You know those FEMA Camps which don't really exist? I just read that a number of cities across the nation are openly busing their homeless to those "imaginary" FEMA Camps. It only stands to reason that the homeless would be the first bused to the FEMA Camps because they are the invisible people and almost no one would miss them. These cities are coming up with really lame liberal excuses for busing the homeless to the FEMA Camps, you know, to improve the appearance of the cities, after all, appearance means more than people.

But it gets better.

Remember that a large number of today's homeless had jobs, homes, and families less than five years ago? But they lost their jobs because of our "recovering" economy, then lost their homes and families. Now they are among the invisible homeless people no one will miss when they get bused to the FEMA Camps. Gee, I wonder why they keep lying and telling you this is a recovering economy when it is really a declining super depression, to deceive you?

Remember that more than 300 thousand people are losing their jobs every month and only a little over 100 thousand are finding new jobs every month? Better than twice as many are losing their jobs than finding jobs which means increasing numbers of people are becoming homeless simply because they recently lost their jobs. The conspiracy theorists keep talking about the "coming economic crisis" but the economic crisis has been going on now for more than five years, the greatest super depression in US history. It is just being covered up with smoke and mirrors. Get the picture yet?

They have been slowly and steadily crashing the economy now for more than six years to increase the number of homeless so they could bus the homeless to FEMA Camps unnoticed so no one would realize they are already depopulating the nation. You know, getting rid of those pesky and unsightly homeless people by sending them to "homeless shelters" that just happen to be the FEMA Camps. Gee, I wonder if they are already shipping the homeless to China to be slaves? Get the picture yet?

Then we have Obamacare which forces you to purchase insurance you can't afford to drive you into poverty causing more of you to lose your homes and become homeless even faster. If you don't purchase the Obamacare, they can take your bank account and home causing you to become homeless. And you can bet Obamacare will keep getting more and more expensive until all of you are homeless and can quietly be shipped off to FEMA Camps without anyone noticing. Get the picture yet?

Maybe you thought I was nuts when I told you the fight is on and that most people don't even know there is a fight? When you lose your home and they put you, a homeless person, on a bus to a FEMA Camp, just before shipping you off to a Chinese slave labor camp, tell me about it.

Now do you believe me when I tell you that everything they are telling you is smoke and mirrors? They have created an incredible illusion to keep people from realizing that they are already selling you to China as slaves, a few million homeless at a time. Get the picture yet?

Wake up America, fight's on and you are losing big time!!! The conspiracy theorists were right but even they have not figured out yet that it is already happening.

With such evil people running the world, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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