Fecal Matter

I have been really thinking about some things and God keeps connecting the dots for me. Based on what He is showing me, our fan is right now in the process of getting hit by a massive amount of fecal matter and all of that fecal matter will hit our fan within the next few years. Believe me, there is more than enough splatter to go around for all of us and we are all at least partly to blame for these punishments but the bulk of the blame will be on our wonderful lying liberal pagans.

One of the things God has been showing me is a huge biological lesson God is RIGHT NOW in the process of teaching us because we believed the bogus science of the liberal pagans and let them ram that bogus science right down our throats. God is right now in the process of showing us the truth about science and in many ways. The global warming hoax is just one way in which God is showing us that we cannot believe the science fed to us by the left and to not believe the bogus science of the left.

One piece of bogus science God has been showing me He is right now in the process of showing us is wrong in a really huge way has to do with the lefties' conservationism. The lefty pagans have been lying to us about conservation and the city people who are not as exposed to wild life were the easiest prey in being brainwashed with those lies. The city people have also committed the sin or crime of tolerance in permitting the lefties to commit the crimes of re-introducing or forcing vicious predators on people in more rural areas because it didn't effect the city people so they felt it was a problem only for the rural people.

Remember that I told you that we have a national pandemic of rodents in the US which will soon bite us in the butt big time? Remember that I told you they have discovered that predators like coyotes are now moving into cities, which is a very serious problem? Remember that I have told you that tolerance is a very serious sin or crime and makes you complicit in the crimes you are tolerant of? Remember that I have told you that God said, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you"? Remember that, last fall, I predicted a coming pandemic of rodents here in Alamogordo, New Mexico which will begin this coming spring?

God is about to do unto the city people what the city people have been doing or tolerating doing unto the rural people. He is about to introduce vicious predators onto the city people in a really huge biology lesson and punishment. With this essay, I will use Alamogordo as an example to teach you how to read the science to know what is right now beginning to take place in your cities and what to expect. I will teach you to connect the dots and read the red flags of science and which dots and red flags to look for in your area. For most of you, you see these dots and red flags but don't realize they are dots and red flags or what they mean.

Last fall, God showed me some dots and connected those dots to show me about our rapidly approaching rodent pandemic and He has recently been providing me with confirmations and an understanding that this mess is going to be much bigger than just a rodent pandemic.

Remember that I have taught you that there are a few very important rules in biology for determining species population growth and decline?

Rule 1 says that, if you increase the food supply for a species, that species population will grow. Rule 2 says that, if you decrease the predation for a species, that species population will grow. Rule 3 says that, if you do both of these things at the same time, the species population will go epidemic and then pandemic causing a huge variety of problems. Don't ever forget these rules.

Remember that I told you the temperatures here in this high desert have been declining for about the last 12 years or longer resulting in increasing precipitation because we more consistently hit the dew point and decreasing evaporation of water from our soil increasing the moister content of our soil? Remember that I also told that the increasing moister in the soil will increase vegetation growth which will increase the food supply for bugs, rodents, and birds? Remember that I told you that, if you build a structure or city of structures to live in within an ecosystem, you displace predation for such things as bugs, rodents, and birds and must, therefore, replace predation for those species that were displaced with free roaming feral house cats or you will get epidemic and pandemic populations of bugs, rodents, and birds? Remember that I saw all of these things and more taking place right here in Alamogordo telling me last fall that we are going to have a rodent pandemic this coming spring? Remember that I told you that, with this rodent pandemic, it will only be a matter of time before some disease infected illegal alien infects these rodents with the right disease or pathogen to cause a disease pandemic in our community and this is right now going on in all of your communities? Remember me telling you that feral cats prefer fresh kill to our processed cat food and will decrease their consumption of processed food when they are increasing killing prey?

Since then, God has been showing me confirmations for all of this plus showing me more of what will result because we, as a community, believed the bogus science of the left and acted accordingly setting all of this up. First, with the confirmations and then with the more.


The confirmations God has been showing me include but may not be limited to the following.

Remember me telling you about the huge and rapidly growing covey of adult quail? That huge covey of rapidly growing adult quail told me there is definitely an abundant food supply and the predation has been suppressed to cause that growth.

Remember that this is February 10, which is when our winter should be at its worst and I have previously had to double the food for my feral cat population to keep them here and healthy for this coming spring because most of their prey should right now be in hibernation. Keeping that in mind, in about the last week, our temperatures warmed up considerably resulting in me finding one of the kittens playing with a dead lizard it had just killed (lizards are cold blooded and should be in hibernation right now), I am watching spring time plants grow and bloom with the kittens chasing the butterflies and bees which pollinate those plants and all of these plants and bugs should be in hibernation right now, ALL of the feral cats have better than halved their consumption of processed food because of the increasing temperatures not causing them to burn as many calories but mostly also because they have radically increased fresh kill with some of them eating almost no processed food, I saw the afore mentioned huge covey of adult quail telling me there is an abundant food supply and lack of appropriate predation, I went for a short walk into the desert (I didn't have to go far to find what I was looking for) and found adequate food, quickly jumped a very large and well fed black tail jack rabbit, found signs or recent urination and defecation of rabbits, and found a 8 inch lizard within about 20 yards of my property (its population obviously not having been decimated by the feral cats), the kittens chasing bats which were chasing the bugs (they didn't even get close but definitely got excited), and one of the kittens wanted to follow me into the desert but was afraid to because it was very obvious the older cats have not taken it into the desert yet meaning they are getting adequate prey from the species wondering onto my property from the desert.

