it was "most likely a Ukraine" SAM 300 missile or two but the West is saying that is OK because it was probably an accident, you know, after saying that, if Russia had accidentally landed a missile in Poland, they would have to show him who the boss is.

That means there are two possibilities. One is that it was just an accident of war and the other is that it was intentional by Ukraine to try and start WWIII so the West would continue to provide Ukraine with tens of billions of dollars and weapons and the timing is very interesting, you know right after Afghan Joe told Zelensky that the free money would not last forever. Gee, what a coincidence.

Considering all of the lying, deception and fraud by Zelensky and his accomplices in conjunction with recent events, I won't rule out the red flag event.

But they are still blaming Putin because Zelensky fired a missile into Poland and you should have known they would.

If Zelensky really did do this on his own to cause WWIII for his own benefit, don't be surprised if he soon ends up dead.

One thing this has done is show that the upper class trash have finally realized that they don't want an open war with Russia and they want to keep it a proxy war to keep their nations from suffering the damage, you know, screw Ukraine and their people. I think they have finally realized that Putin isn't bluffing and he is not going to give into their bluffing.

BTW, don't forget all of the war drum beating by the media and others trying to start WWIII so they could make more money.

Then I saw that Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley are saying that they will support Ukraine with "whatever it takes". I guess Zelensky's little stunt did the trick and got him what he wanted. That should tell Zelensky that he can get what he wants by pulling stunts like that but it may get him killed and replaced by someone else.

Then I found this video, which shows that Zelensky is still working the lie on this trying to escalate the war to WWIII and get millions of you killed. He refuses to stop, you know, just like all corrupt people.

Tucker also points out that they are blaming Putin for the Ukraine missile hitting in Poland. I guess he also wants to start WWIII or at least use this as an excuse to keep sending Zelensky money to buy weapons from the US to enrich the upper class trash. "Hey, we gotta keep making that money; so what is a few million people get vaporized."

Interestingly, after I wrote that, Tucker told you the same thing in more detail.

Do you believe me yet that this is all about stealing as much as they can from as many people as they as fast as they can?

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." Ukraine attacking Poland and murdering 2 people was all about the love of money.

People, $91 billion is a lot of money to launder into the upper class trash pockets in less than one year from just one racket or con, you know, even more than Russia is spending on weapons herself. Think about that.

Think not?

Tucker then showed you the corruption of the upper class trash in pretty good detail, you know, just like I have been warning you for years.

And you think the lefty politicians and upper class trash have good intentions? Really?

Then you should check your thinking because it has become all too clear that their only intentions are evil and selfish. They don't care about anyone or anything except themselves and their bank accounts just like I have been warning you for years.

Do you believe me yet that they all belong in prison?

They are all highbrow criminals stealing everything they can from you. Hey, they need to buy their ticket to Hell and they want to fly first class on that flight and not with your lowly peasants.

Then I later found this video providing some interesting details telling me that NATO was trying to avoid WWIII with Russia and they found out that Ukraine had intentionally launched the missile(s) into Poland to force NATO to go to war with Russia and they are ticked at him.

They are clearly getting ready to dump Zelensky's butt. He better be a good little puppet or they will cut his strings.

Note that the size of that crater is about the size that would be made by a SAM missile and not a cruise missile.


Remember that I told you that Putin has nuke subs with nuke missiles near and around Europe and the US?

The US just deployed the new Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier and its strike group to the Atlantic Ocean to do war games with NATO.

I don't think that is a coincidence, especially with the US ramping up for war everywhere else like Finland, Poland, Alaska, and other places. This is just another place and in another way that they are ramping up for war with Russia, you know, on the land, in the air, and at sea.

You have to try to keep your eyes open to every potential move.

What Russia is doing in this video is trying to drive more people out of Ukraine to limit civilian casualties when things escalate this spring or sooner. It looks like Putin's plan is to give Ukraine just enough time to repair damages and then damage everything again. That way, with a minimum number of strikes, Putin will keep Ukraine cold and dark all winter, which you know will drive a lot of people out of Ukraine and increasing numbers will stay out to have better lives.

Note that he points out that, except for the attacks on energy and infrastructure, Putin has gone quiet and that is to store up weapons, munitions, and troops for the next move. He already has the West well depleted weapons and munitions inventories along with economic and financial ruin because of not having enough energy.

This video shows you another thing that Russia is doing.

Remember that I told you that the West is depleting its weapons and munitions reserves? Remember that I have been telling you that it takes time to make those weapons and munitions?

That video gives you a bit of an idea how bad that is getting. They tell you that it takes a year to make the 155 munitions (30,000 rounds) Ukraine is using in 14 days so they will have to down grade to a lesser weapon system, the 105 until those rounds are also depleted.

People, when we have to go to war against the Eastern Alliance, we will also use that much or more ammunition in 14 days so we need to have a lot stocked up.

You can bet the Putin's spies know just how bad it is getting for the West so he is doing to us what the upper class trash tried to do to him by depleting our military capabilities by disarming us. Putin has flipped our own strategy back on us so it is backfiring on us.

You should expect to see a sudden acceleration of attacks just before his next move to soften up our defenses. Until then, Putin will let them rebuild and then destroy everything again to prepare the battlefield for his next move.


You want to know why this nation is still being judged by God and this nation will cease to exist in the not too distant future?

This video shows you why. People like Schumer are still in power tearing this nation down, dragging it to Hell with them.

They are your punishment for electing them. They will destroy your nations and your lives.


You would be amazed at how much bull crap I have to dig through to write these essays. Part of the problem is that, regardless of whether it is written or video, they really stretch out their stories with a lot of drivel to make it longer, when they could very easily provide the same important information in a fraction of the time.

