The Female Myth

Modern Feminists began developing the female myth that all women are angels and all men are demons more than a century ago. Unfortunately, because of their love for women, too many men have bought into this lie.

For more than 40 years I have watched feminists using this lie to promote another lie that women would do much better at running the world then men have done. If you study history, expecially recent history, you will find that plenty of women have left their mark on this planet and they have not done any better than men. You will also find that almost all bad men have been at least partners in crime with bad women with many being under the influence and control of bad women. Some of the easy names to recal for women who had significant control of a country and were very bad women include Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and, one of the worst of all, Catherine the Great, Czarest of Russia. Catherine was every bit as evil of a monster as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Che Guevera. She was incredibly sadistic and cruel, at least as much so as any man has every been.

As a matter of fact, the very fact that some women worship such butchers as Che Guevera, Stalin, and Mao should tell you they don't have their heads on right. It should be a huge red flag that they are evil women because only evil people worship evil. Good people are repulsed by evil.

Looking to more recent history and current events, just here in the US, we see that most women who have gotten into power are not good people. Power draws evil people, like a magnet draws iron. We also see that most bad men who get in power are pushed there by their wives. It should have been obvious to any one who paid attention that Billy Boy Clinton was not acting President of the US. He just played president, chasing Monica around under the President's desk, while Hilary ran things around the Oval Office. It was very clear Hilary was the boss and pushed Billy Boy to the top of the heap. Billy Boy was Hilary's ticket to power.

Without Hilary, Billy Boy would have been perfectly happy hanging out in the local whore house. Billy Boy is what we used to call a Pecker Head back in the 1950's which means he thinks with his perker instead of his head. The proof of this is that, after Billy Boy left the Presidency and retired to the Middle East, only to be drug out to lie to help other bad people get elected, Hilary has continued her quest for power and control of the US government. She is clearly power mad and has proven she is very corrupt. Only bad or stupid people want Hilary running the world.

Then there are plenty of other women who have gotten more directly in power themselves who have proven themselves to be just as corrupt as any of the men in power. We regularly find out about leading elected women in the US Congress who illegally abuse their power and authority to feed juicy government contrats to their husbands' businesses and the businesses of other family members. They have gotten to where they openly lie, steal from the American people, and who knows what other crimes because their criminal organization, aka political party, has gained control of the US legal system so they don't have to worry about being prosecuted by their fellow criminals.

Oh yes, and we mustn't forget that thing about women manipulating and controlling their husbands. There are professional lobyists who specialize in going after politicians' wives to pursuade those women to get their husbands to vote a certain way on a certain bill because these lobyists know that, all too often, the women have more say about how the husbands vote than the husbands. There is an entire industry built around this because it is amazing how easily most women can manipulate their husbands. I guess you could call it the Eve syndrome, here, Honey, have a bite.

From studying history, I have learned that smart bad women rule through their puppet husbands by pulling on their apron strings. That way, when the fecal matter hits the fan because of the crimes they have been committing, the women are less likely to go to jail or get hung than the husbands. I have learned that women are almost always knowledgeable about and complicit in their husbands' crimes but most women manage to get away with their part in those crimes by simply acting stupid and pleading that they didn't know about any of it. The stupid bad women commit the crimes themselves and get themselves hung. This has been going on for thousands of years.

Then, knowing all of this, one has to ask why certain women are pressing the issue that this myth of women being angels and men being demons is why they, the women, should be allowed to run things. Gee, it couldn't be because they are power mad women who see this myth as their best ticket for getting into power, could it? Of course it is. History and current events prove everything they claim is wrong.

The real truth is that there are good women and there are bad women and there are good men and there are bad men. All men and women are people and there are good people and bad people, regardless of sex. We need to stop judging people based on sex and judge them based on their individual behavior. But that would put an end to this feminist propaganda and take away one of their ways for getting the power and wealth they lust for. Gee, we wouldn't want to do that, would we?

Vote for individuals and not sex. Idiots vote for sex.

Believe me, the mess we are in today, was caused just as much by women as by men.

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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