The strategy the upper class trash is using to achieve their UN Agenda 21 is brilliant and, until now, it has worked because no one even realized they were already shipping people off to the FEMA Camps. The upper class trash used an illusion or slight of hand to keep anyone from figuring out what they were doing.

The upper class trash knew better than to send FEMA buses into even lower class neighborhoods, much less middle class neighborhoods, because their evil plan would be too obvious and people would revolt. Their strategy is to keep you from even realizing that they are shipping anyone off to the FEMA camps until it is too late. By that time, you won't be able to defend or protect yourselves.

Instead of sending the buses into your neighborhoods to pick you up, the upper class trash are using a crashing super depression to force you out of your neighborhoods onto the street as homeless people where they can quietly pick you up at night to make the city look nicer. The upper class trash knew that everyone would start missing neighbors but no one will miss the homeless people.

The first trick was to cause the super depression without making it look too obvious and the upper class trash used the housing bubble to achieve that trick. Billy Boy Clinton put most of the laws in place to cause the housing bubble and start it growing. When the housing bubble burst, millions lost their homes with millions becoming homeless.

Then the upper class trash continued to crash the economy in a controlled super depression while using smoke and mirrors to make it look like the economy had turned around and was recovering so the upper class trash could continue to use the crashing economy to keep the number of people losing jobs every month greater than the number of people getting jobs every month. This would keep the number of homeless increasing every month without anyone getting suspicious. The upper class trash is using the economy to force feed people into the homeless community in a steady flow.

Then the libtards running the cities and the liberal journalists would declare the homeless to be a problem and an eye sore. To solve this problem, the cities would begin passing laws making it illegal to be homeless or a vagrant so they could justify quietly arresting or rounding up (usually at night) the homeless and shipping the homeless to "homeless shelters" or FEMA Camps outside of their cities. From the FEMA Camps the upper class trash can quietly and quickly load the homeless on buses or trains to ship ports where the homeless will be loaded onto Chinese slave ships and quietly shipped to Chinese slave labor camps.

Once the upper class trash have this up and running, without anyone getting suspicious, they accelerate the process by activating Obamacare which will force everyone to buy health insurance they can't afford under the penalty that, if you don't purchase the health insurance, they can take your bank account and home making you homeless anyway. This way, the upper class trash will drive you into poverty and out of your homes onto the streets where they can quietly pick you up one way or the other, regardless of what you do.

Note that the trick is to remove all of the males first, especially the young to middle age males, because they are the ones who will revolt and fight to stop the process. The vast majority of homeless are males and this super depression is causing a rapid increase in homelessness among the young to middle aged males who would be most likely to fight and most capable of fighting. After enough of the males have been removed so there is no chance of the people being able to successfully stage a revolution, there will be mostly just women and children and most women and children don't know how to fight, many can't even shoot a gun. At that point, it will be just clean up to load up most women and children on Chinese slave ships. Most will go peacefully.

At this point, there is no way of knowing how many homeless have been rounded up and sent to FEMA Camps, much less to China. It seems that the upper class trash are still pretty early in their process and the Obamacare is meant to quicken the process to get it over with before the people can wake up and revolt.

The horrible thing is that this is working very well because no one has figured out yet what is going on.

Please note that, when they are rounding up the homeless, they are not asking the homeless whether they are conservative or liberal commies. They are just rounding up everyone who has lost their jobs and become homeless so they are already selling out the liberal commie traitors, just like I told you they would. To the upper class trash, a slave is a slave.

This process is already going on, right now, while you are reading this.

With such evil running the world, it is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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