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Fake Job Numbers

Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO at Gallup, came out and told you that what I have been telling you for years is true, the unemployment numbers are fake. Now we have Ed Butowsky, managing partner of Chapwood Capital Investment Management, coming out and confirming what Clifton said and saying that the Feds should investigate the fake numbers, you know, to expose Obama.

Gee, why are these two members of the upper class trash suddenly coming out and admitting what I have been telling you is true while everyone else is throwing Obama under the bus? Could it be they are also helping throw Obama under the bus by admitting and blaming Obama for their mischief so Obama will take the fall (the way I told you they would) for the upper class trash mischief of destroying our nation? By blaming the "intellectually and genetically inferior" black man, are they working towards justifying their eugenics (politically correct term for genocide) and purging the gene pool of all of those "inferior" black genes, you know, the way I told you they would?

Remember that they have already thrown Jesse James Jackson under the bus and are right now throwing Al Capone Sharpton under the bus, you know, purging all "genetically inferior" blacks from the upper class power structure. Watch Rice and the rest of them go next.

Don't forget that Obama deserves partial credit but not all of the credit for the mischief he has helped cause. He is definitely being set up as a scape goat for all of the problems which are right now happening and will happen soon. Don't let him or the upper class trash get away with their part in this mischief.

One thing they are being forced to do in order to carry out this little scam is admit they have known all along what was going on, they are doing these things intentionally, all these experts, who got the right degrees at the right universities, have been lying their butts off, and I am the only one who has been telling you the truth.

I want to thank these rats for "confessing" that I am not a tin hat conspiracy theorist and know what I am talking about. While they were busy lying to and screwing you, I told you so. Also, what they were saying was all lies and it was on TV and what I have been saying is the truth and has not been on TV. Being on TV doesn't make it the truth, as a matter of fact, any more, if it is on TV, it is probably a lie. Brian Williams isn't the only slime on TV to lie to you.

Now, maybe you will believe me about everything else I have been warning you about. The Republic of the US is dead (just hasn't finished kicking yet), we live in a communist dictatorship (A.K.A. oligarchy), the United Soviet States of America, and Obama is about to take that down and replace it with his Muslim dictatorship purging all the liberal commie upper class trash and invade Israel, you know, just like I have been telling you because Obama is a Muslim radical who believes he is Pharaoh or god, not some lowly human king or emperor.

When you look at everything from that perspective, everything just falls into place. Get the picture yet?

BTW, Butowsky said, "So we need to create about 500,000 new full-time jobs a month just to get us to the point where we can pay our bills every year." That is half a million new, full time jobs per MONTH just to pay the bills or break even, forget about having a recovery and we are currently only creating about half that many jobs with most of those being part time jobs?

I told you we are in a Super Depression, didn't I. Our economy is a black hole economy which is quickly imploding and they are going to make Obama take the blame for it all instead of just his part.

Butowsky also admitted that Greece is pulling down the EU and there will soon be a war in the Middle East involving Israel. Gee, where have we heard that before?

The old man knows what he is talking about and I am the only one telling you the truth.

Hilarious Clintstone (Yabadaba don't)

Then there was this very interesting article by Rick Moran, titled, "Laying low, Hillary Clinton's campaign is roiled in controversy". Rick says some very interesting things but then said, "Hillary is running her campaign as if she's the incumbent, letting the other side slug it out among themselves while she maintains a low profile. It's probably the correct strategy given the dearth of Democrats who wish to challenge her. But it opens up questions as to whether she's running for Barack Obama's third term or her husband's?"

What? You think she could be prepping the battle field for someone else, you know, like Chelsea? Are they finally figuring out that Hilarious is such damaged goods she couldn't survive even a half decent battle for president?

Plus she is also now facing potential criminal charges for Benghazi, along with John McCain.

Hmmm, here comes duh bus!!

Commie Pope

Remember me telling you that the Muslims would not share power with the Pope and the Vatican when the Catholic Church converted to Islam because Muslims won't even share power with each other and that the Muslims would just snuff the Pontiff and take control of all of those Catholics who converted to Islam?

It seems that, during his visit to the Philippines, the Philippine Army stopped a plan by the terrorist organization, Jemaah Islamiya, the Al Quaeda arm for the area, in coordination with Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir, known as Marwan, to assassinate the Pope. The Islamiya planned to set off a bomb near the papal convoy in Manila on January 18, 2015, you know, an IED.

On January 25, after the Pope left, the Philippine Special Forces killed Marwan. It is very likely that, with the plan to assassinate the Pope on January 18, the Philippine Army and the Pope's security knew about this attempt to assassinate the Pope before January 1.

Is this betrayal of the Vatican's agreement and breach of contract with the Muslim leaders part of the reason the Vatican has delayed and possibly decided to not convert to Islam on January 1, you know, along with the size of the rebellion within the church? Did the Vatican realize the Muslims won't share power with the Vatican, you know, like I told you?

BTW, Obama calling the Muslim terrorists murdering the Jews in Paris a "random act" is meant to increase tensions between himself and Israel. This is and is meant to be a really big insult to Jews and Israel.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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