Some of the sources I used to get information from are now doing things like one and two hour videos, which are just hours of bull crap to make more money, what is called "filler".

They could easily provide the important information in less than 5 minutes. I try to keep the videos and written articles I share with your short but sometimes the important information is only in long videos and articles.


Something you need to keep an eye on and I have been watching for years is just how advanced and sophisticated the Mexican cartels really are. They are much, much more advanced and professional than the media are telling you and pose a much bigger threat to the US than most people realize.

This video gives you an idea of some of their sophistication. People, they are making tens of billions of dollars a year in drugs, human trafficking, and weapons smuggling into the US and they can afford the best in technology to use against the US. That should concern everyone.

When our fecal matter hits the fan, the cartels can take over entire states and not just in the Southwest. They know how and where to move entire armies quickly into the US to get behind our forces.


I tentatively support Trump while keeping an eye on him because he is the best option we have. I do not put my faith in him the way too many do because I know he is human and imperfect just like me. I put my faith in God to deliver my butt.

When I see stuff like this video where the Commierats are so frantically and desperately trying to stop Trump, that only encourages me to vote for Trump because it tells me that they are afraid of Trump stopping their corrupt money and power grabbing rackets and attempt to turn this nation into their dictatorship. That is a good thing I support.

That is the main reason why I support and vote for Trump. He has Satan's best running scared, you know, like Gideon did.

Note that, out of all of God's men and women like Gideon, Moses, David, Isaiah, Elijah and others, only Jesus was perfect. The rest were human just like you and me.

God doesn't pick us to do work for Him because of our wonderful perfections but in spite of our lack of perfection so that people will know it was God working through us and not us working of our own.

God is our savior, not Trump, but it looks like God may be saving us by using Trump.

Speaking of us needing God to save our butts, this video shows you that our Republic is now dead in several ways, financially and administratively. God is not going to save this Republic, He is making you build a new and better Republic.


One thing I am watching concerning Taiwan is whether the West will just dump Taiwan to China the way the UK dumped Hong Kong and its people to China.

Keep an eye on this. This is something I would not put past the evil upper class trash partly because the West and China seem to have made some sort of deal concerning the one world government.


What he shows in this video isn't just happening in Israel but is increasingly happening around the world. This is God driving Hebrews back to Israel, they better pay attention, and better get back to Israel because it is getting worse quickly.

The longer they say outside of Israel, the more likely they are to die. I am wondering how many are going to die this time.

Also note that most Hebrews are liberals and it is their liberal pals turning on them and who will kill them in the not too distant future.

They are Learning

I have been teaching you about the horrid corruption of the upper class trash and their political, bureaucratic, media, academe, and other criminals, especially on the left and this video shows that they are finally learning. Note how one of them says that you NEVER give the government the benefit of the doubt because they are always up to something bad, especially in a cover up like that.

Remember that I told you that, in the mid 1970s, the US Navy told Congress that they had the technology that I was also using in the US Air Force that they could use to completely stop all smuggling into the US and the Democrat Party IMMEDIATELY passed a bill making it illegal for the military to interfere with smuggling into the US.

That should tell you that the lefty upper class trash and their puppets OWN all major smuggling into the US including drugs, human trafficking, and other contraband.

Remember that I told you that I saw a number of law enforcement speaking from the shadows about how their investigations into human trafficking and human sacrifices for pagan rituals are always shut down by the lefty upper class trash.

That should tell you that the guy in that video may not have known it but he had it right because those upper class trash do sacrifice babies to their false pagan gods like Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet, the Great Horned One, Baal, Moloch, and the others.

You NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER give these horrid criminals the benefit of the doubt because they are doing horrid things that most of you can't even begin to imagine. You always assume the WORST about them because they are always doing the worst you can imagine about them. Words cannot describe how horrid and evil these spawn of Satan are.

They NEVER do anything for good intentions. When they come up with some great sounding crusade, I ALWAYS look for the real truth and not their lies and it is never what they claim, not once in more than 50 years.

People are finally beginning to learn the horrid truth about these evil, vile criminals and you will still be amazed at what you learn they are doing right now on judgment day. Then you will be embarrassed and ashamed that you gave them the benefit of the doubt even once.


Remember that I told you that the UK suddenly found it was $54 billion in debt?

What? Don't they know how to keep a budget?

But, hey, dey gots duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursity so dey is smarty pants.

Guess what they are doing about it. They are making the people pay for their mismanagement by increasing taxes on the people in these hard times they also created and "tightening on spending", meaning the people are going to get a lot less free stuff because of the government mismanagement.

Then I found this brief video telling you even how bad it will be for the UK. They are going to devastate their economy and make things much worse. The UK is dying right now and the greedy upper class trash are too stupid to realize it.

I am watching the death of the West with Europe in her death throws right now because of your corrupt upper class trash and the US is not far behind.


Remember that I told you that the EU is going to blow apart because of these sanctions against Russia? Remember that I told you that Germany is one of the most likely to violate sanctions to get oil? Remember that Germany recently started making deals with Eastern Alliance member China?

This video shows that Germany is violating sanctions with Iran for oil.

They are going to have to change the name from European Union to European Disunion.

Man plans, God laughs.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash are making a desperate grab for absolute power before the Eastern alliance and conservatives can stop them?

This video shows that is what the G20 conspiracy meeting in Bali was really all about.

Note that one thing they are doing is using the UN, NATO, WHO, and other Western international organizations taking billions to trillions of dollars from everyone to bankrupt our governments, who will just take that money in taxes from you until "you will own nothing and be happy". The upper class trash are using the socialist government programs to sack you into poverty so they can oppress and enslave you or justify murdering you off.

God better save our butts soon or we won't have any butts left to save.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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