I Told You So 72

Like a number of my "I Told You So" essays, this should actually be more than one essay.

First, I want to remind the liberal commie traitors out there that I told you the upper class trash would turn on and eat their own (read you) just as soon as they felt they could get away with it. They do not plan to share their planet with you either.

Well it just happened and to one of the most powerful and faithful of their own, the Associated Press. How much easier will it be for these beasts to turn on the rest of you? These monsters murder their own unborn children to their false pagan god, "Free Sex". Do you think they will be even more merciful to you than to their own children? Get a clue.

I figure that, most likely, the way it will happen for most of the traitors will be that, after you have helped round up everyone else and forced them to get onto those FEMA buses to take them to your FEMA Relocation death camps, your wonderous leaders will tell you they need you to help them put down rebellions in other areas. They will put you on those same FEMA buses, after having you store your weapons in the cargo holds under the buses "for safety" (actually to disarm you), drive you to a FEMA death camp, and unload you at gun point into your last home on earth. Enjoy the showers.

And why not? After all, aren't you pagan commie traitors the ones who believe in your pagan god, Karma, and what goes around comes around?

Just how stupid are you commie traitors? You help them lie to the rest of us and then believe the lies they tell you? My farts are smarter than you.

Then we have the matter that I have been telling you for years that the Republic of the United States of America is dead, which just finished kicking this last election, and you now abide in the United Soviet States of America, a Facist/Communist state.

After it becoming public knowledge about how the IRS was used to oppress those against our large wonderful communist government, do you still think you live in a free republic? Do you still believe the election was not rigged? Do you still believe that the Republic of the United States of America is alive? Do you still believe you are free?

Please do not let them get away with hiding some simple facts such as the EPA was also doing the same thing and no telling how many other government agencies. They very briefly reported on the EPA also oppressing everyone who dared to speak out against the glorious communist government and then used the IRS debacle to cover up the EPA debacle because two such government agencies commiting the same crimes against the people would make it too obvious that you live in a facist/communist state und Der Wunderbald Fuhrer, Obama, was in charge of everything. Don't let them get away with it.

Do you still believe it is not time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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