All of this tells me that there is abundant food, inadequate predation on prey species, and reproduction is starting to take place when everything should be dormant because this is supposed to be winter.

Why the concern about off season reproduction?

Because off season reproduction means you will be starting the normal reproduction season with higher species populations which will cause a rapid epidemic which will quickly accelerate into a pandemic.

For example, let's say that 20 of those 40 to 50+ Gambels quail are females. They normally lay from 10 to 12 eggs, incubation is from 21 to 23 days, and the chicks leave the nest with the adults within hours of hatching. If each of those 20 females lays just 10 eggs, within one month the quail population goes from 50+ to more than 250 birds, which would be a huge number of quail for this immediate area.

Another example would be field mice. If the population starts with 1,000 for the immediate area verses starts with 2,000 for the immediate area, the 1,000 mice would quickly grow to 3,000 mice with the first breeding and the 2,000 mice would grow to 6,000 mice with the first breeding. Basically, the larger the initial breeding population, the more rapidly the population will grow so off season breeding is very important in determining population growth during the normal breeding season.


Remember that I told you about the research which is showing that coyotes are migrating into our cities because of our rodent pandemic in this nation?

Abundant food supply (i.e. rodent pandemic) within the cities in relation to population density stress caused by over population in nearby rural areas is what will cause coyotes to risk death by moving into areas with dense human populations.

This fall, before it got too cold to sit out at night, I would enjoy sitting in my back yard looking at the stars and enjoying the quiet and peace of the night except that I kept hearing coyotes howling and, therefore, hunting within our residential area. This coyote hunting within our residential areas has been confirmed by unsolicited comments from neighbors.

This information along with everything else, especially the cats cutting back on processed food consumption tell me that we already have a rodent epidemic in this area and are rapidly approaching pandemic levels when they start their normal breeding in the next few months.

Remember that I told you about the disease threat which can be caused by an epidemic or pandemic?

Well, that isn't the only threat. We are right now in the process of our neighborhoods being over run by predators which prey on rodents and bugs along with other associated species and those predator populations are already at an epidemic to pandemic level and they will soon start their regular season breeding. The city people are about to find out the hard way that these are very vicious predators which do pose a threat to humans, contrary to what the liberals, you know, PBS and Disney, have been telling them. They are not harmless, warm, fuzzy little Teddy bears you want running around in your back yard.

For my area, the people who have Ph.D.s in PBS and Disney but don't know the truth are about to get these vicious predators in their faces, up close and personal and these predators will not ask you whether you are a liberal or conservative before they attack you, your children, and your pets.

Remember that I taught you that the number one rule for predation is that ALL predators eat meat and that, if you are made of meat, you are there, they are high enough on the food chain to risk attacking you or they are hungry enough, and they are hungry, you are dinner. Don't forget that rule because it disproves the warm, fuzzy lies of the left and everyone is about to find out the lefties have been lying about these predators.

Have you noticed that God is right now destroying all of the lefty lies?

For my area, this means that our neighborhoods are in the process of being overrun by coyotes, striped skunks, grey foxes, kit foxes, bobcats, badgers, rattle snakes (we have at least half a dozen species here and the 5+ species which use the neurotoxin venom are among the most deadly snakes in the world), and a variety of raptors including golden eagles, prairie falcons, sharp shinned hawks, red tail hawks, barn owls, and others. Oh yeah, the experts will tell you that we don't have the very vicious and aggressive Javelina wild pigs in this area but I have seen them.

Apart of the threat of diseases being spread by the rodents and attack by at least some of these predators including the eagles and prairie falcons (contrary to what the liberals, PBS, and Disney tell you), there is also the threat of diseases from some of these predators such as rabies. Without rabies, some of these mammal predators will attack humans, especially when frightened or cornered, but, if they have rabies, they will all attack humans, even your own dog or cat will attack you. The humans these predators will be most likely to attack without having rabies, will be the easiest prey such as sleeping homeless, drunk or stoned humans, weak elderly, the sick and handicapped, and children.

This is also one reason why I warned you about re-introduced wolves because, if wolves have been re-introduced near your area, you have abundant food supply in in their prey, and their population is high enough to encourage migration to your city, you are about to find out that wolves really will hunt humans and you are about to pay for tolerating the liberals forcing these vicious predators on others. It is your turn because God is right now doing unto you what you have been doing unto others. Get the picture yet?

Right now, everyone in this country is getting a first class biology lesson from God (as part of our punishment) and, when God is through, you will no longer believe the lefty lies. You will know the truth and it will set you free from their lies and bondage.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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